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Search Results: Katy St. John XXIII

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2019 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IKaty St. John 6th123
Division I1) Brooklyn Moore
3) Gabrielle Docog
2) Lilliana Gomez
4) Kaylee Brosch
200-yard Medley Relay6th2:03.36
Division ILilliana Gomez 100-yard Back14th1:08.24
Division I1) Lexi Gorham
3) Morgan Brosch
2) Blake Johnson
4) Brooklyn Moore
400-yard Free Relay9th4:12.11
Division IBrooklyn Moore 200-yard Free6th2:08.54
Division IMorgan Brosch 200-yard Free13th2:15.77
Division ILilliana Gomez 200-yard IM7th2:27.68
Division IGabrielle Docog 50-yard Free7th26.34
Division IKaylee Brosch 100-yard ButterflyDQ
Division IGabrielle Docog 100-yard Free9th57.46
Division IBrooklyn Moore 500-yard Free9th5:53.76
Division IMorgan Brosch 500-yard Free12th6:09.97
Division I1) Lilliana Gomez
3) Morgan Brosch
2) Kaylee Brosch
4) Gabrielle Docog
200-yard Free Relay11th1:51.79
Eastern-IKaty St. John 3rd61
Eastern-I1) Brooklyn Moore
3) Gabrielle Docog
2) Lilliana Gomez
4) Kaylee Brosch
200-yard Medley Relay2nd2:03.16
Eastern-ILilliana Gomez 100-yard Back6th1:06.52
Eastern-ILexi Gorham 100-yard Back11th1:14.20
Eastern-IMadelyn Kinane 100-yard Back12th1:14.85
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 100-yard Back14th1:18.52
Eastern-IKaylee Brosch 100-yard Breast8th1:22.03
Eastern-IMadelyn Kinane 100-yard Breast11th1:26.45
Eastern-IHeather Yeung 100-yard Breast12th1:29.17
Eastern-IIvy Yeung 100-yard Breast13th1:30.78
Eastern-I1) Brooklyn Moore
3) Blake Johnson
2) Lexi Gorham
4) Morgan Brosch
400-yard Free Relay5th4:11.20
Eastern-IBrooklyn Moore 200-yard Free5th2:10.45
Eastern-IMorgan Brosch 200-yard Free7th2:15.07
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 200-yard Free8th2:23.88
Eastern-IMia Fraga 200-yard Free12th2:49.83
Eastern-ILilliana Gomez 200-yard IM3rd2:24.68
Eastern-ILexi Gorham 200-yard IM8th2:40.38
Eastern-IFaith Yeung 200-yard IM11th2:53.99
Eastern-IHeather Yeung 200-yard IM12th2:54.67
Eastern-IGabrielle Docog 50-yard Free6th26.42
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 50-yard Free13th28.91
Eastern-IIrekar Jeune 50-yard Free21st32.84
Eastern-IKarla Chapa 50-yard Free25th39.22
Eastern-IKaylee Brosch 100-yard Butterfly7th1:10.56
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 100-yard Butterfly9th1:14.16
Eastern-IIvy Yeung 100-yard Butterfly10th1:17.59
Eastern-IMia Fraga 100-yard Butterfly13th1:28.59
Eastern-IGabrielle Docog 100-yard Free4th57.57
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 100-yard Free11th1:03.53
Eastern-IIrekar Jeune 100-yard Free19th1:15.24
Eastern-IKarla Chapa 100-yard Free21st1:32.46
Eastern-IBrooklyn Moore 500-yard Free7th5:52.93
Eastern-IMorgan Brosch 500-yard Free8th6:15.09
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 500-yard Free9th6:47.76
Eastern-IFaith Yeung 500-yard Free10th7:04.56
Eastern-I1) Lilliana Gomez
3) Morgan Brosch
2) Kaylee Brosch
4) Gabrielle Docog
200-yard Free Relay5th1:50.56

