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Search Results: Southlake Carroll

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2020 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 3rd165
Class 6A1) Hailey Heldenbrand
3) Morgan Chocholek
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Ryley Heck
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:43.74
Class 6A1) Kate Heintz
3) Alexis Drap
2) Bailey Kaiser
4) Corbyn Cormack
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:28.87
Class 6AKate Heintz 200-yard Free6th1:51.63
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM1st1:59.50
Class 6AHailey Heldenbrand 50-yard Free6th23.59
Class 6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st582.40
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Butterfly1st53.13
Class 6AKate Heintz 500-yard Free8th5:02.15
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st329
Region II-6A1) Hailey Heldenbrand
3) Morgan Chocholek
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Ryley Heck
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:44.81
Region II-6AHailey Heldenbrand 100-yard Back5th58.23
Region II-6A1) Kate Heintz
3) Bailey Kaiser
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Alexis Drap
400-yard Free Relay1st3:30.72
Region II-6AKate Heintz 200-yard Free1st1:50.57
Region II-6AAlexis Drap 200-yard Free5th1:54.40
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM1st2:01.70
Region II-6AHailey Heldenbrand 50-yard Free1st23.64
Region II-6ABailey Kaiser 50-yard Free4th24.52
Region II-6ARyley Heck 50-yard Free6th24.67
Region II-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st541.65
Region II-6AKyleigh Kidd One-Meter Diving3rd430.20
Region II-6ATatum Evans One-Meter Diving4th421.40
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Butterfly1st54.99
Region II-6AEmily Hatcher 100-yard Butterfly5th57.74
Region II-6ADylin Cormack 100-yard Free5th53.71
Region II-6AKate Heintz 500-yard Free1st5:00.21
Region II-6AAlexis Drap 500-yard Free5th5:10.22

2019 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st284
Class 6A1) Hailey Heldenbrand
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Madelyn Clem
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:42.55
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast6th1:03.52
Class 6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Riley Francis
4) Kate Heintz
400-yard Free Relay1st3:23.42
Class 6ARiley Francis 200-yard Free2nd1:47.00
Class 6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free7th1:50.35
Class 6AKate Heintz 200-yard Free12th1:52.01
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM1st2:00.39
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 50-yard Free1st22.38
Class 6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st553.70
Class 6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving2nd532.70
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Free1st49.05
Class 6ARiley Francis 100-yard Free2nd49.51
Class 6AMadelyn Clem 100-yard Free11th51.93
Class 6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free14th5:01.13
Class 6AKate Heintz 500-yard Free15th5:01.21
Class 6A1) Riley Francis
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Madelyn Clem
4) Ashley Zettle
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:34.66
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st219
District 5-6A1) Hailey Heldenbrand
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Madelyn Clem
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:44.68
District 5-6AHailey Heldenbrand 100-yard Back2nd58.57
District 5-6ADylin Cormack 100-yard Back7th1:01.46
District 5-6AReyna Clark 100-yard Back9th1:03.12
District 5-6AIsabella Miller 100-yard Back10th1:04.47
District 5-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast2nd1:04.66
District 5-6ASarah Chappell 100-yard Breast6th1:06.20
District 5-6ABailey Kaiser 100-yard Breast7th1:06.55
District 5-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Breast10th1:09.31
District 5-6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Riley Francis
4) Kate Heintz
400-yard Free Relay1st3:27.89
District 5-6ARiley Francis 200-yard Free1st1:49.38
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free2nd1:51.94
District 5-6AKate Heintz 200-yard Free4th1:53.03
District 5-6AIsabella Woods 200-yard Free6th1:54.80
District 5-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM2nd2:03.83
District 5-6ADylin Cormack 200-yard IM5th2:10.64
District 5-6ASarah Chappell 200-yard IM7th2:12.18
District 5-6ATina Karl 200-yard IM8th2:14.69
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 50-yard Free1st22.65
District 5-6ABailey Kaiser 50-yard Free3rd24.42
District 5-6ARyley Heck 50-yard Free4th24.53
District 5-6AMadelyn Clem 50-yard Free5th24.57
District 5-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st509.55
District 5-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving2nd460.50
District 5-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving3rd449.10
District 5-6AKyleigh Kidd One-Meter Diving5th394.25
District 5-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Butterfly2nd58.53
District 5-6ATina Karl 100-yard Butterfly4th59.20
District 5-6AEmily Hatcher 100-yard Butterfly5th1:00.09
District 5-6AEmily Cundiff 100-yard Butterfly9th1:01.18
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Free1st49.64
District 5-6ARiley Francis 100-yard Free2nd50.87
District 5-6AMadelyn Clem 100-yard Free5th53.04
District 5-6AKacey Ross 100-yard Free10th54.98
District 5-6AKate Heintz 500-yard Free2nd5:00.57
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free3rd5:02.98
District 5-6AIsabella Woods 500-yard Free5th5:07.34
District 5-6AAlexis Drap 500-yard Free6th5:07.82
District 5-6A1) Riley Francis
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Madelyn Clem
4) Ashley Zettle
200-yard Free Relay1st1:36.36
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st511.50
Region II-6A1) Hailey Heldenbrand
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Madelyn Clem
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:43.69
Region II-6AHailey Heldenbrand 100-yard Back5th58.27
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast1st1:03.52
Region II-6ASarah Chappell 100-yard Breast7th1:06.25
Region II-6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Riley Francis
4) Kate Heintz
400-yard Free Relay1st3:25.82
Region II-6ARiley Francis 200-yard Free1st1:47.58
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free2nd1:50.66
Region II-6AKate Heintz 200-yard Free3rd1:51.48
Region II-6AIsabella Woods 200-yard Free7th1:55.16
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM1st2:01.83
Region II-6ADylin Cormack 200-yard IM6th2:08.42
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 50-yard Free1st22.70
Region II-6AMadelyn Clem 50-yard Free4th24.05
Region II-6ABailey Kaiser 50-yard Free6th24.40
Region II-6ARyley Heck 50-yard Free7th24.66
Region II-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st535.35
Region II-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving2nd496.75
Region II-6AKyleigh Kidd One-Meter Diving4th408.45
Region II-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving
Region II-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Butterfly3rd57.43
Region II-6ATina Karl 100-yard Butterfly6th59.54
Region II-6AEmily Hatcher 100-yard Butterfly10th1:00.72
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Free1st49.34
Region II-6ARiley Francis 100-yard Free2nd50.55
Region II-6AMadelyn Clem 100-yard Free3rd52.04
Region II-6AKate Heintz 500-yard Free2nd4:58.95
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free4th5:00.66
Region II-6AAlexis Drap 500-yard Free9th5:04.07
Region II-6AIsabella Woods 500-yard Free10th5:11.33
Region II-6A1) Riley Francis
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Madelyn Clem
4) Ashley Zettle
200-yard Free Relay1st1:35.19

