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Search Results: Dallas Ursuline

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2019 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 4th181
Division I1) Paige Van Hyfte
3) Nadia Shaaf
2) Nikki Shaff
4) Hailey Jones
200-yard Medley Relay7th2:05.06
Division IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Back12th1:07.65
Division IAbby Dalton 100-yard Breast3rd1:15.39
Division ICali Brewer 100-yard Breast6th1:16.74
Division INikki Shaff 100-yard Breast9th1:17.66
Division I1) Paige Van Hyfte
3) Abby Dalton
2) Cali Brewer
4) Arianne Tsioutsias
400-yard Free Relay4th3:56.87
Division ICali Brewer 200-yard IM5th2:23.82
Division IArianne Tsioutsias 50-yard Free5th25.87
Division IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Butterfly11th1:11.07
Division IAbby Dalton 100-yard Free8th57.28
Division IArianne Tsioutsias 100-yard Free10th57.47
Division I1) Hailey Jones
3) Cali Brewer
2) Abby Dalton
4) Arianne Tsioutsias
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:45.89
Northern-IDallas Ursuline 2nd118
Northern-I1) Paige Van Hyfte
3) Nadia Shaaf
2) Nikki Shaff
4) Hailey Jones
200-yard Medley Relay3rd2:05.90
Northern-IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Back4th1:07.63
Northern-IJackie Thomas 100-yard Back7th1:13.89
Northern-ISarah Visokay 100-yard Back11th1:19.94
Northern-IMadelyn Mulenex 100-yard Back22nd1:47.62
Northern-IAbby Dalton 100-yard Breast1st1:16.18
Northern-ICali Brewer 100-yard Breast3rd1:18.74
Northern-INikki Shaff 100-yard Breast4th1:19.16
Northern-IEllie Skelly 100-yard Breast18th1:37.99
Northern-I1) Cali Brewer
3) Paige Van Hyfte
2) Abby Dalton
4) Arianne Tsioutsias
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:58.60
Northern-IGrace Risinger 200-yard Free9th2:30.49
Northern-IJackie Thomas 200-yard Free11th2:38.03
Northern-IJo Davis 200-yard Free17th2:51.06
Northern-IAna Quiroz 200-yard Free20th3:00.50
Northern-ICali Brewer 200-yard IM3rd2:27.93
Northern-INadia Shaaf 200-yard IM7th2:40.71
Northern-IRosha Vahadi 200-yard IM10th2:49.38
Northern-IArianne Tsioutsias 50-yard Free1st25.48
Northern-IHailey Jones 50-yard Free6th28.13
Northern-IRosha Vahadi 50-yard Free20th30.64
Northern-INicole Lawrence 50-yard Free23rd31.39
Northern-IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Butterfly4th1:10.24
Northern-INadia Shaaf 100-yard Butterfly6th1:18.76
Northern-ISarah Visokay 100-yard Butterfly9th1:29.67
Northern-INicole Lawrence 100-yard Butterfly10th1:42.35
Northern-IArianne Tsioutsias 100-yard Free1st56.78
Northern-IAbby Dalton 100-yard Free3rd57.97
Northern-IHailey Jones 100-yard Free10th1:03.07
Northern-IGrace Risinger 100-yard Free22nd1:08.44
Northern-INikki Shaff 500-yard Free6th6:32.26
Northern-IMontse Spencer 500-yard Free8th7:24.74
Northern-IPriscilla Wongso 500-yard FreeDFS
Northern-I1) Hailey Jones
3) Cali Brewer
2) Abby Dalton
4) Arianne Tsioutsias
200-yard Free Relay1st1:47.36

2018 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 2nd230
Division I1) Caroline Hayes
3) Paige Van Hyfte
2) Abby Dalton
4) Arianne Tsioutsias
200-yard Medley Relay5th2:00.33
Division IAbby Dalton 100-yard Breast5th1:12.55
Division ICali Brewer 100-yard Breast6th1:13.73
Division I1) Cali Brewer
3) Claire Polak
2) Abby Dalton
4) Priscilla Wongso
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:44.73
Division IShelby Van Hyfte 200-yard Free13th2:11.17
Division ICali Brewer 200-yard IM5th2:19.73
Division IPriscilla Wongso 50-yard Free1st23.71
Division IClaire Polak 50-yard Free5th26.37
Division IArianne Tsioutsias 50-yard Free12th27.09
Division IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Butterfly14th1:10.47
Division IPriscilla Wongso 100-yard Free1st51.62