2018 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IKaty St. John 9th100
Division I1) Lilliana Gomez
3) Addy Seeley
2) Kendall Kaiser
4) Gabrielle Docog
200-yard Medley Relay7th2:01.73
Division ILilliana Gomez 100-yard Back14th1:09.15
Division IKendall Kaiser 100-yard Breast11th1:17.39
Division I1) Kaylee Brosch
3) Brooklyn Moore
2) Blake Johnson
4) Gabrielle Docog
400-yard Free Relay7th4:05.67
Division ILilliana Gomez 200-yard IM10th2:28.87
Division IAdley Marsh 200-yard IM14th2:38.97
Division IGabrielle Docog 100-yard Butterfly11th1:08.09
Division IAddy Seeley 100-yard Butterfly12th1:08.22
Division IKaylee Brosch 100-yard Butterfly15th1:12.61
Division IGabrielle Docog 100-yard Free11th59.10
Division I1) Lilliana Gomez
3) Addy Seeley
2) Blake Johnson
4) Kaylee Brosch
200-yard Free Relay10th1:52.99
Eastern-IKaty St. John 2nd68.50
Eastern-I1) Lilliana Gomez
3) Addy Seeley
2) Kendall Kaiser
4) Gabrielle Docog
200-yard Medley Relay3rd2:01.40
Eastern-ILilliana Gomez 100-yard Back7th1:08.67
Eastern-IAddy Seeley 100-yard Back8th1:11.56
Eastern-IBrooklyn Moore 100-yard Back10th1:13.27
Eastern-IMadelyn Kinane 100-yard Back11th1:13.88
Eastern-IKendall Kaiser 100-yard Breast7th1:20.53
Eastern-IMadelyn Kinane 100-yard Breast8th1:23.00
Eastern-IIvy Yeung 100-yard Breast12th1:27.51
Eastern-ICatie Hergenrader 100-yard Breast13th1:28.22
Eastern-I1) Kaylee Brosch
3) Brooklyn Moore
2) Blake Johnson
4) Gabrielle Docog
400-yard Free Relay4th4:06.02
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 200-yard Free11th2:20.02
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 200-yard Free13th2:23.43
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 200-yard Free15th2:30.80
Eastern-IIsabela Cardenas 200-yard Free18th2:44.36
Eastern-ILilliana Gomez 200-yard IM3rd2:26.03
Eastern-IAdley Marsh 200-yard IM7th2:38.85
Eastern-INatalia Del Rio 200-yard IM8th2:52.11
Eastern-IIvy Yeung 200-yard IM9th2:58.07
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 50-yard Free11th28.51
Eastern-IBrooklyn Moore 50-yard Free13th28.84
Eastern-IKatie Barcak 50-yard Free20th31.05
Eastern-ICatie Hergenrader 50-yard Free25th31.90
Eastern-IAddy Seeley 100-yard Butterfly4th1:06.87
Eastern-IGabrielle Docog 100-yard Butterfly5th1:07.12
Eastern-IKaylee Brosch 100-yard Butterfly7th1:10.45
Eastern-IKendall Kaiser 100-yard Butterfly13th1:17.99
Eastern-IGabrielle Docog 100-yard Free1st58.50
Eastern-IKaylee Brosch 100-yard Free7th1:02.13
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 100-yard Free11th1:03.65
Eastern-IHeather Yeung 100-yard Free23rd1:12.26
Eastern-IAdley Marsh 500-yard Free10th6:25.14
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 500-yard Free11th6:50.68
Eastern-IIsabela Cardenas 500-yard Free12th7:20.64
Eastern-INatalia Del Rio 500-yard Free13th7:23.62
Eastern-I1) Lilliana Gomez
3) Addy Seeley
2) Blake Johnson
4) Kaylee Brosch
200-yard Free Relay4th1:52.87

2017 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IKaty St. John 11th26
Division ILexi Truong 100-yard Back13th1:08.74
Division I1) Kaylee Brosch
3) Lexi Truong
2) Addy Seeley
4) Emmi Rotta
400-yard Free Relay5th4:04.07