2018 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st298
Class 6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Tina Karl
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:42.78
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast2nd1:02.98
Class 6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Natalie Whalen
2) Riley Francis
4) Ashley Zettle
400-yard Free Relay1st3:22.90
Class 6ARiley Francis 200-yard Free4th1:49.20
Class 6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free7th1:52.06
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM1st2:01.41
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM2nd2:01.80
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 50-yard Free2nd22.81
Class 6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st540.40
Class 6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving2nd525.70
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly4th53.74
Class 6ASydney Balint 100-yard Butterfly16th57.59
Class 6ARiley Francis 100-yard Free3rd50.30
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free3rd4:53.68
Class 6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free9th4:59.92
Class 6A1) Riley Francis
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Ashley Zettle
4) Sydney Balint
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:35.65
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st214.50
District 5-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Tina Karl
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:44.49
District 5-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Back7th1:02.15
District 5-6AOlivia Jones 100-yard Back9th1:02.78
District 5-6ASydney Jones 100-yard Back12th1:04.57
District 5-6AEmily Hatcher 100-yard Back13th1:05.73
District 5-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast2nd1:04.21
District 5-6ASarah Chappell 100-yard Breast5th1:08.59
District 5-6AGabby Tadlock 100-yard Breast7th1:10.25
District 5-6ALillian Duma 100-yard Breast9th1:10.97
District 5-6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Natalie Whalen
2) Riley Francis
4) Ashley Zettle
400-yard Free Relay1st3:27.80
District 5-6ARiley Francis 200-yard Free1st1:52.24
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free2nd1:54.38
District 5-6AIsabella Woods 200-yard Free5th1:56.76
District 5-6AAshley I Woods 200-yard Free6th1:58.56
District 5-6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM1st2:03.11
District 5-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM3rd2:04.86
District 5-6ASydney Balint 200-yard IM5th2:10.37
District 5-6ALillian Duma 200-yard IM9th2:19.59
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 50-yard Free1st23.02
District 5-6ATina Karl 50-yard Free3rd24.63
District 5-6AKatherine Deneault 50-yard Free6th25.31
District 5-6AKacey Ross 50-yard Free8th25.58
District 5-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st521.75
District 5-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving2nd491.90
District 5-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving3rd452.60
District 5-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving7th397.40
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly1st54.04
District 5-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Butterfly3rd58.76
District 5-6ATina Karl 100-yard Butterfly4th59.49
District 5-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Butterfly6th1:00.01
District 5-6ARiley Francis 100-yard Free1st50.37
District 5-6ALana Jeter 100-yard Free5th55.09
District 5-6AKacey Ross 100-yard Free7th55.12
District 5-6AIsabella Miller 100-yard Free9th55.43
District 5-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st4:57.06
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free2nd5:04.60
District 5-6AAshley I Woods 500-yard Free5th5:12.16
District 5-6AIsabella Woods 500-yard Free6th5:13.83
District 5-6A1) Riley Francis
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Katherine Deneault
200-yard Free Relay1st1:37.12
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st492
Region II-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Tina Karl
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:45.03
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast3rd1:04.57
Region II-6ASarah Chappell 100-yard Breast5th1:08.71
Region II-6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Natalie Whalen
2) Riley Francis
4) Ashley Zettle
400-yard Free Relay1st3:27.50
Region II-6ARiley Francis 200-yard Free1st1:50.60
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free3rd1:52.72
Region II-6AIsabella Woods 200-yard Free4th1:54.51
Region II-6AAshley I Woods 200-yard Free6th1:58.44
Region II-6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM2nd2:02.67
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM4th2:04.24
Region II-6ASydney Balint 200-yard IM5th2:08.66
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 50-yard Free1st23.05
Region II-6ATina Karl 50-yard Free5th24.83
Region II-6AKatherine Deneault 50-yard Free11th25.30
Region II-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving1st486.65
Region II-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving2nd486.45
Region II-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving4th448.30
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly1st53.64
Region II-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Butterfly4th57.04
Region II-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Butterfly7th59.26
Region II-6ATina Karl 100-yard Butterfly10th1:00.82
Region II-6ARiley Francis 100-yard Free2nd50.97
Region II-6ALana Jeter 100-yard Free5th54.58
Region II-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st4:55.30
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free3rd5:03.70
Region II-6AIsabella Woods 500-yard Free6th5:07.16
Region II-6AAshley I Woods 500-yard Free7th5:09.10
Region II-6A1) Riley Francis
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Katherine Deneault
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:37.60