Division IClaire Polak 100-yard Free14th59.67
Division IAbby Dalton 500-yard Free6th5:33.20
Division IShelby Van Hyfte 500-yard Free12th5:59.97
Division I1) Claire Polak
3) Arianne Tsioutsias
2) Cali Brewer
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Free Relay1st1:43.54
Northern-IDallas Ursuline 1st135
Northern-I1) Arianne Tsioutsias
3) Paige Van Hyfte
2) Abby Dalton
4) Caroline Hayes
200-yard Medley Relay3rd2:04.21
Northern-IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Back6th1:08.72
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Back7th1:08.80
Northern-IArianne Tsioutsias 100-yard Back9th1:11.00
Northern-IKalin Fleming 100-yard Back12th1:12.69
Northern-IAbby Dalton 100-yard Breast3rd1:14.05
Northern-ICali Brewer 100-yard Breast4th1:16.30
Northern-IMontse Spencer 100-yard Breast8th1:25.23
Northern-ISarah Visokay 100-yard Breast15th1:37.77
Northern-I1) Abby Dalton
3) Claire Polak
2) Cali Brewer
4) Priscilla Wongso
400-yard Free Relay1st3:50.06
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 200-yard Free4th2:13.12
Northern-IRachel Lane 200-yard Free9th2:28.15
Northern-IMontse Spencer 200-yard Free10th2:28.19
Northern-IGrace Risinger 200-yard Free14th2:39.27
Northern-ICali Brewer 200-yard IM3rd2:25.42
Northern-IHailey Jones 200-yard IM6th2:48.32
Northern-IJackie Thomas 200-yard IM8th2:56.96
Northern-INikki Shaff 200-yard IMDQ
Northern-IPriscilla Wongso 50-yard Free1st24.23
Northern-IClaire Polak 50-yard Free3rd26.46
Northern-IArianne Tsioutsias 50-yard Free5th26.90
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 50-yard Free8th27.88
Northern-IPaige Van Hyfte 100-yard Butterfly5th1:11.28
Northern-IKalin Fleming 100-yard Butterfly7th1:15.20
Northern-ISarah Visokay 100-yard Butterfly8th1:31.15
Northern-INikki Shaff 100-yard ButterflyDQ
Northern-IPriscilla Wongso 100-yard Free1st52.87
Northern-IClaire Polak 100-yard Free5th59.39
Northern-IRachel Lane 100-yard Free16th1:05.06
Northern-IGrace Risinger 100-yard Free24th1:10.80
Northern-IAbby Dalton 500-yard Free2nd5:35.87
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 500-yard Free4th6:02.11
Northern-IHailey Jones 500-yard Free6th6:26.40
Northern-IJackie Thomas 500-yard Free10th7:24.66
Northern-I1) Arianne Tsioutsias
3) Cali Brewer
2) Claire Polak
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Free Relay1st1:44.64

2017 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 2nd179
Division I1) Megan Morris
3) Frances Perez
2) Morgan Krepp
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:48.57
Division IMegan Morris 100-yard Back1st55.56
Division ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Back12th1:07.73
Division IAbby Dalton 100-yard Breast6th1:12.66
Division ICali Brewer 100-yard Breast8th1:13.33
Division IKatelyn Hrnicek 100-yard Breast12th1:17.11
Division I1) Morgan Krepp
3) Abby Dalton
2) Claire Polak
4) Megan Morris
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:45.14
Division IShelby Van Hyfte 200-yard Free13th2:12.83
Division ICaroline Hayes 200-yard Free14th2:12.88
Division IMorgan Krepp 200-yard IM1st2:08.34
Division ICali Brewer 200-yard IM5th2:18.86
Division IPriscilla Wongso 50-yard Free2nd23.89
Division IFrances Perez 50-yard Free7th25.84
Division IClaire Polak 50-yard Free9th26.00
Division IMegan Morris 100-yard Butterfly1st55.76
Division IKatelyn Hrnicek 100-yard Butterfly12th1:08.94
Division IPriscilla Wongso 100-yard Free1st51.20
Division IClaire Polak 100-yard Free7th57.43
Division IFrances Perez 100-yard Free8th57.63
Division IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free3rd5:14.36
Division IAbby Dalton 500-yard Free9th5:35.72
Division I1) Frances Perez
3) Katelyn Hrnicek
2) Claire Polak
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:43.16
