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Search Results: Houston Memorial

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2020 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Region IV-6AHouston Memorial 9th128
Region IV-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Amaury Jayr
2) Reid Vandervoort
4) Brazos Donovan
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:36.26
Region IV-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Back6th52.00
Region IV-6AOliver Grossman 100-yard Back8th54.11
Region IV-6A1) Amaury Jayr
3) Brazos Donovan
2) Luca Burns
4) Romain Joubert
400-yard Free Relay4th3:10.85
Region IV-6AAmaury Jayr 200-yard Free8th1:44.33
Region IV-6AWilliam Shaw One-Meter Diving7th272.65
Region IV-6AAmaury Jayr 100-yard Butterfly6th51.61
Region IV-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Free7th47.54
Region IV-6A1) Kenneth Tuan
3) Brazos Donovan
2) Romain Joubert
4) Preston Pham
200-yard Free RelayDQ

2019 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Memorial 42nd9
Class 6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard BreastDQ
Class 6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM9th1:50.99
District 14-6AHouston Memorial 4th75
District 14-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Amaury Jayr
2) Noah Czelusta
4) Michael Mohr
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:39.62
District 14-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Back6th54.39
District 14-6ATheo Ferrell 100-yard Back8th55.93
District 14-6AJacob Rickel 100-yard Back11th57.49
District 14-6AJacob Long 100-yard Back17th1:00.70
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast1st58.60
District 14-6AAntonio Amador 100-yard Breast5th1:01.04
District 14-6AMichael Mohr 100-yard Breast10th1:03.24
District 14-6ADrew Schachel 100-yard Breast12th1:06.69
District 14-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Brazos Donovan
2) Romain Joubert
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:16.93
District 14-6ABrazos Donovan 200-yard Free9th1:49.60
District 14-6ARomain Joubert 200-yard Free12th1:50.72
District 14-6AAiden Madaffri 200-yard Free19th1:55.64
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM2nd1:54.35
District 14-6AMichael Mohr 200-yard IM8th2:06.47
District 14-6AJaden Yi 200-yard IM16th2:14.39
District 14-6AMason Welch 200-yard IM19th2:19.07
District 14-6AMatthew Tomlinson 50-yard Free12th23.27
District 14-6AAntonio Amador 50-yard Free15th23.55
District 14-6AAmaan Siddiqui 50-yard Free17th23.67
District 14-6ARohan Shani 50-yard Free19th23.79
District 14-6AWilliam Shaw One-Meter Diving2nd293.95
District 14-6AAmaury Jayr 100-yard Butterfly6th53.12
District 14-6AAmaan Siddiqui 100-yard Butterfly8th56.99
District 14-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Free8th49.07
District 14-6ATheo Ferrell 100-yard Free12th50.50
District 14-6AAndrew Amoruso 100-yard Free18th52.17
District 14-6AMatthew Tomlinson 100-yard FreeDFS
District 14-6ABrazos Donovan 500-yard Free5th4:52.81
District 14-6ARomain Joubert 500-yard Free6th4:59.04
District 14-6AChristopher Wilkinson 500-yard Free8th5:07.04
District 14-6AAiden Madaffri 500-yard Free11th5:16.53
District 14-6A1) Antonio Amador
3) Matthew Tomlinson
2) Michael Mohr
4) Brazos Donovan
200-yard Free Relay5th1:32.65
Region IV-6AHouston Memorial 8th137
Region IV-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Amaury Jayr
2) Noah Czelusta
4) Brazos Donovan
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:36.97
Region IV-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Back7th53.05
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast2nd56.83
Region IV-6AAntonio Amador 100-yard Breast14th1:00.89
Region IV-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Theo Ferrell
2) Brazos Donovan
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay5th3:13.76
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM2nd1:51.03
Region IV-6AWilliam Shaw One-Meter Diving10th286.85
Region IV-6AAmaury Jayr 100-yard Butterfly13th53.14
Region IV-6ABrazos Donovan 500-yard Free10th4:47.26
Region IV-6ARomain Joubert 500-yard Free15th4:56.23
Region IV-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Matthew Tomlinson
2) Michael Mohr
4) Brazos Donovan
200-yard Free Relay10th1:31.37