2017 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 2nd215
Class 6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Rachel Luevit
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:43.69
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Back7th55.89
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast7th1:05.21
Class 6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Natalie Whalen
4) Sydney Balint
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:26.79
Class 6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free10th1:51.41
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM5th2:02.37
Class 6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM10th2:04.67
Class 6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st519.95
Class 6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving2nd505.00
Class 6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving5th461.05
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly5th54.03
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free3rd4:53.11
Class 6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free7th4:58.34
Class 6A1) Spencer Dockal
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Sydney Balint
200-yard Free Relay15th1:38.54
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st236
District 5-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Rachel Luevit
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:44.90
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Back1st56.86
District 5-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Back3rd1:02.26
District 5-6ABrooke Guerra 100-yard Back4th1:03.55
District 5-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Back6th1:04.33
District 5-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast2nd1:06.43
District 5-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast3rd1:08.11
District 5-6ALillian Duma 100-yard Breast7th1:10.88
District 5-6ANatalie R Gessner 100-yard Breast8th1:11.99
District 5-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Kit Kat Zenick
4) Amelia Rusli
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:31.87
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free2nd1:53.69
District 5-6ALana Jeter 200-yard Free3rd1:58.57
District 5-6AEmily Cundiff 200-yard Free6th1:59.94
District 5-6AAstrid Langoe 200-yard Free9th2:01.87
District 5-6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM1st2:04.51
District 5-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM3rd2:07.58
District 5-6ASydney Balint 200-yard IM4th2:08.18
District 5-6AMadelyn Tung 200-yard IM6th2:09.71
District 5-6ASpencer Dockal 50-yard Free2nd24.82
District 5-6ATina Karl 50-yard Free3rd24.98
District 5-6AAmelia Rusli 50-yard Free5th25.04
District 5-6AAlden Sadler 50-yard Free8th25.74
District 5-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving1st474.70
District 5-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving2nd441.55
District 5-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving3rd432.80
District 5-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving5th388.10
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly1st54.88
District 5-6AMadelyn Tung 100-yard Butterfly2nd57.80
District 5-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly3rd58.16
District 5-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Butterfly4th59.00
District 5-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Free2nd53.62
District 5-6AAmelia Rusli 100-yard Free4th54.66
District 5-6ALana Jeter 100-yard Free5th54.95
District 5-6AJulianna Adami 100-yard Free7th55.75
District 5-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st4:57.78
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free2nd5:03.09
District 5-6ARachel Boeck 500-yard Free7th5:21.55
District 5-6AEmily Cundiff 500-yard Free8th5:24.06
District 5-6A1) Spencer Dockal
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Sydney Balint
200-yard Free Relay1st1:39.42
Region II-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Kit Kat Zenick
2) Corbyn Cormack
4) Rachel Luevit
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:45.37
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Back1st55.73
Region II-6AMorgan Chocholek 100-yard Back9th1:03.06
Region II-6ABrooke Guerra 100-yard Back10th1:03.48
Region II-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Back14th1:04.66
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 100-yard Breast3rd1:04.85
Region II-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast4th1:08.60
Region II-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Ashley Zettle
2) Kit Kat Zenick
4) Sydney Balint
400-yard Free Relay1st3:30.16
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free1st1:52.01
Region II-6AEmily Cundiff 200-yard Free7th1:59.25
Region II-6ALana Jeter 200-yard Free10th1:58.89
Region II-6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM2nd2:03.11
Region II-6ACorbyn Cormack 200-yard IM3rd2:05.13
Region II-6ASydney Balint 200-yard IM6th2:08.17
Region II-6AMadelyn Tung 200-yard IM7th2:08.93
Region II-6ASpencer Dockal 50-yard Free4th24.82
Region II-6ATina Karl 50-yard Free5th24.92
Region II-6AAmelia Rusli 50-yard Free6th24.98
Region II-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving1st544.05
Region II-6AHaily Hernandez One-Meter Diving2nd517.95
Region II-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving3rd479.65
Region II-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving6th408.35
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly1st54.65
Region II-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly2nd56.65
Region II-6AMadelyn Tung 100-yard Butterfly5th57.84
Region II-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Butterfly8th59.13
Region II-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Free3rd53.08
Region II-6AAmelia Rusli 100-yard Free6th54.60
Region II-6AJulianna Adami 100-yard Free10th55.81
Region II-6ALana Jeter 100-yard Free11th55.89
Region II-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st4:53.36
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free2nd4:59.96
Region II-6A1) Spencer Dockal
3) Corbyn Cormack
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Sydney Balint
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:38.52