Northern-IDallas Ursuline 1st537
Northern-I1) Megan Morris
3) Frances Perez
2) Morgan Krepp
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:53.25
Northern-IMegan Morris 100-yard Back1st59.70
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Back7th1:08.75
Northern-IKalin Fleming 100-yard Back13th1:12.43
Northern-IRachel Lane 100-yard Back19th1:22.72
Northern-IAbby Dalton 100-yard Breast1st1:12.50
Northern-ICali Brewer 100-yard Breast3rd1:14.66
Northern-IKatelyn Hrnicek 100-yard Breast4th1:16.13
Northern-IHailey Jones 100-yard Breast12th1:28.87
Northern-I1) Megan Morris
3) Abby Dalton
2) Claire Polak
4) Priscilla Wongso
400-yard Free Relay1st3:48.31
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 200-yard Free4th2:14.03
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 200-yard Free5th2:14.99
Northern-IKalin Fleming 200-yard Free7th2:21.28
Northern-IErin Sanchez 200-yard Free12th2:29.66
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 200-yard IM1st2:12.69
Northern-ICali Brewer 200-yard IM4th2:22.08
Northern-IHailey Jones 200-yard IM8th2:51.46
Northern-IPamela Arias 200-yard IM10th2:52.84
Northern-IPriscilla Wongso 50-yard Free1st24.92
Northern-IFrances Perez 50-yard Free2nd26.05
Northern-IClaire Polak 50-yard Free3rd26.22
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 50-yard Free15th29.20
Northern-IMegan Morris 100-yard Butterfly1st58.35
Northern-IKatelyn Hrnicek 100-yard Butterfly4th1:09.43
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 100-yard Butterfly6th1:17.33
Northern-IErin Sanchez 100-yard Butterfly8th1:18.70
Northern-IPriscilla Wongso 100-yard Free1st53.19
Northern-IClaire Polak 100-yard Free4th58.06
Northern-IFrances Perez 100-yard Free5th58.07
Northern-IRachel Lane 100-yard Free10th1:05.21
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:14.97
Northern-IAbby Dalton 500-yard Free3rd5:39.21
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 500-yard Free6th6:15.03
Northern-IJackie Thomas 500-yard Free10th7:17.59
Northern-I1) Frances Perez
3) Katelyn Hrnicek
2) Claire Polak
4) Morgan Krepp
200-yard Free Relay1st1:45.03

2016 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 2nd178
Division I1) Megan Morris
3) Morgan Krepp
2) Abby Dalton
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:49.79
Division IMegan Morris 100-yard Back1st56.44
Division ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Back12th1:07.42
Division IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast8th1:12.67
Division IKatelyn Hrnicek 100-yard Breast11th1:14.65
Division I1) Morgan Krepp
3) Claire Polak
2) Frances Perez
4) Megan Morris
400-yard Free Relay1st3:41.84
Division IAllison Albert 200-yard Free10th2:08.35
Division IMorgan Krepp 200-yard IM2nd2:08.16
Division ISarah Krueger 200-yard IM8th2:21.28
Division IAbby Dalton 200-yard IM14th2:27.18
Division IPriscilla Wongso 50-yard Free1st23.75
Division IFrances Perez 50-yard Free7th25.52
Division IMegan Morris 100-yard Butterfly1st57.21
Division ISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly5th1:04.69
Division IAbbey Whisler 100-yard Butterfly14th1:11.49
Division IPriscilla Wongso 100-yard Free2nd51.49
Division IFrances Perez 100-yard Free10th57.56
Division IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:05.11
Division IAbby Dalton 500-yard Free6th5:38.42
Division IAllison Albert 500-yard Free7th5:43.92
Division I1) Frances Perez
3) Maria Tovar
2) Claire Polak
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:43.14
Northern-IDallas Ursuline 1st133
Northern-I1) Megan Morris
3) Morgan Krepp
2) Abby Dalton
4) Priscilla Wongso
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:52.23
Northern-IMegan Morris 100-yard Back1st58.90
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Back7th1:08.64