2018 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Memorial 43rd8
Class 6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast11th57.79
Class 6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM15th1:55.20
District 14-6AHouston Memorial 3rd103.50
District 14-6A1) Lucas Funderburk
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Colin Norton
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:39.08
District 14-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Back3rd56.69
District 14-6AJacob Rickel 100-yard Back6th58.37
District 14-6AAmaury Jayr 100-yard Back8th59.18
District 14-6AWill Robinson 100-yard Back10th1:00.29
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast1st58.18
District 14-6AColin Norton 100-yard Breast2nd1:01.39
District 14-6AAntonio Amador 100-yard Breast10th1:04.56
District 14-6AMichael Mohr 100-yard Breast12th1:05.17
District 14-6A1) Michael Ma
3) Luca Burns
2) Lucas Funderburk
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:17.82
District 14-6ABrazos Donovan 200-yard Free5th1:50.31
District 14-6AMatthew Tomlinson 200-yard Free12th1:54.20
District 14-6AJacob Rickel 200-yard Free15th1:55.48
District 14-6ARichard Fu 200-yard Free16th1:55.60
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM1st1:55.69
District 14-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM2nd1:57.13
District 14-6AColin Norton 200-yard IM7th2:05.11
District 14-6AJacob Long 200-yard IM14th2:14.91
District 14-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free7th22.28
District 14-6AAntonio Amador 50-yard Free16th24.06
District 14-6AMichael Mohr 50-yard Free19th24.20
District 14-6AScott Dunn 50-yard Free21st24.49
District 14-6AWilliam Shaw One-Meter Diving4th269.70
District 14-6ADerek Russell One-Meter Diving8th200.65
District 14-6AAmaury Jayr 100-yard Butterfly9th54.73
District 14-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Butterfly10th55.22
District 14-6AScott Dunn 100-yard Butterfly17th1:00.17
District 14-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free7th49.38
District 14-6ARichard Fu 100-yard Free11th52.87
District 14-6AWill Robinson 100-yard Free12th53.18
District 14-6AMatthew Tomlinson 100-yard Free18th56.10
District 14-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free2nd4:49.61
District 14-6ABrazos Donovan 500-yard Free4th4:56.10
District 14-6A1) Luca Burns
3) Antonio Amador
2) Matthew Tomlinson
4) Brazos Donovan
200-yard Free Relay4th1:33.61
Region IV-6AHouston Memorial 7th154.50
Region IV-6A1) Lucas Funderburk
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Colin Norton
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:37.32
Region IV-6AJacob Rickel 100-yard Back12th56.54
Region IV-6ALuca Burns 100-yard Back14th56.73
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast1st57.40
Region IV-6AColin Norton 100-yard Breast8th1:00.58
Region IV-6A1) Michael Ma
3) Luca Burns
2) Lucas Funderburk
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay6th3:13.14
Region IV-6ABrazos Donovan 200-yard Free15th1:49.39
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM3rd1:53.48
Region IV-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM4th1:54.93
Region IV-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free16th22.92
Region IV-6AWilliam Shaw One-Meter Diving13th265.45
Region IV-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free9th48.12
Region IV-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free7th4:49.03
Region IV-6ABrazos Donovan 500-yard Free12th4:54.49
Region IV-6A1) Richard Fu
3) Antonio Amador
2) Matthew Tomlinson
4) Brazos Donovan
200-yard Free RelayDQ

