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Football History Report Results
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UIL Football State Championships
 1920-1921 UIL  Cleburne
  tied Houston Heights
  UIL Fall Boys0-0 
 1921-1922 UIL  Bryan
  def. Dallas Oak Cliff
  UIL Fall Boys35-13 
 1922-1923 UIL  Waco
  def. Abilene
  UIL Fall Boys13-10 
 1923-1924 UIL  Abilene
  def. Waco
  UIL Fall Boys3-0 
 1924-1925 UIL  Dallas Oak Cliff
  def. Waco
  A Fall Boys31-0 
 1925-1926 UIL  Waco
  def. Dallas Forest Avenue
  Class 1A Fall Boys20-7 
 1926-1927 UIL  Waco
  def. Dallas Oak Cliff
  Class 1A Fall Boys20-7 
 1927-1928 UIL  Waco
  def. Abilene
  Class 1A Fall Boys21-14 
 1928-1929 UIL  Abilene
  def. Port Arthur
  Class 1A Fall Boys38-0 
 1929-1930 UIL  Breckenridge
  tied Port Arthur
  Class 1A Fall Boys0-0 
 1930-1931 UIL  Tyler
  def. Amarillo
  Class 1A Fall Boys25-13 
 1931-1932 UIL  Abilene
  def. Beaumont
  Class 1A Fall Boys13-0 
 1932-1933 UIL  Corsicana
  tied FW Masonic Home
  Class 1A Fall Boys0-0 
 1933-1934 UIL  Greenville
  def. Dallas Tech
  Class 1A Fall Boys21-0 
 1934-1935 UIL  Amarillo
  def. Corpus Christi
  Class 1A Fall Boys48-0 
 1935-1936 UIL  Amarillo
  def. Greenville
  Class 1A Fall Boys13-7 
 1936-1937 UIL  Amarillo
  def. Kerrville Tivy
  Class 1A Fall Boys10-6 
 1937-1938 UIL  Longview
  def. Wichita Falls
  Class 1A Fall Boys19-12 
 1938-1939 UIL  Corpus Christi
  def. Lubbock
  Class 1A Fall Boys20-6 
 1939-1940 UIL  Lubbock
  def. Waco
  Class 2A Fall Boys20-14 
 1940-1941 UIL  Amarillo
  def. Temple
  Class 2A Fall Boys20-7 
 1941-1942 UIL  Wichita Falls
  def. Temple
  Class 2A Fall Boys13-0 
 1942-1943 UIL  Austin
  def. Dallas Sunset
  Class 2A Fall Boys20-7 
 1943-1944 UIL  San Angelo
  def. Lufkin
  Class 2A Fall Boys26-13 
 1944-1945 UIL  Port Arthur
  def. Dallas Highland Park
  Class 2A Fall Boys20-7 
 1945-1946 UIL  Dallas Highland Park
  tied Waco
  Class 2A Fall Boys7-7 
 1946-1947 UIL  Odessa
  def. SA Jefferson
  Class 2A Fall Boys21-14 
 1947-1948 UIL  SA Brackenridge
  def. Dallas Highland Park
  Class 2A Fall Boys22-13 
 1948-1949 UIL  Waco
  def. Amarillo
  Class 2A Fall Boys21-0 
 1948-1949 UIL  Monahans
  def. New Braunfels
  A Fall Boys14-0 
 1948-1949 UIL  FW Arlington Heights
  def. Houston Lamar
  City Fall Boys20-0 
 1949-1950 UIL  Wichita Falls
  def. Austin
  Class 2A Fall Boys34-13 
 1949-1950 UIL  Littlefield
  def. Mexia
  A Fall Boys13-0 
 1949-1950 UIL  SA Jefferson
  def. Dallas Sunset
  City Fall Boys31-13 
 1950-1951 UIL  Wichita Falls
  def. Austin
  Class 2A Fall Boys14-13 
 1950-1951 UIL  Wharton
  def. Kermit
  A Fall Boys13-9 
 1950-1951 UIL  Dallas Sunset
  def. Houston Reagan
  City Fall Boys14-6 
 1951-1952 UIL  Lubbock
  def. Baytown Lee
  Class 4A Fall Boys14-12 
 1951-1952 UIL  Breckenridge
  def. Temple
  Class 3A Fall Boys20-14 
 1951-1952 UIL  Arlington
  def. Waco La Vega
  Class 2A Fall Boys7-0 
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