Northern-IKalin Fleming 100-yard Back10th1:10.39
Northern-IMaria Tovar 100-yard Back14th1:11.84
Northern-IKatelyn Hrnicek 100-yard Breast3rd1:14.37
Northern-IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast5th1:15.89
Northern-IAbbey Whisler 100-yard Breast10th1:23.63
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 100-yard Breast12th1:24.56
Northern-I1) Morgan Krepp
3) Frances Perez
2) Megan Morris
4) Priscilla Wongso
400-yard Free Relay1st3:41.80
Northern-IAllison Albert 200-yard Free4th2:09.82
Northern-IClaire Polak 200-yard Free6th2:13.35
Northern-IGillian O'Malley 200-yard Free10th2:15.12
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 200-yard Free12th2:17.52
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 200-yard IM2nd2:09.71
Northern-ISarah Krueger 200-yard IM5th2:21.36
Northern-IAbby Dalton 200-yard IM7th2:24.78
Northern-IKatelyn Hrnicek 200-yard IM10th2:30.54
Northern-IFrances Perez 50-yard Free2nd25.92
Northern-IMaria Tovar 50-yard Free8th27.66
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 50-yard Free9th28.28
Northern-IPriscilla Wongso 100-yard Free1st54.12
Northern-IFrances Perez 100-yard Free4th56.86
Northern-IClaire Polak 100-yard Free7th59.29
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Free10th1:01.70
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:01.13
Northern-IAbby Dalton 500-yard Free3rd5:36.89
Northern-IAllison Albert 500-yard Free4th5:46.48
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 500-yard Free8th6:16.82
Northern-I1) Claire Polak
3) Maria Tovar
2) Catherine Birdwell
4) Frances Perez
200-yard Free Relay4th1:48.27
Northern-IIIDallas Ursuline 6th18
Northern-IIIMegan Morris 100-yard Butterfly1st58.42
Northern-IIISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly2nd1:03.49
Northern-IIIAbbey Whisler 100-yard Butterfly7th1:11.27
Northern-IIIErin Sanchez 100-yard Butterfly9th1:13.64

2015 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 2nd179
Division I1) Maria Tovar
3) Sarah Krueger
2) Gillian O'Malley
4) Frances Perez
200-yard Medley Relay5th2:00.03
Division IMegan Morris 100-yard Back2nd59.23
Division IMadeline Tovar 100-yard Back10th1:06.31
Division IMandy Wallner 100-yard Back13th1:07.04
Division IMorgan Krepp 100-yard Breast3rd1:08.33
Division IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast9th1:15.81
Division I1) Caroline Florence
3) Morgan Krepp
2) Megan Morris
4) Pauli Kerr
400-yard Free Relay1st3:36.48
Division IPauli Kerr 200-yard Free1st1:52.42
Division IIsabel Tschurr 200-yard Free10th2:08.42
Division IMadeline Tovar 200-yard Free13th2:09.55
Division IAllison Albert 200-yard FreeDQ
Division IMegan Morris 200-yard IM2nd2:09.20
Division ISarah Krueger 200-yard IM7th2:20.39
Division IKate Bearden 200-yard IM14th2:37.09
Division ICaroline Florence 50-yard Free3rd25.16
Division ISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly8th1:03.52
Division IIsabel Tschurr 100-yard Butterfly11th1:07.73
Division IFrances Perez 100-yard Butterfly13th1:08.71
Division IPauli Kerr 100-yard Free1st52.23
Division IMaria Tovar 100-yard Free15th58.61
Division IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:07.30
Division ICaroline Florence 500-yard Free4th5:20.64
Division IAllison Albert 500-yard Free8th5:39.49
Division I1) Pauli Kerr
3) Megan Morris
2) Caroline Florence
4) Morgan Krepp
200-yard Free Relay1st1:39.09
Northern-IDallas Ursuline 1st159
Northern-I1) Mandy Wallner
3) Sarah Krueger
2) Gillian O'Malley
4) Frances Perez
200-yard Medley Relay4th2:01.53
Northern-IMegan Morris 100-yard Back2nd1:02.69
Northern-IMadeline Tovar 100-yard Back4th1:05.52
Northern-IMandy Wallner 100-yard Back7th1:07.28
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Back13th1:10.01