Division ILexi Truong 200-yard IM13th2:34.04
Division IEmmi Rotta 50-yard Free5th25.57
Division IAddy Seeley 100-yard Butterfly9th1:06.04
Eastern-IKaty St. John 5th196
Eastern-I1) Lexi Truong
3) Anna McCarthy
2) Kendall Kaiser
4) Blake Johnson
200-yard Medley Relay7th2:08.20
Eastern-ILexi Truong 100-yard Back5th1:07.91
Eastern-IBrooklyn Moore 100-yard Back11th1:19.96
Eastern-IKatie Barcak 100-yard Back15th1:23.99
Eastern-IKendall Kaiser 100-yard Breast10th1:19.97
Eastern-IAna Moore 100-yard Breast14th1:24.79
Eastern-IFaith Yeung 100-yard Breast16th1:27.02
Eastern-IBailee Johnson 100-yard Breast22nd1:31.57
Eastern-I1) Kaylee Brosch
3) Lexi Truong
2) Addy Seeley
4) Emmi Rotta
400-yard Free Relay4th4:09.33
Eastern-IAddy Seeley 200-yard Free10th2:15.97
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 200-yard Free11th2:19.29
Eastern-IAlexis Saldua 200-yard Free13th2:24.35
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 200-yard Free15th2:25.34
Eastern-ILexi Truong 200-yard IM9th2:35.80
Eastern-IAdley Marsh 200-yard IM10th2:39.38
Eastern-IFaith Yeung 200-yard IM11th2:54.22
Eastern-IEmmi Rotta 50-yard Free4th26.93
Eastern-IKaylee Brosch 50-yard Free16th28.34
Eastern-IBrooklyn Moore 50-yard Free21st29.43
Eastern-IKatie Barcak 50-yard Free23rd30.67
Eastern-IAddy Seeley 100-yard Butterfly6th1:06.78
Eastern-IKendall Kaiser 100-yard Butterfly13th1:14.99
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 100-yard Butterfly14th1:16.43
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 100-yard Butterfly16th1:18.30
Eastern-IEmmi Rotta 100-yard Free6th1:00.23
Eastern-IKaylee Brosch 100-yard Free11th1:02.41
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 100-yard Free17th1:05.47
Eastern-IAna Moore 100-yard Free18th1:05.84
Eastern-IAdley Marsh 500-yard Free10th6:11.39
Eastern-IAlexis Saldua 500-yard Free13th6:24.97
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 500-yard Free16th7:05.83
Eastern-I1) Emmi Rotta
3) Kaylee Brosch
2) Brooklyn Moore
4) Addy Seeley
200-yard Free RelayDQ

2016 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IKaty St. John 15th8
Division I1) Lexi Truong
3) Addy Seeley
2) Adley Marsh
4) Emmi Rotta
200-yard Medley Relay10th2:05.89
Division I1) Addy Seeley
3) Lexi Truong
2) Blake Johnson
4) Emmi Rotta
400-yard Free Relay8th4:04.80
Eastern-IKaty St. John 6th31
Eastern-I1) Lexi Truong
3) Addy Seeley
2) Adley Marsh
4) Emmi Rotta
200-yard Medley Relay3rd2:06.24
Eastern-ILexi Truong 100-yard Back6th1:09.61
Eastern-IAddy Seeley 100-yard Back7th1:09.99
Eastern-IAndrea Ibanez 100-yard Back20th1:23.63
Eastern-IAdley Marsh 100-yard Breast14th1:27.71
Eastern-IBailee Johnson 100-yard Breast15th1:28.12
Eastern-IFaith Yeung 100-yard Breast16th1:28.84
Eastern-IClaudia Ibanez 100-yard Breast20th1:33.68
Eastern-I1) Cami Echevarria
3) Addy Seeley
2) Alexis Saldua
4) Lexi Truong
400-yard Free Relay6th4:19.47
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 200-yard Free13th2:28.60
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 200-yard Free16th2:30.19
Eastern-ISiena Coons 200-yard Free24th2:46.82