2016 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 3rd196
Class 6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Anya Ittiruck
2) Rachel Luevit
4) Spencer Dockal
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:46.10
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Back5th55.93
Class 6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Amelia Rusli
2) Kit Kat Zenick
4) Sydney Balint
400-yard Free Relay4th3:28.56
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM3rd2:01.79
Class 6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving1st515.90
Class 6AKatie Crown One-Meter Diving3rd481.60
Class 6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving4th454.25
Class 6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly5th54.20
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free4th4:55.16
Class 6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Sydney Balint
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Spencer Dockal
200-yard Free Relay5th1:36.88
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st233
District 5-6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Anya Ittiruck
2) Rachel Luevit
4) Spencer Dockal
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:47.15
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Back1st56.76
District 5-6AAshlee Shepherd 100-yard Back3rd1:01.45
District 5-6AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back4th1:01.60
District 5-6ABrooke Guerra 100-yard Back5th1:02.49
District 5-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast3rd1:07.47
District 5-6ALillian Duma 100-yard Breast4th1:08.38
District 5-6ATina Karl 100-yard Breast5th1:08.92
District 5-6ANatalie R Gessner 100-yard Breast6th1:11.13
District 5-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Amelia Rusli
2) Kit Kat Zenick
4) Sydney Balint
400-yard Free Relay1st3:31.82
District 5-6ASydney Balint 200-yard Free2nd1:54.78
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free5th1:57.48
District 5-6AAshley I Woods 200-yard Free8th1:58.84
District 5-6ACristina M Moraru 200-yard Free10th2:00.38
District 5-6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM1st2:03.64
District 5-6ARachel Luevit 200-yard IM4th2:09.58
District 5-6AAnya Ittiruck 200-yard IM6th2:13.09
District 5-6ALillian Duma 200-yard IM8th2:14.60
District 5-6ASpencer Dockal 50-yard Free1st24.62
District 5-6ATina Karl 50-yard Free3rd25.01
District 5-6AAmelia Rusli 50-yard Free4th25.33
District 5-6ALana Jeter 50-yard Free5th25.63
District 5-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving1st534.75
District 5-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving2nd472.10
District 5-6AKatie Crown One-Meter Diving3rd426.70
District 5-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving4th419.65
District 5-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly1st55.42
District 5-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly3rd57.69
District 5-6AMadelyn Tung 100-yard Butterfly4th58.62
District 5-6AGrace Giddings 100-yard Butterfly5th59.72
District 5-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Free2nd53.74
District 5-6AAmelia Rusli 100-yard Free5th54.93
District 5-6AAbby Cosenza 100-yard Free6th56.35
District 5-6AAlden Sadler 100-yard Free7th56.81
District 5-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st5:02.19
District 5-6AMadelyn Tung 500-yard Free5th5:11.08
District 5-6AAshley I Woods 500-yard Free7th5:11.41
District 5-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free8th5:15.66
District 5-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Sydney Balint
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Spencer Dockal
200-yard Free Relay1st1:38.16
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st546
Region II-6A1) Kit Kat Zenick
3) Anya Ittiruck
2) Rachel Luevit
4) Spencer Dockal
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:47.25
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Back2nd56.36
Region II-6AAshlee Shepherd 100-yard Back4th59.97
Region II-6AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back5th1:00.74
Region II-6ABrooke Guerra 100-yard Back8th1:02.71
Region II-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast4th1:06.94
Region II-6ALillian Duma 100-yard Breast5th1:07.87
Region II-6ATina Karl 100-yard Breast7th1:09.83
Region II-6ANatalie R Gessner 100-yard Breast10th1:11.66
Region II-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Amelia Rusli
2) Kit Kat Zenick
4) Sydney Balint
400-yard Free Relay1st3:32.56
Region II-6ASydney Balint 200-yard Free4th1:55.11
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 200-yard Free5th1:55.38
Region II-6ANatalie Whalen 200-yard IM1st2:02.81
Region II-6ARachel Luevit 200-yard IM5th2:10.02
Region II-6AAnya Ittiruck 200-yard IM8th2:19.10
Region II-6ASpencer Dockal 50-yard Free1st24.47
Region II-6AAmelia Rusli 50-yard Free5th25.18
Region II-6ATina Karl 50-yard Free6th25.19
Region II-6ALana Jeter 50-yard Free11th26.09
Region II-6ABridget O'Neil One-Meter Diving1st499.15
Region II-6AAllison Ward One-Meter Diving2nd466.05
Region II-6AKatie Crown One-Meter Diving3rd455.07
Region II-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving4th399.35
Region II-6AKit Kat Zenick 100-yard Butterfly2nd55.19
Region II-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly3rd56.85
Region II-6AMadelyn Tung 100-yard Butterfly4th58.20
Region II-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Free4th53.72
Region II-6AAmelia Rusli 100-yard Free5th54.52
Region II-6AAbby Cosenza 100-yard Free13th56.70
Region II-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st4:58.37
Region II-6AAshley Zettle 500-yard Free2nd5:05.45
Region II-6AAshley I Woods 500-yard Free5th5:09.57
Region II-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Sydney Balint
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Spencer Dockal
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:37.56

2015 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 7th106
Class 6A1) Nasha Luevit
3) Anya Ittiruck
2) Olivia Coffey
4) Rachel Luevit
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:47.85
Class 6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Chantal Meyer
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Nasha Luevit
400-yard Free Relay6th3:32.96
Class 6ASloane Papa One-Meter Diving6th424.40
Class 6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving10th354.90
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 100-yard Butterfly5th55.14
Class 6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly12th57.28
Class 6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free4th4:56.27
District 10-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st197
District 10-6A1) Nasha Luevit
3) Anya Ittiruck
2) Olivia Coffey
4) Rachel Luevit
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:49.14
District 10-6ANasha Luevit 100-yard Back2nd59.37
District 10-6AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back4th1:00.81
District 10-6AAbby Cosenza 100-yard Back8th1:02.05
District 10-6AAmanda Piyapanee 100-yard Back12th1:04.18
District 10-6AChantal Meyer 100-yard Breast3rd1:07.17
District 10-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast4th1:07.26
District 10-6AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Breast6th1:07.74
District 10-6ANatalie R Gessner 100-yard Breast8th1:12.16
District 10-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Chantal Meyer
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Nasha Luevit
400-yard Free Relay1st3:35.82
District 10-6AMadelyn Tung 200-yard Free3rd1:56.89
District 10-6AAbby Cosenza 200-yard Free9th2:03.71
District 10-6AAmelia Rusli 200-yard Free4th1:57.38
District 10-6ASydney Balint 200-yard Free5th1:57.79
District 10-6ARachel Luevit 200-yard IM2nd2:07.87
District 10-6AChantal Meyer 200-yard IM4th2:08.48
District 10-6AAnya Ittiruck 200-yard IM5th2:09.99
District 10-6ANatalie R Gessner 200-yard IM11th2:19.22
District 10-6ASpencer Dockal 50-yard Free3rd25.75
District 10-6ARachel Boeck 50-yard Free12th26.37
District 10-6ALauren Clay 50-yard Free14th26.73
District 10-6ACristina M Moraru 50-yard FreeDQ
District 10-6AMaddy Keiser One-Meter Diving1st426.75
District 10-6ASloane Papa One-Meter Diving2nd417.65
District 10-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving3rd413.00
District 10-6ANatalie Whalen 100-yard Butterfly1st56.94
District 10-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly2nd57.65
District 10-6AKatelyn Johnson 100-yard Butterfly6th1:01.43
District 10-6AElizabeth Nguyen 100-yard Butterfly7th1:02.34
District 10-6AAmelia Rusli 100-yard Free2nd54.47
District 10-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Free5th55.22
District 10-6AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Free6th55.26
District 10-6APaige Williams 100-yard Free11th57.78
District 10-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st5:03.49
District 10-6AMadelyn Tung 500-yard Free3rd5:09.57
District 10-6AKatelyn Johnson 500-yard Free5th5:16.40
District 10-6AAshley I Woods 500-yard Free7th5:22.59
District 10-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Rachel Luevit
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Olivia Coffey
200-yard Free Relay1st1:39.86
Region III-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st463.50
Region III-6A1) Nasha Luevit
3) Anya Ittiruck
2) Olivia Coffey
4) Rachel Luevit
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:47.45
Region III-6ANasha Luevit 100-yard Back3rd58.47
Region III-6AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back8th1:01.10
Region III-6AChantal Meyer 100-yard Breast3rd1:06.03
Region III-6AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Breast5th1:07.10
Region III-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast7th1:08.18
Region III-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Chantal Meyer
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Nasha Luevit
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:33.55
Region III-6AAmelia Rusli 200-yard Free4th1:55.27
Region III-6AMadelyn Tung 200-yard Free6th1:56.50
Region III-6ASydney Balint 200-yard Free7th1:57.71
Region III-6ARachel Luevit 200-yard IM2nd2:07.69
Region III-6AChantal Meyer 200-yard IM4th2:11.08
Region III-6AAnya Ittiruck 200-yard IM5th2:11.21
Region III-6ASpencer Dockal 50-yard Free4th25.51
Region III-6ASummer Westover One-Meter Diving1st413.95
Region III-6ASloane Papa One-Meter Diving2nd398.45
Region III-6AMaddy Keiser One-Meter Diving3rd395.50
Region III-6ANatalie Whalen 100-yard Butterfly1st55.72
Region III-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly2nd57.46
Region III-6AElizabeth Nguyen 100-yard Butterfly8th1:02.49
Region III-6AAmelia Rusli 100-yard Free3rd53.92
Region III-6AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Free7th54.71
Region III-6ASydney Balint 100-yard Free8th55.00
Region III-6ANatalie Whalen 500-yard Free1st4:56.93
Region III-6AMadelyn Tung 500-yard Free5th5:10.76
Region III-6AKatelyn Johnson 500-yard Free7th5:17.35
Region III-6A1) Natalie Whalen
3) Rachel Luevit
2) Amelia Rusli
4) Olivia Coffey
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:38.91