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 100-yard Breast2nd1:11.43
Northern-IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast6th1:17.09
Northern-IKate Bearden 100-yard Breast10th1:21.04
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 100-yard Breast13th1:25.59
Northern-I1) Morgan Krepp
3) Caroline Florence
2) Megan Morris
4) Pauli Kerr
400-yard Free Relay1st3:47.75
Northern-IPauli Kerr 200-yard Free1st1:58.86
Northern-IAllison Albert 200-yard Free5th2:07.57
Northern-IMadeline Tovar 200-yard Free6th2:08.15
Northern-IIsabel Tschurr 200-yard Free7th2:08.55
Northern-IMegan Morris 200-yard IM2nd2:15.80
Northern-ISarah Krueger 200-yard IM5th2:25.82
Northern-IKate Bearden 200-yard IM7th2:37.09
Northern-IMaria Tovar 200-yard IMDQ
Northern-ICaroline Florence 50-yard Free2nd25.69
Northern-IFrances Perez 50-yard Free6th26.71
Northern-IMandy Wallner 50-yard Free8th27.55
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 50-yard Free14th29.20
Northern-ISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly2nd1:06.06
Northern-IIsabel Tschurr 100-yard Butterfly3rd1:07.88
Northern-IFrances Perez 100-yard Butterfly4th1:07.97
Northern-IErin Sanchez 100-yard Butterfly9th1:14.60
Northern-IPauli Kerr 100-yard Free1st54.88
Northern-IMaria Tovar 100-yard Free6th59.26
Northern-IClaire Polak 100-yard Free7th1:00.04
Northern-ICaroline Hayes 100-yard Free11th1:02.42
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:15.85
Northern-ICaroline Florence 500-yard Free3rd5:31.14
Northern-IAllison Albert 500-yard Free5th5:40.87
Northern-IShelby Van Hyfte 500-yard Free9th6:17.71
Northern-I1) Pauli Kerr
3) Megan Morris
2) Caroline Florence
4) Morgan Krepp
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:43.98

2014 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 1st221
Division I1) Megan Morris
3) Tiffany Futscher
2) Morgan Krepp
4) Pauli Kerr
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:49.32
Division ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Back2nd57.61
Division IMegan Morris 100-yard Back3rd58.89
Division IMandy Wallner 100-yard Back10th1:06.68
Division IMadeline Tovar 100-yard Back11th1:07.06
Division IMorgan Krepp 100-yard Breast3rd1:08.43
Division IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast9th1:14.05
Division I1) Caroline Florence 54.34
3) Pauli Kerr
2) Morgan Krepp
4) Tiffany Futscher
400-yard Free Relay1st3:32.92
Division IPauli Kerr 200-yard Free1st1:53.14
Division ICaroline Florence 200-yard Free3rd1:59.42
Division IIsabel Tschurr 200-yard Free8th2:07.00
Division IMadeline Tovar 200-yard Free9th2:08.20
Division IMegan Morris 200-yard IM2nd2:08.84
Division ISimone Stover 200-yard IM4th2:12.56
Division ISarah Krueger 200-yard IM13th2:26.24
Division IMaria Tovar 200-yard IM14th2:27.96
Division IFrances Perez 50-yard Free8th26.31
Division IMandy Wallner 50-yard Free11th26.94
Division ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Butterfly3rd56.00
Division ISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly11th1:06.10
Division IIsabel Tschurr 100-yard Butterfly12th1:06.33
Division IPauli Kerr 100-yard Free2nd52.12
Division IFrances Perez 100-yard Free9th57.85
Division IMaria Tovar 100-yard Free12th59.05
Division IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:06.88
Division ISimone Stover 500-yard Free2nd5:12.52
Division ICaroline Florence 500-yard Free5th5:20.93
Division IGillian O'Malley 500-yard Free10th5:46.43
Division I1) Caroline Florence
3) Simone Stover
2) Madeline Tovar
4) Megan Morris
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:43.09
Northern-IDallas Ursuline 1st183.50
Northern-ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Back1st1:00.27
Northern-IMegan Morris 100-yard Back2nd1:02.05
