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UIL Football State Championships
 2014-2015 UIL  Allen
  def. Houston Cypress Ranch
  Class 6A-I Fall Boys47-16  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Cedar Hill
  def. Katy
  Class 6A-II Fall Boys23-20  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Aledo
  def. Temple
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys49-45  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Ennis
  def. Cedar Park
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys38-35  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Navasota
  def. Argyle
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys42-35
AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Gilmer
  def. West Orange-Stark
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys35-25  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Cameron Yoe
  def. Mineola
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys70-40  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Waskom
  def. Newton
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys41-22  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Canadian
  def. Mason
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys34-7  AT&T Stadium
 2014-2015 UIL  Bremond
  def. Albany
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys28-21  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Allen
  def. Pearland
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys63-28  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Cedar Hill
  def. Katy
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys34-24  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Denton Guyer
  def. SA Brennan
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys31-14  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Aledo
  def. Brenham
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys38-10  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Carthage
  def. Kilgore
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys34-23  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Argyle
  def. Fairfield
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys38-33  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Cameron Yoe
  def. Wall
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys35-14  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Cisco
  def. Refugio
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys56-36  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Stamford
  def. Shiner
  Class 1A-I Fall Boys41-28  AT&T Stadium
 2013-2014 UIL  Wellington
  def. Falls City
  Class 1A-II Fall Boys42-20  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Allen
  def. Houston Lamar
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys35-21  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Katy
  def. Cedar Hill
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys35-24  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Denton Guyer
  def. Georgetown
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys48-37  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Cedar Park
  def. Lancaster
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys17-7  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Stephenville
  def. El Campo
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys70-35  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Navasota
  def. Gilmer
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys39-3  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Cameron Yoe
  def. Daingerfield
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys38-20  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  East Bernard
  def. Corsicana Mildred
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys56-14  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Stamford
  def. Mart
  Class 1A-I Fall Boys35-28  AT&T Stadium
 2012-2013 UIL  Munday
  def. Tenaha
  Class 1A-II Fall Boys42-14  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Southlake Carroll
  def. Fort Bend Hightower
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys36-29  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Spring DeKaney
  def. Cibolo Steele
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys34-14  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Austin Lake Travis
  def. Waco Midway
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys22-7  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Aledo
  def. Manvel
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys49-28  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Tyler Chapel Hill
  def. Alvarado
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys20-19  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Wimberley
  def. Argyle
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys21-14  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Melissa
  def. Hempstead
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys28-15  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Refugio
  def. Cisco
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys36-35  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Mason
  def. Stamford
  Class 1A-I Fall Boys62-40  AT&T Stadium
 2011-2012 UIL  Tenaha
  def. Munday
  Class 1A-II Fall Boys52-48  AT&T Stadium
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