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TheAthleticsDepartment.com premium site is built for the media seeking to look up athletics history and print ready-to-publish html and text reports of playoff pairings, honor teams (all-district, all-state) and football standings. But TheAthleticsDepartment.com has something to offer for everyone. All the subscriptions have access to the same information. It's just a matter of how many searches you want. The more searches you want to make the more credits you need. There is no subscription fee and no recurring fees.
"I Want to Settle a Bet" Special
Receive 40 credits to search for the answer to that Texas high school playoff trivia that's been bothering you. You can even prove to your best friend you made all-state or all-district (our honor teams history starts in 2009 for UIL and 2011 for TAPPS). You have 90 days to use your 40 credits.

Basic Plan
Receive 200 credits that expire in 12 months. This is our basic package and great for subscribers that want to poke around, but may not use the site a lot in one year. Remember you can always add credits later if you find you're burning through those credits.

Professional Plan
Receive 500 credits that expire in 12 months at a discounted rate. This package was built with a pro in mind. Someone who will occasionally use small reports (standings, playoffs, all-district teams) or wants to explore the honor teams history thoroughly.

Commerical Plan
Receive 1250 credits that expire in 12 months at a discounted rate. We know you like to share. The copy desk will want to use these searches as well as reporters. This package is built with a user that's going to print lots of reports or share their login with multiple users. This is the best deal unless you want to buy more than 2,500 credits.

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  • Multi-State Champions; Single Year
  • Multi-State Semifinals(state tournament appearance); Single Year
  • Enrollment (Single Year)
  • Enrollment (Multi Year Comparision)
  • Alignment Search
  • Playoffs Directory
  • Football/Six-Man Open Dates
  • People Search Details
  • Football Playoff Appearances Streak (All-time)
  • UIL Playoff Appearances (single school)
  • Football Six-man Playoff Appearance Streak (All-time)
  • Softball Playoff Appearance Streak (All-time)
  • Team Playoff History
  • State Champions Count
  • Playoff Appearances Count
  • State Champions List
  • Honor People Search
  • Full Honor Team View
  • Coaching Changes
  • Honor People List (Multiple Sports)
  • Football Playoff Appearances Streak (Current)
  • UIL Playoff Appearance Streak History
  • Football Six-man Playoff Appearance Streak (Current)
  • Softball Playoff Appearance Streak (Current)
  • Soccer Playoff Appearance Streak (Current)
  • Football Standings
  • Honors Report
  • Playoff / Tournament Schedules & Results
  • Soccer Playoff Appearance Streak (All-time)
  • Travel
  • First-year Teams
  • Inactive Teams
  • Classification Changes
  • Football/Six-Man Schedules Report
  • Football/Six-Man Results Report
  • Streak Details
  • Undefeated / Single Loss Football Teams
  • College Athletes
  • Coaches Directory: People Search
  • Coaches Directory Details
  • Coaches Directory: Admin Search
  • Coaches Directory: Coach Search
  • Coaches Directory: School/SD Search
  • Enrollment History (Single School)
  • Travel Report
  • Team Travel Report (Multi-Years)
  • Area Teams' Travel Report
  • Travel Change Report
  • Alignments History Report
  • District Comparison
  • Alignment History (Single School)
  • School Enrollment rank within District
  • Classification Changes Report
  • Sports Offered Comparison
  • Travel (Single School History)
  • Travel (Single School Details)
  • Alignment School Count Comparison
  • Football Team Schedules and Results
  • Football Poll
  • Individual Sports Playoffs Results
  • Wrestling Playoffs Results
  • Tennis Playoffs Results
  • Golf Playoffs Results
  • And More!