Eastern-ILexi Truong 200-yard IM10th2:35.57
Eastern-IAddy Seeley 200-yard IM11th2:35.81
Eastern-IFaith Yeung 200-yard IM15th2:53.80
Eastern-IAndrea Ibanez 200-yard IM17th3:03.68
Eastern-ICami Echevarria 50-yard Free18th29.48
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 50-yard Free19th30.06
Eastern-ISiena Coons 50-yard Free26th33.10
Eastern-IAlexis Saldua 100-yard Butterfly8th1:15.48
Eastern-IAnna McCarthy 100-yard Butterfly9th1:21.13
Eastern-IBlake Johnson 100-yard Free18th1:06.59
Eastern-ICami Echevarria 100-yard Free20th1:06.95
Eastern-IBailee Johnson 100-yard Free22nd1:12.37
Eastern-IAdley Marsh 500-yard Free8th6:13.26
Eastern-IAlexis Saldua 500-yard Free10th6:27.29
Eastern-IJenna Goethals 500-yard Free13th6:49.14
Eastern-I1) Cami Echevarria
3) Anna McCarthy
2) Blake Johnson
4) Alexis Saldua
200-yard Free Relay6th2:01.89

2015 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIKaty Pope John 1st149
Division II1) Lexi Bruno
3) Addy Seeley
2) Jennifer Lines
4) Brittany Bowles
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:56.44
Division IILexi Bruno 100-yard Back4th1:04.47
Division IIAddy Seeley 100-yard Back11th1:11.66
Division IILexi Truong 100-yard Back13th1:13.48
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Breast3rd1:15.24
Division IIShelby Langdon 100-yard Breast4th1:15.55
Division IILuz Navarro Moreno 100-yard Breast7th1:18.95
Division II1) Lexi Bruno
3) Shelby Langdon
2) Grace Duhon
4) Emmi Rotta
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:58.33
Division IIShelby Langdon 200-yard Free6th2:10.91
Division IIAna Moore 200-yard Free11th2:21.20
Division IIAlexis Saldua 200-yard Free13th2:24.00
Division IILexi Truong 200-yard IM9th2:36.82
Division IIAdley Marsh 200-yard IM14th2:56.62
Division IIBrittany Bowles 50-yard Free2nd25.16
Division IIEmmi Rotta 50-yard Free7th27.06
Division IIGrace Duhon 50-yard Free9th27.57
Division IILexi Bruno 100-yard Butterfly7th1:04.30
Division IIBrittany Bowles 100-yard Free4th57.01
Division IIEmmi Rotta 100-yard Free9th59.83
Division IIGrace Duhon 100-yard Free11th1:00.42
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Free14th1:01.81
Division IIAddy Seeley 500-yard Free10th6:05.80
Division IIAlexis Saldua 500-yard Free15th6:32.81
Division IIAdley Marsh 500-yard Free16th6:44.92
Division II1) Emmi Rotta
3) Shelby Langdon
2) Grace Duhon
4) Brittany Bowles
200-yard Free Relay1st1:46.04
Eastern-IIKaty Pope John 1st179
Eastern-II1) Lexi Bruno
3) Addy Seeley
2) Jennifer Lines
4) Brittany Bowles
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:57.72
Eastern-IILexi Bruno 100-yard Back2nd1:05.59
Eastern-IIAddy Seeley 100-yard Back3rd1:09.73
Eastern-IILexi Truong 100-yard Back6th1:12.91
Eastern-IIAna Moore 100-yard Back7th1:18.51
Eastern-IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Breast1st1:16.03
Eastern-IIShelby Langdon 100-yard Breast2nd1:16.74
Eastern-IILuz Navarro Moreno 100-yard Breast5th1:21.95
Eastern-IIJessie Downie 100-yard BreastDNS
Eastern-II1) Lexi Bruno
3) Shelby Langdon
2) Grace Duhon
4) Emmi Rotta