2017 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
District 14-6AHouston Memorial 4th75
District 14-6A1) Lucas Funderburk
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Paolo Burns
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:39.96
District 14-6ABrian Lam 100-yard Back9th1:00.92
District 14-6AWill Robinson 100-yard Back10th1:01.66
District 14-6AJacob Long 100-yard Back11th1:01.90
District 14-6ABen Gold 100-yard Back12th1:04.30
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast5th1:00.99
District 14-6APaolo Burns 100-yard Breast8th1:02.41
District 14-6AColin Norton 100-yard Breast10th1:03.06
District 14-6AAntonio Amador 100-yard Breast12th1:04.18
District 14-6A1) Michael Ma
3) Lucas Funderburk
2) Mark Shoemaker
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:18.12
District 14-6AMark Shoemaker 200-yard Free2nd1:47.55
District 14-6ATyler Presswood 200-yard Free11th1:51.85
District 14-6ABrazos Donovan 200-yard Free15th1:53.81
District 14-6AJustin Turet 200-yard Free18th1:57.90
District 14-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM4th1:59.26
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM6th1:59.80
District 14-6APaolo Burns 200-yard IM9th2:02.59
District 14-6ABobak Rahimi 200-yard IM10th2:06.65
District 14-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free3rd21.60
District 14-6AJoshua Kim 50-yard Free14th23.31
District 14-6AAntonio Amador 50-yard Free18th24.06
District 14-6AAustin Norris 50-yard Free21st24.44
District 14-6AHarrison New One-Meter Diving9th257.75
District 14-6ADerek Russell One-Meter Diving12th227.50
District 14-6ABobak Rahimi 100-yard Butterfly11th57.78
District 14-6AColin Norton 100-yard Butterfly12th58.61
District 14-6AWill Espey 100-yard Butterfly13th59.96
District 14-6AScott Dunn 100-yard Butterfly16th1:01.43
District 14-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free5th47.92
District 14-6ATyler Presswood 100-yard Free13th51.54
District 14-6AJoshua Kim 100-yard Free14th52.34
District 14-6ARichard Fu 100-yard Free16th52.86
District 14-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free2nd4:49.14
District 14-6AMark Shoemaker 500-yard Free3rd4:52.24
District 14-6ABrazos Donovan 500-yard Free7th5:03.75
District 14-6AJared Feuer 500-yard Free12th5:19.54
District 14-6A1) Tyler Presswood
3) Mark Shoemaker
2) Paolo Burns
4) Austin Norris
200-yard Free Relay5th1:32.23
Region IV-6AHouston Memorial 8th127
Region IV-6A1) Lucas Funderburk
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Paolo Burns
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay9th1:38.08
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast9th59.72
Region IV-6A1) Michael Ma
3) Lucas Funderburk
2) Mark Shoemaker
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay7th3:13.95
Region IV-6AMark Shoemaker 200-yard Free8th1:46.41
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 200-yard IM8th1:55.72
Region IV-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM9th1:58.58
Region IV-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free10th21.72
Region IV-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free8th47.83
Region IV-6AMark Shoemaker 500-yard Free8th4:55.08
Region IV-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free11th4:48.63
Region IV-6A1) Mark Shoemaker
3) Tyler Presswood
2) Austin Norris
4) Paolo Burns
200-yard Free Relay12th1:31.71