Northern-IMadeline Tovar 100-yard Back4th1:06.26
Northern-IMandy Wallner 100-yard Back9th1:09.40
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 100-yard Breast3rd1:09.22
Northern-IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast7th1:15.06
Northern-IKiia Lappalainen 100-yard Breast11th1:23.30
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 100-yard Breast13th1:26.85
Northern-IPauli Kerr 200-yard Free1st1:57.14
Northern-ICaroline Florence 200-yard Free2nd2:00.40
Northern-IIsabel Tschurr 200-yard Free6th2:08.48
Northern-IMadeline Tovar 200-yard Free7th2:09.13
Northern-IMegan Morris 200-yard IM2nd2:13.73
Northern-ISimone Stover 200-yard IM3rd2:20.44
Northern-ISarah Krueger 200-yard IM6th2:25.15
Northern-IMaria Tovar 200-yard IM8th2:28.65
Northern-IFrances Perez 50-yard Free3rd26.45
Northern-IMandy Wallner 50-yard Free7th27.84
Northern-ICatherine Birdwell 50-yard Free10th28.94
Northern-IErin Sanchez 50-yard FreeDNS
Northern-ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Butterfly2nd58.23
Northern-ISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly4th1:05.39
Northern-IIsabel Tschurr 100-yard Butterfly5th1:06.78
Northern-IErin Sanchez 100-yard ButterflyDNS
Northern-IPauli Kerr 100-yard Free1st54.06
Northern-IFrances Perez 100-yard Free4th58.28
Northern-IMaria Tovar 100-yard Free6th58.99
Northern-IMia Huncharek 100-yard Free17th1:12.26
Northern-IMorgan Krepp 500-yard Free1st5:08.12
Northern-ICaroline Florence 500-yard Free2nd5:17.58
Northern-ISimone Stover 500-yard Free3rd5:27.17
Northern-IGillian O'Malley 500-yard Free5th5:45.99

2013 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 2nd228.50
Division I1) Tiffany Futscher 27.02
3) Pauli Kerr 26.89
2) Simone Stover 32.64
4) Caroline Florence 25.09
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:51.64
Division ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Back1st57.74
Division IMandy Wallner 100-yard Back5th1:07.89
Division ICarla Reyes 100-yard Back10th1:09.18
Division ICourtney Nichols 100-yard Breast4th1:10.96
Division IGillian O'Malley 100-yard Breast11th1:15.42
Division IMadeline Tovar 100-yard Breast13th1:17.84
Division I1) Caroline Florence 54.26
3) Tiffany Futscher 51.96
2) Simone Stover 55.88
4) Pauli Kerr 52.44
400-yard Free Relay1st3:34.54
Division IPauli Kerr 200-yard Free1st1:53.53
Division ICaroline Florence 200-yard Free2nd1:57.43
Division IGillian O'Malley 200-yard Free12th2:11.81
Division IMaria Tovar 200-yard Free13th2:12.30
Division ISimone Stover 200-yard IM2nd2:13.31
Division ICourtney Nichols 200-yard IM6th2:21.23
Division IMadeline Tovar 200-yard IM11th2:24.67
Division IAshley Krueger 50-yard Free5th25.44
Division IMandy Wallner 50-yard Free11th27.37
Division ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Butterfly1st56.72
Division IIsabel Tschurr 100-yard Butterfly7th1:06.38
Division ISarah Krueger 100-yard Butterfly11th1:08.54
Division IPauli Kerr 100-yard Free1st52.13
Division IAshley Krueger 100-yard Free5th55.63
Division IMaria Tovar 100-yard Free12th1:00.41
Division ISimone Stover 500-yard Free1st5:13.70
Division ICaroline Florence 500-yard Free2nd5:15.89
Division IIsabel Tschurr 500-yard Free7th5:44.03
Division ISarah Krueger 500-yard Free9th5:51.87
Division I1) Mandy Wallner 27.50
3) Madeline Tovar 25.91
2) Isabel Tschurr 26.96
4) Ashley Krueger 25.77
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:46.14

2012 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 1st245
Division I1) Tiffany Futscher 26.87
3) Erin Florence 26.28
2) Simone Stover 32.68
4) Pauli Kerr 24.02
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:49.85
Division ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Back1st57.71
Division IErin Barnett 100-yard Back3rd1:02.25