400-yard Free Relay2nd4:06.98
Eastern-IIShelby Langdon 200-yard Free1st2:13.37
Eastern-IIAlexis Saldua 200-yard Free2nd2:21.98
Eastern-IIAna Moore 200-yard Free4th2:25.97
Eastern-IILuz Navarro Moreno 200-yard Free5th2:45.44
Eastern-IILexi Truong 200-yard IM3rd2:39.44
Eastern-IIAdley Marsh 200-yard IM4th2:51.62
Eastern-IIBrittany Bowles 50-yard Free1st25.91
Eastern-IIEmmi Rotta 50-yard Free3rd26.73
Eastern-IIGrace Duhon 50-yard Free7th28.20
Eastern-IICami Echevarria 50-yard Free11th30.25
Eastern-IILexi Bruno 100-yard Butterfly1st1:05.18
Eastern-IICami Echevarria 100-yard Butterfly4th1:25.27
Eastern-IIEmmi Rotta 100-yard Free4th59.82
Eastern-IIBrittany Bowles 100-yard Free5th1:00.06
Eastern-IIGrace Duhon 100-yard Free9th1:02.40
Eastern-IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Free10th1:02.56
Eastern-IIAddy Seeley 500-yard Free3rd6:07.79
Eastern-IIAlexis Saldua 500-yard Free4th6:24.69
Eastern-IIAdley Marsh 500-yard Free5th6:39.31
Eastern-II1) Brittany Bowles
3) Shelby Langdon
2) Grace Duhon
4) Emmi Rotta
200-yard Free Relay1st1:49.33

2014 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIKaty Pope John 2nd159
Division IILexi Bruno 100-yard Back4th1:05.78
Division IILexi Truong 100-yard Back11th1:16.79
Division IIJulia Lane 100-yard Back15th1:18.73
Division IIShelby Langdon 100-yard Breast4th1:14.74
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Breast5th1:15.36
Division IIDelia Weber 200-yard Free1st1:53.07
Division IIAna Moore 200-yard Free13th2:30.39
Division IILexi Truong 200-yard Free14th2:30.42
Division IIBrittany Bowles 50-yard Free3rd25.71
Division IIShelby Langdon 50-yard Free9th26.60
Division IIGrace Duhon 50-yard Free10th27.60
Division IILexi Bruno 100-yard Butterfly5th1:05.24
Division IIBrittany Bowles 100-yard Free6th59.48
Division IIGrace Duhon 100-yard Free9th1:00.88
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Free12th1:02.46
Division IIDelia Weber 500-yard Free1st5:02.24
Division IIAna Moore 500-yard Free14th6:56.87
Division IIJulia Lane 500-yard Free15th6:58.61
Eastern-II1) Delia Weber 28.96
3) Lexi Bruno 29.60
2) Jennifer Lines 33.94
4) Shelby Langdon 26.54
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:59.04
Eastern-IILexi Bruno 100-yard Back1st1:06.66
Eastern-IILexi Truong 100-yard Back4th1:19.43
Eastern-IIJulia Lane 100-yard Back5th1:22.35
Eastern-IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Breast1st1:16.55
Eastern-IIShelby Langdon 100-yard Breast2nd1:18.75
Eastern-IIMary Ard 100-yard Breast6th1:37.22
Eastern-II1) Brittany Bowles 1:04.69
3) Grace Duhon 1:05.59
2) Lexi Bruno 1:03.47
4) Delia Weber 54.57
400-yard Free Relay1st4:08.32
Eastern-IIDelia Weber 200-yard Free1st1:56.32
Eastern-IIAna Moore 200-yard Free6th2:35.07
Eastern-IILexi Truong 200-yard Free8th2:38.04
Eastern-IIBrittany Bowles 50-yard Free1st26.06
Eastern-IIGrace Duhon 50-yard Free4th27.48
Eastern-IIShelby Langdon 50-yard Free5th27.50
Eastern-IIMary Ard 50-yard Free14th33.29
Eastern-IILexi Bruno 100-yard Butterfly1st1:05.76
Eastern-IICami Echevarria 100-yard Butterfly6th1:26.06
Eastern-IIBrittany Bowles 100-yard Free3rd1:01.85