2016 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
District 14-6AHouston Memorial 5th51
District 14-6A1) Lucas Funderburk
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Colin Norton
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:43.27
District 14-6AJustin Ryu 100-yard Back10th59.93
District 14-6ABen Gold 100-yard Back14th1:04.42
District 14-6APeter Park 100-yard Back16th1:05.06
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Breast8th1:02.56
District 14-6ABrian Lam 100-yard Breast12th1:04.55
District 14-6APaolo Burns 100-yard Breast14th1:05.07
District 14-6AColin Norton 100-yard Breast16th1:05.32
District 14-6A1) Tyler Presswood
3) Vincent Huang
2) Lucas Funderburk
4) Noah Czelusta
400-yard Free Relay4th3:28.29
District 14-6ATyler Presswood 200-yard Free6th1:52.36
District 14-6AVincent Huang 200-yard Free11th1:54.75
District 14-6AJustin Turet 200-yard Free20th1:59.50
District 14-6AJared Feuer 200-yard Free21st2:03.95
District 14-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM6th2:03.33
District 14-6AColin Norton 200-yard IM12th2:10.08
District 14-6APaolo Burns 200-yard IM13th2:11.49
District 14-6ABobak Rahimi 200-yard IM14th2:12.09
District 14-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free7th22.49
District 14-6ATucker Reinhardt 50-yard Free15th23.65
District 14-6AJohn Kim 50-yard Free17th24.05
District 14-6AFrank Yang 50-yard Free18th24.78
District 14-6AHarrison New One-Meter Diving4th258.15
District 14-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Butterfly7th55.38
District 14-6AJustin Ryu 100-yard Butterfly12th59.27
District 14-6ABrian Lam 100-yard Butterfly13th59.34
District 14-6AWill Espey 100-yard Butterfly14th1:01.05
District 14-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free6th49.07
District 14-6ATyler Presswood 100-yard Free14th51.62
District 14-6AVincent Huang 100-yard Free16th52.69
District 14-6AJohn Kim 100-yard Free19th53.26
District 14-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free3rd4:53.19
District 14-6AJared Feuer 500-yard Free18th5:28.17
District 14-6AJustin Turet 500-yard Free19th5:29.57
District 14-6AWill Espey 500-yard Free20th5:29.78
District 14-6A1) Tyler Presswood
3) Michael Ma
2) Vincent Huang
4) Tucker Reinhardt
200-yard Free Relay5th1:33.22
Region IV-6AHouston Memorial 15th50
Region IV-6A1) Lucas Funderburk
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Brian Lam
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay12th1:43.35
Region IV-6A1) Michael Ma
3) Noah Czelusta
2) Tyler Presswood
4) Vincent Huang
400-yard Free Relay14th3:22.37
Region IV-6ATyler Presswood 200-yard Free15th1:50.74
Region IV-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM15th2:03.17
Region IV-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free12th22.35
Region IV-6AHarrison New One-Meter Diving10th260.85
Region IV-6ANoah Czelusta 100-yard Butterfly16th55.65
Region IV-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free12th49.32
Region IV-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free11th4:52.28
Region IV-6A1) Tyler Presswood
3) Justin Ryu
2) Noah Czelusta
4) John Kim
200-yard Free Relay14th1:32.84

2015 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
District 18-6AHouston Memorial 1st269
District 18-6A1) Nikita Traynin
3) Dylan Presswood
2) Parker Hranicky
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:43.80
District 18-6ANikita Traynin 100-yard Back1st58.53
District 18-6AJustin Ryu 100-yard Back2nd1:01.50
District 18-6ABen Gold 100-yard Back4th1:02.48
District 18-6APeter Park 100-yard Back5th1:05.40
District 18-6AParker Hranicky 100-yard Breast1st1:01.54
District 18-6AFrank Yang 100-yard Breast2nd1:09.47
District 18-6AJustin Turet 100-yard Breast3rd1:10.48
District 18-6ABen Snow 100-yard Breast5th1:16.85
District 18-6A1) Nikita Traynin
3) Justin Ryu
2) Vincent Huang
4) Lucas Funderburk
400-yard Free Relay1st3:32.47
District 18-6ADylan Presswood 200-yard Free1st1:52.02
District 18-6ANikita Traynin 200-yard Free2nd1:54.81
District 18-6ATyler Presswood 200-yard Free3rd1:58.54
District 18-6AVincent Huang 200-yard Free4th2:00.07
District 18-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM1st2:09.29
District 18-6ABobak Rahimi 200-yard IM2nd2:13.65
District 18-6AJustin Turet 200-yard IM3rd2:17.61
District 18-6APeter Park 200-yard IM4th2:19.14
District 18-6AParker Hranicky 50-yard Free1st23.05
District 18-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free2nd23.64
District 18-6AJohn Kim 50-yard Free3rd24.00
District 18-6ATucker Reinhardt 50-yard Free5th24.18
District 18-6AGeorge Kutac One-Meter Diving1st370.75
District 18-6AHarrison New One-Meter Diving2nd273.90
District 18-6AVincent Huang 100-yard Butterfly2nd1:00.24
District 18-6APhllip Antake 100-yard Butterfly3rd1:00.48
District 18-6AJustin Ryu 100-yard Butterfly4th1:01.07
District 18-6AWill Espey 100-yard Butterfly6th1:03.36
District 18-6ADylan Presswood 100-yard Free1st50.74
District 18-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free2nd51.20
District 18-6ATucker Reinhardt 100-yard Free4th53.36
District 18-6AJohn Kim 100-yard Free5th54.28
District 18-6ALucas Funderburk 500-yard Free2nd5:06.41
District 18-6APhllip Antake 500-yard Free3rd5:25.73
District 18-6ATyler Presswood 500-yard Free4th5:31.25
District 18-6AJared Feuer 500-yard Free5th5:44.87
District 18-6A1) Parker Hranicky
3) Tucker Reinhardt
2) Michael Ma
4) Dylan Presswood
200-yard Free Relay1st1:33.39
Region V-6AHouston Memorial 15th74
Region V-6A1) Nikita Traynin
3) Dylan Presswood
2) Parker Hranicky
4) Michael Ma
200-yard Medley Relay10th1:40.64
Region V-6ANikita Traynin 100-yard Back12th56.25
Region V-6AParker Hranicky 100-yard Breast7th1:00.66
Region V-6ADylan Presswood 200-yard Free15th1:48.98
Region V-6ALucas Funderburk 200-yard IM15th2:06.98
Region V-6AParker Hranicky 50-yard Free15th22.80
Region V-6AMichael Ma 50-yard Free16th22.96
Region V-6AGeorge Kutac One-Meter Diving4th334.80
Region V-6AHarrison New One-Meter Diving5th306.40
Region V-6ADylan Presswood 100-yard Free12th49.70
Region V-6AMichael Ma 100-yard Free15th50.33

