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Search Results: Red Oak Ovilla Christian

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2018 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 28th12
Division IIIBrennan Boyd 50-yard Free7th24.89
Division IIIBrennan Boyd 100-yard ButterflyDQ
Northern-IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 6th18
Northern-IIIBrennan Boyd 50-yard Free1st24.57
Northern-IIIBrennan Boyd 100-yard Butterfly1st1:01.40

2016 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 23rd5
Division IIIJordan Kiefer 200-yard IM13th2:46.77
Division IIIKai Hedgecoke 50-yard Free15th26.43
Division IIIDerek Kilguss 50-yard Free16th27.18
Division IIIKai Hedgecoke 100-yard Free10th59.69
Division IIIDerek Kilguss 100-yard Free14th1:00.80
Division IIIJordan Kiefer 500-yard Free7th6:26.19
Northern-IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 5th29
Northern-IIIJordan Kiefer 200-yard IM4th2:45.31
Northern-IIIKai Hedgecoke 50-yard Free3rd26.32
Northern-IIIDerek Kilguss 50-yard Free5th26.98
Northern-IIIDerek Kilguss 100-yard Free3rd1:01.00
Northern-IIIKai Hedgecoke 100-yard Free5th1:01.66
Northern-IIIJordan Kiefer 500-yard Free5th6:48.79

2015 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 7th42
Division IIIKai Kiefer 100-yard Back6th1:02.19
Division IIIKai Kiefer 200-yard Free5th2:00.01
Division IIIEric Grace 50-yard Free1st21.93
Division IIIEric Grace 100-yard Butterfly1st52.66
Northern-IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 3rd41
Northern-IIIKai Kiefer 100-yard Back2nd1:05.33
Northern-IIIDerek Kilguss 100-yard Breast5th1:35.37
Northern-IIIKai Kiefer 200-yard Free1st2:03.76
Northern-IIIEric Grace 50-yard Free1st22.37
Northern-IIIDerek Kilguss 50-yard Free6th29.37
Northern-IIIEric Grace 100-yard Butterfly1st52.73

2014 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 6th69
Division IIISamuel Vincent 100-yard Breast14th1:27.30
Division IIIKai Kiefer 200-yard Free5th1:56.48
Division IIIEric Grace 50-yard Free1st22.76
Division IIIEric Grace 100-yard Butterfly2nd52.87
Division IIIKai Kiefer 500-yard Free3rd5:23.33
Northern-IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 2nd89
Northern-IIISamuel Vincent 100-yard Breast1st1:34.61
Northern-IIIKai Kiefer 200-yard Free1st2:01.04
Northern-IIIEric Grace 50-yard Free1st22.95
Northern-IIIDerek Kilguss 50-yard Free8th30.81
Northern-IIIFred Vincent 50-yard Free10th33.04
Northern-IIIEric Grace 100-yard Butterfly1st53.73
Northern-IIIDerek Kilguss 100-yard Free6th1:13.40
Northern-IIIKai Kiefer 500-yard Free1st5:34.35

2013 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 1st199
Division III1) Kai Kiefer 30.50
3) Nathan Boyd 23.70
2) Ian White 31.51
4) Keaton Willis 25.03
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:50.74
Division IIIBradley Polley 100-yard Back2nd1:01.88
Division IIIKai Kiefer 100-yard Back5th1:06.84
Division IIIIan White 100-yard Breast4th1:09.79
Division III1) Keaton Willis 56.17
3) Bradley Polley 53.48
2) Kai Kiefer 55.30
4) Eric Grace 49.96
400-yard Free Relay1st3:34.91
Division IIINathan Boyd 200-yard Free1st1:42.72
Division IIIKeaton Willis 200-yard Free5th2:04.94
Division IIIEric Grace 50-yard Free2nd22.73
Division IIIIan White 50-yard Free5th24.75
Division IIIKeaton Willis 50-yard Free14th25.68
Division IIINathan Boyd 100-yard Butterfly1st52.26
Division IIIEric Grace 100-yard Butterfly3rd54.19
Division IIIBradley Polley 100-yard Free2nd52.38
Division IIIKai Kiefer 500-yard Free2nd5:39.72
Division III1) Ian White 25.11
3) Eric Grace 22.39
2) Bradley Polley 24.23
4) Nathan Boyd 22.17
200-yard Free Relay1st1:33.90

2012 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 1st185
Division III1) Bradley Polley 28.76
3) Nathan Boyd 23.23
2) Ian White 31.70
4) Keaton Willis 25.48
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:49.17
Division IIIBradley Polley 100-yard Back4th1:02.71
Division IIIKai Kiefer 100-yard Back7th1:07.40
Division IIIConnor Draughon 100-yard Back15th1:17.37
Division IIIDavid Hornung 100-yard Breast5th1:11.53
Division IIIIan White 100-yard Breast8th1:13.10
Division III1) Keaton Willis 57.33
3) David Hornung 55.53
2) Kai Kiefer 57.23
4) Eric Grace 52.12
400-yard Free Relay1st3:42.21
Division IIINathan Boyd 200-yard Free1st1:42.57
Division IIIKai Kiefer 200-yard Free8th2:10.16
Division IIIIan White 200-yard IM7th2:40.17
Division IIIEric Grace 50-yard Free2nd23.78
Division IIINathan Boyd 100-yard Butterfly1st53.00
Division IIIConnor Draughon 100-yard Butterfly6th1:06.72
Division IIIBradley Polley 100-yard Free6th54.21
Division IIIDavid Hornung 100-yard Free9th55.72
Division IIIEric Grace 500-yard Free2nd5:17.91
Division IIIKeaton Willis 500-yard Free6th6:00.44
Division III1) Eric Grace 24.31
3) Bradley Polley 24.36
2) Keaton Willis 25.62
4) Nathan Boyd 22.11
200-yard Free Relay1st1:36.40

2011 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 3rd104
Division III1) Bradley Polley 32.13
3) Nathan Boyd 25.01
2) Ian White 35.57
4) Keaton Willis 26.11
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:58.82
Division IIIBradley Polley 100-yard Back4th1:07.38
Division IIIIan White 100-yard Breast10th1:18.40
Division III1) Ian White 1:10.06
3) Connor Draughon 1:13.89
2) Arin Lolley 1:09.34
4) Bradley Polley 59.90
400-yard Free Relay3rd4:33.19
Division IIINathan Boyd 200-yard Free3rd1:48.01
Division IIIKeaton Willis 200-yard IM3rd2:37.35
Division IIINathan Boyd 100-yard Butterfly1st54.96
Division IIIConnor Draughon 100-yard FreeDQ
Division IIIKeaton Willis 500-yard Free7th6:03.73
Division III1) Ian White 27.40
3) Keaton Willis 26.81
2) Bradley Polley 25.62
4) Nathan Boyd 23.39
200-yard Free Relay5th1:43.22

2010 TAPPS Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIIRed Oak Ovilla Christian 8th23
Division III1) Bradley Polley 32.21
3) Nathan Boyd 35.43
2) Ian White 25.16
4) Arin Lolley 31.24
200-yard Medley Relay6th2:04.04
Division IIIBradley Polley 100-yard Back12th1:14.01
Division IIIIan White 100-yard Breast8th1:20.48
Division IIINathan Boyd 200-yard Free1st1:51.65
Division IIIBradley Polley 200-yard Free14th2:32.88
Division IIIIan White 200-yard IM9th3:05.17
Division IIINathan Boyd 100-yard Butterfly2nd56.73