Eastern-IIGrace Duhon 100-yard Free4th1:02.10
Eastern-IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Free6th1:03.89
Eastern-IIDelia Weber 500-yard Free1st5:04.10
Eastern-IIAna Moore 500-yard Free3rd6:57.32
Eastern-IIJulia Lane 500-yard Free4th7:01.47
Eastern-IICami Echevarria 500-yard Free8th7:38.21
Eastern-II1) Brittany Bowles 26.69
3) Shelby Langdon 26.54
2) Grace Duhon 27.64
4) Jennifer Lines 28.15
200-yard Free Relay1st1:49.02

2013 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIKaty Pope John 3rd147
Division II1) Ashley Kopf 32.26
3) Grace Duhon 32.57
2) Jennifer Lines 33.37
4) Shelby Langdon 26.55
200-yard Medley Relay4th2:04.75
Division IIDelia Weber 100-yard Back2nd58.05
Division IIEmily Doyle 100-yard Back6th1:10.90
Division IIAshley Kopf 100-yard Back8th1:11.31
Division IISamantha Schulz 100-yard Back11th1:13.14
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Breast4th1:13.07
Division IIKendall Henry 100-yard Breast9th1:18.10
Division IIShelby Langdon 100-yard Breast10th1:19.55
Division II1) Grace Duhon 1:02.49
3) Delia Weber 52.69
2) Jennifer Lines 1:04.12
4) Cameron McHugh 52.86
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:52.16
Division IIDelia Weber 200-yard Free2nd1:54.07
Division IIGrace Duhon 200-yard Free9th2:17.01
Division IIEmily Doyle 200-yard Free10th2:19.19
Division IICameron McHugh 200-yard IM1st2:07.32
Division IIKendall Henry 200-yard IM11th2:41.92
Division IIShelby Langdon 50-yard Free5th27.28
Division IIAshley Kopf 50-yard Free7th27.78
Division IIGrace Duhon 100-yard Free10th1:02.96
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Free12th1:03.22
Division IICameron McHugh 500-yard Free1st5:06.28
Division II1) Delia Weber 25.13
3) Shelby Langdon 27.05
2) Ashley Kopf 28.24
4) Cameron McHugh 24.48
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:44.90

2012 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIKaty Pope John 1st211
Division II1) Cameron McHugh 27.71
3) Lexi Bruno 29.73
2) Courtney Connelly 31.99
4) Delia Weber 24.46
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:53.89
Division IICameron McHugh 100-yard Back1st57.58
Division IILexi Bruno 100-yard Back3rd1:06.30
Division IIAshley Kopf 100-yard Back7th1:12.36
Division IIGabi Duhon 100-yard Back8th1:12.53
Division IICourtney Connelly 100-yard Breast2nd1:10.26
Division IIJennifer Lines 100-yard Breast7th1:18.95
Division IIKendall Henry 100-yard Breast8th1:20.94
Division IIShelby Langdon 100-yard Breast11th1:22.98
Division II1) Cameron McHugh 54.71
3) Meg Swanson 1:00.42
2) Grace Duhon 1:03.14
4) Delia Weber 1:00.33
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:58.60
Division IIDelia Weber 200-yard Free1st1:56.24
Division IIGrace Duhon 200-yard Free8th2:15.74
Division IIEmily Doyle 200-yard Free13th2:25.59
Division IIJacquelyn Lee 200-yard Free14th2:27.38
Division IIMaria Gonzales 200-yard IM11th3:02.06
Division IICourtney Connelly 50-yard Free2nd24.67
Division IIMeg Swanson 50-yard Free8th28.21
Division IIAshley Kopf 50-yard Free10th28.57
Division IILexi Bruno 100-yard Butterfly2nd1:05.64