2014 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ACooper Wozencraft
District 18-6AHouston Memorial 1st261
District 18-6A1) Cooper Wozencraft 24.35
3) Will Johnson 25.53
2) Parker Hranicky 28.28
4) Stephen Ozment 24.25
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:42.41
District 18-6ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Back1st52.88
District 18-6AWill Johnson 100-yard Back2nd59.07
District 18-6ANikita Traynin 100-yard Back3rd59.85
District 18-6AHank Liu 100-yard Back4th1:03.88
District 18-6AParker Hranicky 100-yard Breast1st1:01.58
District 18-6ABrian Lam 100-yard Breast2nd1:06.02
District 18-6AStephen Ozment 100-yard Breast3rd1:07.41
District 18-6AHank Liu 100-yard Breast4th1:09.92
District 18-6A1) Cooper Wozencraft 48.72
3) Dylan Presswood 53.26
2) Vincent Huang 52.99
4) Nicholas Koutani 51.78
400-yard Free Relay1st3:26.75
District 18-6ADylan Presswood 200-yard Free1st1:50.26
District 18-6ANicholas Koutani 200-yard Free2nd1:52.25
District 18-6AVincent Huang 200-yard Free3rd1:54.30
District 18-6AChristopher Lee 200-yard Free4th2:01.63
District 18-6AStephen Ozment 200-yard IM1st2:13.74
District 18-6AJustin Ryu 200-yard IM2nd2:15.01
District 18-6APeter Park 200-yard IM3rd2:19.12
District 18-6AParker Hranicky 50-yard Free2nd22.91
District 18-6AWill Johnson 50-yard Free3rd23.04
District 18-6AJohn Kim 50-yard Free4th23.29
District 18-6AGeorge Kutac One-Meter Diving1st317.30
District 18-6AJuan Gonzalez Ramos One-Meter Diving2nd223.90
District 18-6AHarrison New One-Meter Diving3rd218.30
District 18-6ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Butterfly1st52.31
District 18-6ABrian Lam 100-yard Butterfly4th1:00.47
District 18-6AJustin Ryu 100-yard Butterfly5th1:03.08
District 18-6ADylan Presswood 100-yard Free1st50.66
District 18-6AVincent Huang 100-yard Free2nd51.26
District 18-6AJohn Kim 100-yard Free3rd52.01
District 18-6ANicholas Koutani 500-yard Free1st5:02.61
District 18-6ANikita Traynin 500-yard Free3rd5:17.37
District 18-6AChristopher Lee 500-yard Free4th5:33.39
District 18-6APeter Park 500-yard Free5th5:55.09
District 18-6A1) Stephen Ozment 23.94
3) Vincent Huang 23.63
2) Will Johnson 23.27
4) Parker Hranicky 23.05
200-yard Free Relay1st1:33.89
Region V-6AHouston Memorial 8th151
Region V-6A1) Cooper Wozencraft 23.62
3) Will Johnson 24.71
2) Parker Hranicky 26.56
4) Dylan Presswood 22.46
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:37.35
Region V-6ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Back2nd50.42
Region V-6AWill Johnson 100-yard Back14th57.12
Region V-6AParker Hranicky 100-yard Breast4th59.62
Region V-6A1) Cooper Wozencraft 22.93
3) John Kim 24.22
2) Dylan Presswood 47.74
4) Nicholas Koutani 50.90
400-yard Free Relay7th3:21.19
Region V-6ADylan Presswood 200-yard Free15th1:50.58
Region V-6ANicholas Koutani 200-yard Free16th1:50.92
Region V-6AStephen Ozment 200-yard IM16th2:10.88
Region V-6AGeorge Kutac One-Meter Diving4th316.55
Region V-6ARobert New One-Meter Diving12th238.45
Region V-6AJuan Gonzalez Ramos One-Meter Diving13th238.30
Region V-6ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.14
Region V-6ADylan Presswood 100-yard Free14th49.99
Region V-6ANicholas Koutani 500-yard Free10th4:51.00
Region V-6ANikita Traynin 500-yard Free16th5:24.69
Region V-6A1) Parker Hranicky 22.99
3) Hank Liu 24.14
2) Will Johnson 22.63
4) Stephen Ozment 23.70
200-yard Free Relay14th1:33.46