2014 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 6th98
Class 6ACasey Rose 7th52.33
Class 6AChantal Meyer 10th1:05.22
Class 6AMaddy Kieser 11th
Class 6AEmilee Torres 14th
Class 6ANasha Luevit 7th
Class 6ACasey Rose 8th
Class 6ACasey Rose 9th
Class 6AOlivia Coffey 7th
Class 6AJennifer Owston 8th
Class 6AJennifer Owston 9th
Class 6AAnya Ittiruck 7th
Class 6AAshley Baker 8th
Class 6AChantal Meyer 9th
Class 6AAshley Baker 7th
Class 6AOlivia Coffey 8th
Class 6ANasha Luevit 9th
Class 6A1) Nasha Luevit 27.23
3) Anya Ittiruck 25.73
2) Olivia Coffey 30.00
4) Ashley Baker 24.15
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:47.11
Class 6AChantal Meyer 100-yard Breast11th1:05.44
Class 6A1) Casey Rose 52.69
3) Chantal Meyer 53.42
2) Jennifer Owston 52.93
4) Nasha Luevit 53.93
400-yard Free Relay10th3:32.97
Class 6AMaddy Kieser One-Meter Diving11th385.95
Class 6AEmilee Torres One-Meter Diving13th357.90
Class 6ACasey Rose 100-yard Free7th52.28
Class 6A1) Casey Rose 24.59
3) Ashley Baker 24.59
2) Jennifer Owston 24.75
4) Olivia Coffey 24.60
200-yard Free Relay5th1:38.09
District 10-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st211
District 10-6A1) Nasha Luevit 27.79
3) Anya Ittiruck 26.15
2) Olivia Coffey 30.14
4) Ashley Baker 24.65
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:48.73
District 10-6ANasha Luevit 100-yard Back2nd58.66
District 10-6AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back3rd1:00.97
District 10-6AMadeleine O'Brian 100-yard Back4th1:01.39
District 10-6AJaycie K Adamson 100-yard Back6th1:02.83
District 10-6AChantal Meyer 100-yard Breast2nd1:05.86
District 10-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast3rd1:06.09
District 10-6AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Breast8th1:07.21
District 10-6AKatie J Nedrow 100-yard Breast13th1:10.31
District 10-6A1) Casey Rose 52.63
3) Chantal Meyer 53.51
2) Jennifer Owston 53.92
4) Nasha Luevit 54.42
400-yard Free Relay1st3:34.48
District 10-6AJennifer Owston 200-yard Free3rd1:56.07
District 10-6AAbby Cosenza 200-yard Free6th1:58.81
District 10-6AAmelia Rusli 200-yard Free7th1:59.46
District 10-6AJennifer Talbert 200-yard Free8th1:59.47
District 10-6AChantal Meyer 200-yard IM5th2:08.43
District 10-6ARachel Luevit 200-yard IM6th2:08.49
District 10-6AAnya Ittiruck 200-yard IM8th2:14.54
District 10-6AMiranda Gardner 200-yard IM13th2:23.10
District 10-6ACasey Rose 50-yard Free1st24.44
District 10-6AAshley Baker 50-yard Free3rd25.03
District 10-6AOlivia Coffey 50-yard Free5th25.35
District 10-6AJaycie K Adamson 50-yard Free7th25.55
District 10-6AMaddy Kieser One-Meter Diving1st418.95
District 10-6AEmilee Torres One-Meter Diving2nd368.65
District 10-6ASabrina March One-Meter Diving3rd324.00
District 10-6AShelby Riney One-Meter Diving4th315.90
District 10-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly1st57.47
District 10-6AMadelyn Tung 100-yard Butterfly2nd57.96
District 10-6AKatelyn Johnson 100-yard Butterfly4th1:00.35
District 10-6AElizabeth Nguyen 100-yard Butterfly8th1:01.72
District 10-6ACasey Rose 100-yard Free1st52.60
District 10-6AJennifer Owston 100-yard Free3rd54.28
District 10-6ANasha Luevit 100-yard Free5th54.91
District 10-6AAshley Baker 100-yard Free8th55.46
District 10-6AMadelyn Tung 500-yard Free4th5:10.55
District 10-6AJennifer Talbert 500-yard Free5th5:15.39
District 10-6AKatelyn Johnson 500-yard Free7th5:18.25
District 10-6AAmelia Rusli 500-yard Free8th5:21.30
District 10-6A1) Casey Rose 24.42
3) Ashley Baker 24.90
2) Jennifer Owston 25.08
4) Olivia Coffey 24.84
200-yard Free Relay1st1:39.24
Region III-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st453
Region III-6A1) Nasha Luevit 27.75
3) Anya Ittiruck 25.79
2) Olivia Coffey 30.26
4) Ashley Baker 24.56
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:48.36
Region III-6ANasha Luevit 100-yard Back3rd59.76
Region III-6AJaycie K Adamson 100-yard Back5th1:01.18
Region III-6AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back8th1:01.87
Region III-6AMadeleine O'Brian 100-yard Back10th1:02.54
Region III-6AChantal Meyer 100-yard Breast1st1:04.94
Region III-6ARachel Luevit 100-yard Breast6th1:06.88
Region III-6A1) Casey Rose 51.77
3) Chantal Meyer 52.81
2) Jennifer Owston 53.73
4) Nasha Luevit 53.91
400-yard Free Relay1st3:32.22
Region III-6AJennifer Owston 200-yard Free4th1:55.63
Region III-6AAbby Cosenza 200-yard Free6th1:59.83
Region III-6AChantal Meyer 200-yard IM4th2:06.85
Region III-6ARachel Luevit 200-yard IM7th2:09.83
Region III-6ACasey Rose 50-yard Free4th24.22
Region III-6AAshley Baker 50-yard Free5th24.94
Region III-6AOlivia Coffey 50-yard Free10th25.53
Region III-6AMaddy Kieser One-Meter Diving1st423.80
Region III-6AEmilee Torres One-Meter Diving2nd370.65
Region III-6AShelby Riney One-Meter Diving4th291.85
Region III-6ASabrina March One-Meter Diving6th289.05
Region III-6AAnya Ittiruck 100-yard Butterfly3rd57.78
Region III-6AMadelyn Tung 100-yard Butterfly4th59.17
Region III-6AKatelyn Johnson 100-yard Butterfly7th1:01.30
Region III-6ACasey Rose 100-yard Free2nd52.25
Region III-6AJennifer Owston 100-yard Free7th54.37
Region III-6ANasha Luevit 100-yard Free9th54.98
Region III-6AMadelyn Tung 500-yard Free4th5:10.03
Region III-6AJennifer Talbert 500-yard Free5th5:15.22
Region III-6A1) Casey Rose
3) Ashley Baker
2) Jennifer Owston
4) Olivia Coffey
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:38.56

