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YearClassTeam / Result
2020Division IDallas International 2, SA Lutheran 0
2020Division IIIDallas Covenant 1, Schertz John Paul 0
2020Division IBeaumont Kelly 2, Plano John Paul 1
2020Division IISA TMI 5, Frisco Legacy Christian 0
2019Division IDallas International 2, Brownsville First Baptist 1
2019Division ISA Central Catholic 2, EP Cathedral 1
2019Division IISA TMI 3, Bullard Brook Hill 2
2019Division IIIHouston St. Thomas Episcopal 1, Dallas Covenant 0
2018Division INacogdoches Regents 2, Round Rock Concordia 1
2018Division IIIHouston St. Thomas Episcopal 2, Dallas Covenant 1
2018Division IISA TMI 3, Carrollton Prince of Peace 2
2018Division ISA Central Catholic 4, Dallas Bishop Lynch 0
2017Division IDallas International 3, Kingsville Pan American 1
2017Division ISA Central Catholic 1, Houston St. Thomas 0
2017Division IIIDallas Covenant 2, Houston British School 1
2017Division IIHouston Lutheran South 1, Garland Brighter Horizons 0
2016Division IDallas International 3, Kingsville Pan American 2
2016Division ISA Central Catholic 6, Houston St. Pius X 1
2016Division IISA TMI 3, Grapevine Faith 1
2016Division IIIHouston British School 5, Dallas Covenant 2
2015Division IAddison Trinity Christian 2, Plano John Paul 1
2015Division IIHouston Village School 2, Dallas Christian 0
2015Division IIIHouston St. Thomas Episcopal 2, Austin Hill Country Christian 1
2015Division ISherman Texoma Christian 5, McAllen South Texas 2
2014Division ILongview Christian Heritage 6, Austin Brentwood 4
2014Division IEP Cathedral 3, Houston Awty 1
2014Division IIHouston Village School 3, Bullard Brook Hill 2
2014Division IIIPharr Oratory 2, Austin Hill Country Christian 0
2013Division IIIColleyville Covenant 2, Houston Cypress Christian 1
2013Division IIGrapevine Faith 2, Houston Awty 1
2013Division IHouston British School 8, Sherman Texoma Christian 1
2013Division ISA Central Catholic 2, Addison Trinity Christian 1
2012Division I State tournamentLongview Christian Heritage 2, Kingsville Pan American 1
2012Division IIIColleyville Covenant 4, Houston Cypress Christian 0
2012Division IIGrapevine Faith 2, Houston Awty 1
2012Division IFW Nolan 2, Dallas Bishop Lynch 1
2011Division IFW Nolan 3, Plano John Paul 1
2011Division IIGrapevine Faith 1, EP Patterson 0
2011Division IIICarrollton Prince of Peace 6, Colleyville Covenant 0
2011Division I State tournamentFW Bethesda Christian 1, Kingsville Pan American 0
2010Division ISherman Texoma Christian , FW Bethesda Christian
2010Division IFW Nolan , Plano Prestonwood
2010Division IIGrapevine Faith , Houston Awty
2010Division IIICarrollton Prince of Peace , Pharr Oratory
2009Division IKingsville Pan American , Brownsville Livingway
2009Division IDallas Bishop Lynch , Beaumont Kelly
2009Division IIPlano Prestonwood , FW Christian
2009Division IIICarrollton Prince of Peace , Bullard Brook Hill
2008Division IKingsville Pan American , SA Keystone
2008Division IIUniversal City First Baptist , DeSoto Canterbury
2008Division ISA Central Catholic , Plano John Paul
2008Division IIHouston Northland , SA Christian
2008Division IIICarrollton Christian , Carrollton Prince of Peace
2007Division IKingsville Pan American , SA Christian
2007Division IISherman Texoma Christian , Huntsville Alpha Omega
2007Division ISA Central Catholic , Houston St. Thomas
2007Division IITomball Concordia , SA St. Anthony