2013 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Memorial 28th31
Class 5ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Back2nd50.78
Class 5ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Butterfly5th50.39
Region IV-5AHouston Memorial 12th71
Region IV-5A1) Cooper Wozencraft 23.69
3) Grant Kirchhofer 23.96
2) Parker Hranicky 28.46
4) Will Johnson 22.52
200-yard Medley Relay8th1:38.63
Region IV-5ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Back2nd50.78
Region IV-5AParker Hranicky 100-yard Breast13th1:02.25
Region IV-5AGrant Kirchhofer 100-yard Breast14th1:02.72
Region IV-5A1) Cooper Wozencraft 49.03
3) Will Johnson 51.44
2) Vincent Huang 51.46
4) Dylan Presswood 49.94
400-yard Free Relay13th3:21.87
Region IV-5ACooper Wozencraft 100-yard Butterfly4th50.50
Region IV-5A1) Parker Hranicky 23.28
3) Grant Kirchhofer 23.06
2) Will Johnson 22.76
4) Andrew Wheeler 23.11
200-yard Free Relay16th1:32.21

2012 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Region IV-5AHouston Memorial 10th104
Region IV-5A1) Matthew Pyle 26.58
3) Grant Kirchhofer 24.02
2) Parker Hranicky 28.15
4) Marc Pichon 22.01
200-yard Medley Relay11th1:40.76
Region IV-5A1) Colin Rockwell 47.95
3) Matthew Pyle 48.55
2) Garrett Carter 47.67
4) Jason Bo 47.04
400-yard Free Relay7th3:11.21
Region IV-5AColin Rockwell 200-yard Free10th1:45.66
Region IV-5AJason Bo 200-yard IM15th1:59.62
Region IV-5AGarrett Carter 50-yard Free12th22.19
Region IV-5AMatthew Pyle 50-yard Free16th22.65
Region IV-5AJason Bo 100-yard Butterfly7th52.08
Region IV-5AGarrett Carter 100-yard Free13th48.87
Region IV-5AColin Rockwell 500-yard Free8th4:44.07
Region IV-5A1) Matthew Pyle 22.58
3) Marc Pichon 22.12
2) Garrett Carter 21.60
4) Jason Bo 21.55
200-yard Free Relay6th1:27.85