2013 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 2nd159
Class 5A1) Emily Gibson 26.45
3) Elizabeth Nedrow 25.49
2) Olivia Coffey 30.42
4) Casey Rose 24.09
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:46.45
Class 5A1) Casey Rose 52.83
3) Alexa Baran 52.96
2) Rebecca Upton 52.61
4) Emily Gibson 50.21
400-yard Free Relay1st3:28.61
Class 5ARebecca Upton 200-yard Free5th1:50.63
Class 5AEmily Gibson 200-yard IM2nd2:03.52
Class 5AEmily Gibson 100-yard Butterfly2nd54.44
Class 5ACasey Rose 100-yard Free12th52.58
Class 5ARebecca Upton 500-yard Free5th4:55.87
Class 5A1) Casey Rose 24.45
3) Alexa Baran 24.83
2) Rebecca Upton 24.36
4) Jennifer Owston 25.02
200-yard Free Relay8th1:38.66
Region II-5ASouthlake Carroll 1st412.50
Region II-5A1) Emily Gibson 26.53
3) Elizabeth Nedrow 25.87
2) Olivia Coffey 30.62
4) Jennifer Owston 24.92
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:47.94
Region II-5ANasha Luevit 100-yard Back9th1:00.24
Region II-5AMiranda Faust 100-yard Back13th1:02.50
Region II-5AMadeleine O'Brian 100-yard Back15th1:03.05
Region II-5AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Breast4th1:06.97
Region II-5AKatie J Nedrow 100-yard Breast7th1:09.27
Region II-5ASarah Zobrist 100-yard Breast9th1:10.01
Region II-5ATaylor M Schimek 100-yard Breast16th1:15.07
Region II-5A1) Casey Rose 52.81
3) Alexa Baran 53.41
2) Rebecca Upton 53.21
4) Emily Gibson 50.62
400-yard Free Relay1st3:30.05
Region II-5ARebecca Upton 200-yard Free1st1:50.66
Region II-5AAlexa Baran 200-yard Free8th1:56.79
Region II-5AJennifer Talbert 200-yard Free10th1:57.20
Region II-5AJennifer Owston 200-yard Free12th1:58.22
Region II-5AEmily Gibson 200-yard IM3rd2:03.66
Region II-5AAnnika Ittiruck 200-yard IM10th2:16.03
Region II-5ANasha Luevit 200-yard IM12th2:16.40
Region II-5ACasey Rose 50-yard Free4th24.24
Region II-5AElizabeth Nedrow 50-yard Free10th25.29
Region II-5ABrooke A Parra 50-yard Free11th25.38
Region II-5AMaddy Kieser One-Meter Diving4th388.90
Region II-5AEmilee Torres One-Meter Diving6th354.90
Region II-5AEmily Gibson 100-yard Butterfly1st54.51
Region II-5AKatelyn Johnson 100-yard Butterfly6th59.54
Region II-5AElizabeth Nedrow 100-yard Butterfly8th1:00.77
Region II-5AHaley Vassios 100-yard Butterfly14th1:03.03
Region II-5ACasey Rose 100-yard Free2nd52.46
Region II-5AJennifer Owston 100-yard Free7th54.69
Region II-5AJaycie K Adamson 100-yard Free8th54.88
Region II-5ARebecca Upton 500-yard Free2nd4:58.23
Region II-5AAlexa Baran 500-yard Free7th5:08.19
Region II-5AJennifer Talbert 500-yard Free9th5:16.68
Region II-5AKatelyn Johnson 500-yard Free10th5:19.63
Region II-5A1) Casey Rose 24.50
3) Alexa Baran 24.88
2) Rebecca Upton 24.50
4) Jennifer Owston 25.30
200-yard Free Relay4th1:39.18