2007Division IIIGrapevine Faith , Irving Highlands
2006Division IIEP Patterson , Tomball Concordia
2006Division IIITyler All Saints , Garland Christian
2006Division ICarrollton Prince of Peace , SA Christian
2006Division IIDallas Fairhill , DeSoto Canterbury
2006Division ISA Central Catholic , Austin St. Michael's
2005Division ISA Christian , Tyler All Saints
2005Division IICarrollton Prince of Peace , Austin Concordia
2005Division IFW Nolan , Addison Trinity Christian
2005Division IIEP Patterson , Houston Lutheran North
2004Division ITyler All Saints , Tyler T.K. Gorman
2004Division IICarrollton Prince of Peace , Highlands Chinquapin
2004Division IAddison Trinity Christian , SA Central Catholic
2004Division IIEP Patterson , Houston Lutheran North
2003Division ITyler All Saints , Tyler T.K. Gorman
2003Division IICarrollton Prince of Peace , Kingsville Pan American
2003Division IDallas Bishop Lynch , FW Nolan
2003Division IISugar Land Fort Bend Baptist , Houston Lutheran North
2002Division IIEP Patterson , Garland Christian
2002Division IEP Cathedral , Houston Awty
2002Division IIKingsville Pan American , Bullard Brook Hill
2002Division IFW Nolan , Houston St. Thomas
2001Division ITyler T.K. Gorman , EP Patterson
2001Division IIKingsville Pan American , Houston Sweetwater Christian
2001Division IDallas Bishop Lynch , FW Nolan
2001Division IIWaco Reicher , Garland Christian
2000Division ITyler T.K. Gorman , EP Patterson
2000Division IIIrving Highlands , Dallas Fairhill
2000Division IIBryan Allen Academy , Houston Lutheran North
2000Division IFW Nolan , Addison Trinity Christian
1999Division ISA Christian , Tyler Grace Community
1999Division IIIrving Highlands , Kingsville Pan American
1999Division IDallas Bishop Lynch , FW Nolan
1998Division ITyler Grace Community , Dallas Lutheran
1998Division IIHouston St. John's , Red Oak Ovilla Christian
1998Division IBeaumont Kelly , FW Nolan
1997Division ISA Castle Hills First Baptist , The Woodlands John Cooper
1997Division IIIrving Highlands , Kingsville Pan American
1997Division IHouston St. Thomas , Bryan Allen Academy
1996Division IHouston Awty , Houston St. Thomas
1996Division IIGrand Prairie Shady Grove , Conroe Lifestyle
1996Division IDallas Bishop Lynch , FW Nolan
1995Division ISA TMI , Houston St. Thomas
1995Division IDallas Bishop Lynch , Houston Awty
1994Division ISA TMI , Grand Prairie Shady Grove
1994Division ISA TMI , Austin St. Michael's
1993Division IHouston St. Thomas Episcopal , SA Christian
1993Division ISA TMI , Houston St. Thomas
1992Division ISA Lutheran , Houston Awty
1992Division ISan Marcos Baptist , Houston Lutheran North
1991Division IDallas Lutheran , Houston Awty
1991Division IFW Nolan , San Marcos Baptist
1990Division IWaco Reicher , Tyler T.K. Gorman
1990Division IHouston Awty , Houston Northland
1989Division IHouston Awty , Houston Northland
1989Division IWaco Reicher , FW Nolan
1988Division IHouston Awty , Houston Northland
1988Division ISA TMI , FW Nolan
1987Division IDallas Lutheran , Houston Northland
1987Division IWaco Reicher , San Marcos Baptist
1986Division IHouston Northland , Houston Awty
1986Division IFW Nolan , Houston Awty
1985Division ISA Lutheran , Houston Second Baptist
1985Division IFW Nolan , Houston Awty
1984Division ISA Lutheran , Highlands Chinquapin
1984Division IFW Nolan , Houston Awty
1983Division IIrving Cistercian , FW Nolan