Division IIGabi Duhon 100-yard Butterfly6th1:08.45
Division IIEmily Doyle 100-yard Butterfly9th1:17.64
Division IIMaria Gonzales 100-yard Butterfly12th1:21.52
Division IIDelia Weber 100-yard Free1st54.22
Division IIMeg Swanson 100-yard Free10th1:01.95
Division IICameron McHugh 500-yard Free1st4:53.95
Division IIGrace Duhon 500-yard Free6th6:07.76
Division IIJacquelyn Lee 500-yard Free12th6:30.41
Division IISamantha Schulz 500-yard FreeDQ
Division II1) Courtney Connelly 24.31
3) Lexi Bruno
2) Grace Duhon
4) Meg Swanson 24.56
200-yard Free Relay1st1:44.60

2011 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIKaty Pope John 1st166.50
Division II1) Ashley Kopf 33.61
3) Tori Walker 27.63
2) Courtney Connelly 30.99
4) Ashley Wall 28.99
200-yard Medley Relay2nd2:01.22
Division IIGabi Duhon 100-yard Back5th1:10.88
Division IIAshley Kopf 100-yard Back7th1:13.93
Division IIKristin Echevarria 100-yard Back12th1:18.88
Division IICourtney Connelly 100-yard Breast1st1:08.55
Division IIKendall Henry 100-yard Breast5th1:20.25
Division IIAshley Kopf 100-yard Breast7th1:22.64
Division II1) Tori Walker 57.95
3) Samantha Schulz 1:10.76
2) Ashley Wall 1:06.02
4) Courtney Connelly 50.90
400-yard Free Relay1st4:05.63
Division IISamantha Schulz 200-yard Free10th2:27.25
Division IIJacquelyn Lee 200-yard Free11th2:27.90
Division IITori Walker 200-yard IM3rd2:18.77
Division IIEmily Doyle 200-yard IM12th2:53.44
Division IICourtney Connelly 50-yard Free1st24.54
Division IISarah Lopez 50-yard Free6th28.33
Division IIKendall Henry 50-yard Free9th29.42
Division IIAshley Wall 50-yard Free12th29.60
Division IITori Walker 100-yard Butterfly3rd1:03.69
Division IIGabi Duhon 100-yard Butterfly4th1:07.91
Division IIEmily Doyle 100-yard Butterfly11th1:24.28
Division IISamantha Schulz 100-yard Free14th1:07.58
Division IIJacquelyn Lee 500-yard Free4th6:31.63
Division II1) Kendall Henry 29.50
3) Ashley Wall 29.79
2) Ashley Kopf 29.02
4) Samantha Schulz 30.30
200-yard Free Relay4th1:58.61

2010 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IIKaty Pope John 2nd60
Division II1) Misty Pabalan 34.82
3) Gabi Duhon 31.12
2) Courtney Connelly 31.51
4) Isabel McCormick 29.84
200-yard Medley Relay2nd2:07.29
Division IIGabi Duhon 100-yard Back6th1:12.29
Division IIMisty Pabalan 100-yard Back10th1:17.24
Division IISamantha Schulz 100-yard Back11th1:18.28
Division IIEmily Doyle 100-yard Back15th1:22.41
Division IICourtney Connelly 100-yard Breast1st1:07.43
Division IIKendall Henry 100-yard Breast8th1:26.94
Division IISamantha Schulz 200-yard FreeDQ
Division IIEmily Doyle 200-yard IM4th2:55.10
Division IICourtney Connelly 50-yard Free1st25.00
Division IIKendall Henry 50-yard Free9th29.91
Division IIIsabel McCormick 50-yard Free10th30.24
Division IIGabi Duhon 100-yard Butterfly4th1:08.00
Division IIIsabel McCormick 100-yard Free11th1:07.56
Division IIMisty Pabalan 100-yard Free12th1:07.81
Division II1) Gabi Duhon 30.28
3) Kendall Henry 30.32
2) Isabel McCormick 29.33
4) Courtney Connelly 24.35
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:54.28