Division INicole Ondracek 100-yard Back5th1:05.00
Division IErin Florence 100-yard Breast2nd1:09.25
Division ICourtney Nichols 100-yard Breast4th1:14.24
Division IMadeline Tovar 100-yard Breast8th1:16.09
Division I1) Ashley Krueger 54.93
3) Erin Florence 54.57
2) Tiffany Futscher 52.11
4) Pauli Kerr 52.37
400-yard Free Relay1st3:33.98
Division ICaroline Florence 200-yard Free4th1:59.98
Division IDevin Clark 200-yard Free11th2:10.57
Division ISimone Stover 200-yard IM2nd2:13.45
Division ICourtney Nichols 200-yard IM7th2:25.68
Division IMadeline Tovar 200-yard IM9th2:28.10
Division IJackie Decoster 200-yard IM10th2:31.04
Division IPauli Kerr 50-yard Free3rd24.36
Division IAshley Krueger 50-yard Free4th25.47
Division IAli Hosea 50-yard Free7th26.28
Division IErin Barnett 50-yard Free11th26.55
Division ITiffany Futscher 100-yard Butterfly2nd57.00
Division IErin Florence 100-yard Butterfly4th58.78
Division IJackie Decoster 100-yard Butterfly9th1:06.80
Division IDevin Clark 100-yard Butterfly10th1:07.18
Division IPauli Kerr 100-yard Free2nd52.39
Division IAshley Krueger 100-yard Free4th55.77
Division IAli Hosea 100-yard Free8th57.65
Division ISimone Stover 500-yard Free3rd5:11.08
Division ICaroline Florence 500-yard Free4th5:20.24
Division INicole Ondracek 500-yard Free8th5:48.48
Division IMary Katherine Mangin 500-yard Free9th5:49.95
Division I1) Ashley Krueger 25.66
3) Ali Hosea 25.89
2) Erin Barnett 26.17
4) Caroline Florence 26.14
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:43.86

2011 TAPPS Girls Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Division IDallas Ursuline 1st226
Division I1) Tiffany Futscher 27.97
3) Erin Florence 26.58
2) Allie Adamek 32.84
4) Ashley Krueger 25.31
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:52.70
Division IErin Barnett 100-yard Back3rd1:03.10
Division INicole Ondracek 100-yard Back5th1:06.16
Division IAlex Perez-Garcia 100-yard Back11th1:10.25
Division IErin Florence 100-yard Breast4th1:11.48
Division IAllie Adamek 100-yard Breast5th1:12.22
Division ICourtney Nichols 100-yard Breast10th1:16.20
Division IKelsey Brockett 100-yard Breast16th1:21.04
Division I1) Ashley Krueger 56.08
3) Erin Florence 54.54
2) Ali Hosea 57.16
4) Tiffany Futscher 53.84
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:41.62
Division IChristina Bradee 200-yard Free5th2:07.00
Division IAndrea Case 200-yard Free6th2:12.20
Division IMary Katherine Mangin 200-yard Free8th2:12.59
Division IJackie Decoster 200-yard Free12th2:15.15
Division ITiffany Futscher 200-yard IM2nd2:10.48
Division IDevin Clark 200-yard IM7th2:24.60
Division ICourtney Nichols 200-yard IM10th2:30.14
Division ILauren Barale 200-yard IM14th2:34.11
Division IAshley Krueger 50-yard Free5th25.97
Division IAli Hosea 50-yard Free7th26.50
Division ISara Schell 50-yard Free9th26.64
Division IErin Barnett 50-yard Free11th26.90
Division IKaterina Goldstein One-Meter Diving4th249.15
Division IHannah Higgins One-Meter Diving6th240.35
Division IBecca Clouthier One-Meter Diving8th218.50
Division IRachel Griffith One-Meter Diving11th186.70
Division IErin Florence 100-yard Butterfly3rd59.06
Division IAndrea Case 100-yard Butterfly5th1:05.07
Division IDevin Clark 100-yard Butterfly9th1:08.94
Division IJackie Decoster 100-yard Butterfly12th1:10.45
Division IAshley Krueger 100-yard Free3rd56.15
Division IAli Hosea 100-yard Free4th57.36
Division ISara Schell 100-yard Free7th58.36
Division ITiffany Futscher 500-yard Free2nd5:14.07
Division IChristina Bradee 500-yard Free5th5:33.00
Division INicole Ondracek 500-yard Free10th5:52.00
Division IMary Katherine Mangin 500-yard Free13th5:56.58
Division I1) Erin Barnett 27.13
3) Sara Schell 26.58
2) Devin Clark 25.99
4) Ali Hosea 26.21
200-yard Free Relay4th1:45.91