2012 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 1st235
Class 5A1) Emily Gibson
3) Sydney Wheeler
2) MacKenzie Leonard
4) Casey Rose
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:47.20
Class 5AMacKenzie Leonard 100-yard Breast10th1:07.36
Class 5A1) Lindsay Schultz
3) Alexa Baran
2) Emily Zapinski
4) Rebecca Upton
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:29.47
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 200-yard Free3rd1:49.34
Class 5AJennie Hall 200-yard IM10th2:07.61
Class 5AEmily Gibson 50-yard Free5th23.61
Class 5ALindsay Schultz 50-yard Free7th23.78
Class 5ALauren Crown One-Meter Diving2nd489.40
Class 5AEmily Gibson 100-yard Butterfly2nd55.73
Class 5ASydney Wheeler 100-yard Butterfly10th57.71
Class 5ALindsay Schultz 100-yard Free5th51.41
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 500-yard Free6th4:54.07
Class 5ARebecca Upton 500-yard Free8th4:58.93
Class 5A1) Lindsay Schultz
3) Ashlin Anderson
2) Emily Zapinski
4) Emily Gibson
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:35.89
Region II-5ASouthlake Carroll 1st585
Region II-5A1) Emily Gibson 26.67
3) Sydney Wheeler 25.16
2) MacKenzie Leonard 30.11
4) Casey Rose 24.58
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:46.52
Region II-5AJennie Hall 100-yard Back5th58.55
Region II-5ATanya Ittiruck 100-yard Back8th1:01.24
Region II-5ANasha Luevit 100-yard Back9th1:00.84
Region II-5AMacKenzie Leonard 100-yard Breast3rd1:06.14
Region II-5AOlivia Coffey 100-yard Breast4th1:06.80
Region II-5AKatie J Nedrow 100-yard Breast7th1:09.01
Region II-5ASarah Zobrist 100-yard Breast8th1:09.11
Region II-5A1) Lindsay Schultz 51.90
3) Alexa Baran 53.16
2) Emily Zapinski 52.62
4) Rebecca Upton 52.66
400-yard Free Relay1st3:30.34
Region II-5AEmily Zapinski 200-yard Free1st1:50.67
Region II-5ARebecca Upton 200-yard Free3rd1:51.80
Region II-5AAlexa Baran 200-yard Free6th1:55.20
Region II-5AKatie Shackelford 200-yard Free8th1:57.34
Region II-5AJennie Hall 200-yard IM4th2:07.49
Region II-5AMacKenzie Leonard 200-yard IM7th2:11.25
Region II-5AAnnika Ittiruck 200-yard IM9th2:14.41
Region II-5ANasha Luevit 200-yard IM13th2:18.56
Region II-5AEmily Gibson 50-yard Free1st23.66
Region II-5ALindsay Schultz 50-yard Free4th24.12
Region II-5ACasey Rose 50-yard Free8th24.91
Region II-5AAshlin Anderson 50-yard Free11th25.18
Region II-5ALauren Crown One-Meter Diving1st468.45
Region II-5ALarkin Papa One-Meter Diving3rd415.50
Region II-5ASloane Papa One-Meter Diving4th404.10
Region II-5AEmilee Torres One-Meter Diving9th333.60
Region II-5AEmily Gibson 100-yard Butterfly1st55.19
Region II-5ASydney Wheeler 100-yard Butterfly2nd56.98
Region II-5AElizabeth Nedrow 100-yard Butterfly7th59.83
Region II-5AKatelyn Johnson 100-yard Butterfly12th1:00.21
Region II-5ALindsay Schultz 100-yard Free1st51.56
Region II-5ACasey Rose 100-yard Free4th53.47
Region II-5AAshlin Anderson 100-yard Free6th53.78
Region II-5ATanya Ittiruck 100-yard Free8th55.18
Region II-5AEmily Zapinski 500-yard Free2nd4:55.79
Region II-5ARebecca Upton 500-yard Free3rd4:57.39
Region II-5AAlexa Baran 500-yard Free5th5:04.20
Region II-5AKatie Shackelford 500-yard Free8th5:15.37
Region II-5A1) Lindsay Schultz 24.07
3) Ashlin Anderson 24.85
2) Emily Zapinski 24.18
4) Emily Gibson 23.36
200-yard Free Relay1st1:36.46