2011 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Memorial 38th12
Class 5A1) Harris Pritchard 22.05
3) Cameron Kato 21.94
2) Jason Bo 21.66
4) Garrett Carter 22.81
200-yard Free Relay11th1:28.46
Region V-5AHouston Memorial 3rd207
Region V-5A1) Colin Rockwell 25.30
3) Jason Bo 23.21
2) Harris Pritchard 28.07
4) Cameron Kato 21.77
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:38.35
Region V-5AColin Rockwell 100-yard Back6th54.61
Region V-5AMatthew Pyle 100-yard Back10th55.92
Region V-5A1) Harris Pritchard 48.57
3) Matthew Pyle 49.38
2) Maroun Koutani 49.28
4) Cameron Kato 48.00
400-yard Free Relay5th3:15.23
Region V-5AMaroun Koutani 200-yard Free5th1:44.69
Region V-5AJason Bo 200-yard IM6th1:56.96
Region V-5ACameron Kato 50-yard Free7th22.13
Region V-5AWilliam Schwarz One-Meter Diving6th275.65
Region V-5AJason Bo 100-yard Butterfly3rd51.47
Region V-5AColin Rockwell 500-yard Free3rd4:37.33
Region V-5AMaroun Koutani 500-yard Free4th4:46.74
Region V-5A1) Garrett Carter 22.56
3) Jason Bo 21.47
2) Cameron Kato 21.72
4) Harris Pritchard 21.25
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:27.00

2010 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Memorial 15th41
Class 5AHarrison Robinson 200-yard Free5th1:40.54
Class 5AHarrison Robinson 100-yard Butterfly4th50.25
Class 5A1) Harris Pritchard 22.41
3) Cameron Kato 21.94
2) Harrison Robinson 21.05
4) Troy K Hepper 22.36
200-yard Free Relay11th1:27.76

2009 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Memorial 15th49
Class 5AAlex Pujol 100-yard Back8th52.26
Class 5AHarrison Robinson 200-yard Free9th1:39.98
Class 5AHarrison Robinson 100-yard Butterfly10th50.45
Class 5A1) Cody Brown
3) Brian Bushong
2) Alex Pujol
4) Harrison Robinson
200-yard Free Relay8th1:28.46

2007 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Memorial 35th16

2002 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Memorial 8th89

1997 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHank Richardson One-Meter Diving1st503.20

1996 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 6th59
UILAnthony Robinson 100-yard Breast1st54.90
UILAnthony Robinson 50-yard Free1st19.91

1995 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 10th51
UILAnthony Robinson 100-yard Breast1st54.83

1994 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILAnthony Robinson 100-yard Breast1st55.37

1993 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 3rd103
UILChris Archer 50-yard Free1st20.61
UILChris Archer 100-yard Free1st44.88

1988 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 7th45

1981 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILChris Rives 200-yard IM1st1:50.50
UILChris Rives 100-yard Butterfly1st48.49

1980 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILArt Conley One-Meter Diving1st450.90

1979 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 1st50
UILLarry Craft 100-yard Back1st52.07
UILDean Putterman 100-yard Breast1st57.29
UILChris Rives 200-yard IM1st1:52.59

1977 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 1st43
UILMike Tonery 100-yard Back1st52.60
UILDean Putterman 100-yard Breast1st59.13

1975 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILMike Tonery 100-yard Back1st54.67
UILKelly Rives 200-yard IM1st1:56.68

1973 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 1st60
UILGuy Hagstette 100-yard Back1st53.70
UILGuy Hagstette 200-yard IM1st1:57.00
UILMark Beasley 500-yard Free1st4:37.98

1972 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 1st80
UILGuy Hagstette 100-yard Back1st53.62
UILBrent Barker 100-yard Breast1st1:02.14
UILMark Beasley 200-yard Free1st1:44.37
UILGuy Hagstette 200-yard IM1st1:58.06

1971 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 1st59

1970 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Memorial 1st50
UILDavid Hefner 100-yard Back1st55.90