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Mailing Address:2350 Estates PKWY
Lucas, Texas 75002
Year Established:2006
School Colors:Black, Red, Silver
School District:Lovejoy ISD
2021-2022 Post Season 2020-2021 Post Season
Team Tennis: Region II-5A;
Varsity Team
Head Coach
  Baseball  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Basketball  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Basketball  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Cross Country  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Cross Country  UIL    10-5A
  Football  UIL  Chris Ross  7-5A-II
  Boys Golf  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Golf  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Powerlifting  THSPA    I
  Girls Powerlifting  THSWPA    I
  Boys Soccer  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Soccer  UIL    10-5A
  Softball  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Swimming & Diving  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Swimming & Diving  UIL    10-5A
  Team Tennis  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Tennis  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Tennis  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Track & Field  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Track & Field  UIL    10-5A
  Girls Volleyball  UIL    10-5A
  Boys Wrestling  UIL    9-5A
  Girls Wrestling  UIL    9-5A
Oct 28, 7 p.m. District 7-5A-II
Varsity Football vs. Frisco Lebanon Trail
at Frisco Ford Center
Nov 4, 7 p.m. District 7-5A-II
Varsity Football vs. Frisco Liberty
at Lucas Lovejoy
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