2011 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 1st275.50
Class 5A1) Lyndsie Gibson 25.88
3) Sydney Wheeler 25.44
2) Elise Weisert 29.12
4) Taylor Derevyanik 23.78
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:44.22
Class 5ALyndsie Gibson 100-yard Back2nd56.01
Class 5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Back10th56.71
Class 5AElise Weisert 100-yard Breast3rd1:03.43
Class 5AMacKenzie Leonard 100-yard Breast8th1:05.70
Class 5A1) Lindsay Schultz 52.17
3) Rebecca Upton 52.70
2) Emily Zapinski 52.10
4) Lyndsie Gibson 51.02
400-yard Free Relay1st3:27.99
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 200-yard Free4th1:49.74
Class 5ARebecca Upton 200-yard Free12th1:52.73
Class 5AAlexa Baran 200-yard Free15th1:54.28
Class 5ALindsay Schultz 50-yard Free11th24.15
Class 5AGrace Kazmierski One-Meter Diving2nd536.90
Class 5ALauren Crown One-Meter Diving6th451.10
Class 5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Butterfly9th57.16
Class 5ALindsay Schultz 100-yard Free11th52.39
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 500-yard Free2nd4:53.12
Class 5ALyndsie Gibson 500-yard Free4th4:55.63
Class 5A1) Lindsay Schultz 24.28
3) Emily Gibson 23.98
2) Emily Zapinski 24.02
4) Taylor Derevyanik 23.80
200-yard Free Relay1st1:36.08
Region II-5ASouthlake Carroll 1st620.50
Region II-5A1) Lyndsie Gibson
3) Sydney Wheeler
2) Elise Weisert
4) Taylor Derevyanik
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:45.16
Region II-5ALyndsie Gibson 100-yard Back1st56.10
Region II-5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Back3rd56.54
Region II-5AEmily Gibson 100-yard Back6th57.84
Region II-5ASydney Wheeler 100-yard Back7th58.56
Region II-5AElise Weisert 100-yard Breast1st1:04.25
Region II-5AMacKenzie Leonard 100-yard Breast2nd1:05.89
Region II-5AMorgan Pettyjohn 100-yard Breast7th1:08.35
Region II-5AKendall Coffey 100-yard Breast11th1:10.88
Region II-5A1) Lindsay Schultz 52.45
3) Rebecca Upton 53.29
2) Emily Zapinski 52.78
4) Lyndsie Gibson 52.59
400-yard Free Relay1st3:31.11
Region II-5AEmily Zapinski 200-yard Free1st1:50.73
Region II-5ARebecca Upton 200-yard Free2nd1:52.32
Region II-5AAlexa Baran 200-yard Free3rd1:52.78
Region II-5AKatie Shackelford 200-yard Free7th1:56.76
Region II-5AJennie Hall 200-yard IM6th2:09.35
Region II-5AMacKenzie Leonard 200-yard IM7th2:10.91
Region II-5AElise Weisert 200-yard IM9th2:09.88
Region II-5ALindsay Schultz 50-yard Free1st24.29
Region II-5AEmily Gibson 50-yard Free2nd24.56
Region II-5ALauren Wheeler 50-yard Free5th24.91
Region II-5AAshlin Anderson 50-yard Free5th24.91
Region II-5AGrace Kazmierski One-Meter Diving1st434.40
Region II-5ALauren Crown One-Meter Diving2nd408.85
Region II-5AAbby Anderson One-Meter Diving5th355.60
Region II-5ASinead McNiel One-Meter Diving9th243.45
Region II-5ASydney Wheeler 100-yard Butterfly1st56.12
Region II-5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Butterfly4th57.14
Region II-5AElizabeth Nedrow 100-yard Butterfly5th57.79
Region II-5ALindsay Schultz 100-yard Free2nd52.32
Region II-5ARebecca Upton 100-yard Free3rd52.59
Region II-5ATanya Ittiruck 100-yard Free7th53.83
Region II-5ACasey Rose 100-yard Free8th54.48
Region II-5AEmily Zapinski 500-yard Free1st4:53.99
Region II-5ALyndsie Gibson 500-yard Free2nd4:55.75
Region II-5AAlexa Baran 500-yard Free6th5:02.21
Region II-5AKatie Shackelford 500-yard Free10th5:11.72
Region II-5A1) Lindsay Schultz 24.35
3) Emily Gibson 24.36
2) Emily Zapinski 24.40
4) Taylor Derevyanik 24.05
200-yard Free Relay1st1:37.16

2010 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 2nd196
Class 5A1) Lyndsie Gibson 26.58
3) Taylor Derevyanik 25.50
2) Elise Weisert 29.97
4) Emily Zapinski 23.73
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:45.78
Class 5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Back10th57.80
Class 5AElise Weisert 100-yard Breast6th1:05.24
Class 5AMacKenzie Leonard 100-yard Breast7th1:06.14
Class 5A1) Cassidy Lapp 51.51
3) Jillian Roberts
2) Kaitlyn Hogan 52.51
4) Emily Zapinski
400-yard Free RelayDQ
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 200-yard Free5th1:49.96
Class 5AKaitlyn Hogan 200-yard Free13th1:54.09
Class 5AMacKenzie Leonard 200-yard IM15th2:08.00
Class 5ACassidy Lapp 50-yard Free9th23.92
Class 5ALauren Crown One-Meter Diving2nd481.90
Class 5AGrace Kazmierski One-Meter Diving5th448.35
Class 5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Butterfly14th57.44
Class 5ACassidy Lapp 100-yard Free7th52.10
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 500-yard Free5th4:55.41
Class 5ALyndsie Gibson 500-yard Free9th4:55.71
Class 5A1) Cassidy Lapp 23.92
3) Lyndsie Gibson 24.25
2) Kaitlyn Hogan 23.99
4) Taylor Derevyanik 23.91
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:36.07

2009 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 3rd138
Class 5A1) Lyndsie Gibson
3) Taylor Derevyanik
2) Chelsea Dunlap
4) Emily Zapinski
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:46.01
Class 5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Back12th57.79
Class 5AElise Weisert 100-yard Breast6th1:04.40
Class 5AChelsea Dunlap 100-yard Breast7th1:04.80
Class 5AClaire Singley 200-yard Free5th1:50.09
Class 5AEmily Zapinski 200-yard Free14th1:53.24
Class 5ACassidy Lapp 50-yard Free9th23.96
Class 5ATaylor Derevyanik 100-yard Butterfly12th57.56
Class 5AClaire Singley 500-yard Free4th4:53.40
Class 5A1) Cassidy Lapp
3) Emily Zapinski
2) Chelsea Dunlap
4) Claire Singley
200-yard Free Relay4th1:37.03

2007 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 9th83

2001 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4ASouthlake Carroll 2nd261.50

2000 UIL Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4ASouthlake Carroll 2nd145.50