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2016-2017 Honors
Alli Ainsworth Girls Basketball: UIL All-District
Wyatt Allison Boys Basketball: UIL All-District; Football: UIL All-District
Coby Bess Boys Basketball: UIL All-District; Football: THSCA All-State
Hailey Burgess Girls Basketball: UIL All-District
Isabella Chavez Girls Volleyball: UIL All-District
Frankie De Leon Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region
Cristian Espinoza Boys Cross Country: THSCA All-State
Romulo Espinoza Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region
Mary Graves Girls Basketball: UIL All-District
Johnathan Harrison Football: UIL All-District
Ryan Hering Boys Basketball: UIL All-District
Keilen Hicks Boys Basketball: UIL All-District
Michael Irons Boys Basketball: UIL All-District, TABC All-Region; Football: UIL All-District
Caleb Jones Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region
James Lane Football: UIL All-District, THSCA All-State
Angel Lopez Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region
Joanly Martinez Football: UIL All-District
Erica Maye Girls Basketball: UIL All-District
Cooper McCauley Football: UIL All-District
Mason McDonald Football: UIL All-District
Cedric McLeain Jr Football: UIL All-District
Joseph Mooney Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region
Mady Norwood Girls Basketball: UIL All-District
Alex Parsons Football: TSWA All-State, UIL All-District
Jonathon Phenix Football: UIL All-District
Essance Porter Girls Basketball: UIL All-District; Girls Volleyball: UIL All-District
Erin Rice Girls Volleyball: UIL All-District
Kylie Smith Girls Basketball: UIL All-District
Ivan Solis Boys Basketball: UIL All-District; Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region, CCCAT All-Region
Andrew Taylor Football: UIL All-District, TSWA All-State, THSCA All-State
Tayvon Thompson Football: UIL All-District
Juan Torres Boys Cross Country: TAD All-Region
Sandra Torres Girls Volleyball: UIL All-District
Conner Zacharias Football: UIL All-District
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