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Search Results: Houston Stratford

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2020 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Stratford 26th22
Class 6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back8th53.07
Class 6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Free8th46.93
Region IV-6AHouston Stratford 7th139
Region IV-6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Callum Glover
2) Lowell Moss
4) Jack Brennan
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:36.16
Region IV-6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back3rd50.17
Region IV-6ALowell Moss 100-yard Breast9th1:00.21
Region IV-6A1) Callum Glover
3) Jack Brennan
2) Tyler Barber
4) Max Zuanich
400-yard Free Relay6th3:13.97
Region IV-6ALowell Moss 200-yard IM7th1:58.75
Region IV-6ASam Jones One-Meter Diving4th421.25
Region IV-6ARobbie Howell One-Meter Diving6th286.80
Region IV-6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Free1st45.89

2019 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Stratford 17th50
Class 6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Keagan Firenza
2) Jack Brennan
4) Henry Genez
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:34.13
Class 6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back10th50.49
Class 6AMax Zuanich 200-yard Free14th1:40.97
Class 6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Keagan Firenza
2) Luke Reed
4) Henry Genez
200-yard Free Relay11th1:26.36
District 14-6AHouston Stratford 2nd99
District 14-6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Henry Genez
2) Luke Reed
4) Keagan Firenza
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.85
District 14-6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back2nd51.39
District 14-6ALucas Groves 100-yard Back12th59.25
District 14-6AAndrew Askounis 100-yard Back15th1:00.29
District 14-6ALuke Reed 100-yard Breast4th1:00.23
District 14-6ALowell Moss 100-yard Breast8th1:02.88
District 14-6AGavin Beach 100-yard Breast11th1:03.77
District 14-6A1) Callum Glover
3) Jack Brennan
2) Charlie Williams
4) Keagan Firenza
400-yard Free Relay5th3:19.87
District 14-6AMax Zuanich 200-yard Free1st1:42.33
District 14-6ACallum Glover 200-yard Free7th1:48.84
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 200-yard Free16th1:53.28
District 14-6ATyler Barber 200-yard Free18th1:55.15
District 14-6ALuke Reed 200-yard IM3rd1:58.67
District 14-6ALowell Moss 200-yard IM6th2:03.61
District 14-6AGavin Beach 200-yard IM7th2:05.59
District 14-6AGrant Spargo 200-yard IM15th2:14.02
District 14-6AHenry Genez 50-yard Free4th22.01
District 14-6ACharlie Williams 50-yard Free10th23.03
District 14-6AJack Brennan 50-yard Free11th23.06
District 14-6AAndrew Askounis 50-yard Free18th23.69
District 14-6ASam Jones One-Meter Diving1st386.85
District 14-6ARobbie Howell One-Meter Diving3rd279.35
District 14-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly5th52.58
District 14-6AEric Jackson 100-yard Butterfly9th57.21
District 14-6ACallum Glover 100-yard Butterfly11th57.50
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 100-yard Free9th49.52
District 14-6ACharlie Williams 100-yard Free11th50.32
District 14-6AJack Brennan 100-yard Free15th51.33
District 14-6AGrant Spargo 100-yard Free21st53.49
District 14-6ATyler Barber 500-yard Free9th5:07.39
District 14-6AEric Jackson 500-yard Free14th5:20.33
District 14-6ALucas Groves 500-yard Free15th5:22.13
District 14-6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Luke Reed
2) Henry Genez
4) Callum Glover
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:28.85
Region IV-6AHouston Stratford 3rd195
Region IV-6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Henry Genez
2) Luke Reed
4) Keagan Firenza
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:34.21
Region IV-6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back3rd50.74
Region IV-6ALuke Reed 100-yard Breast6th58.53
Region IV-6A1) Callum Glover
3) Jack Brennan
2) Charlie Williams
4) Keagan Firenza
400-yard Free Relay7th3:16.58
Region IV-6AMax Zuanich 200-yard Free3rd1:41.24
Region IV-6ALuke Reed 200-yard IM6th1:54.81
Region IV-6ALowell Moss 200-yard IM16th2:04.43
Region IV-6AHenry Genez 50-yard Free7th21.71
Region IV-6ASam Jones One-Meter Diving3rd392.50
Region IV-6ARobbie Howell One-Meter Diving11th284.90
Region IV-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly7th51.34
Region IV-6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Keagan Firenza
2) Luke Reed
4) Henry Genez
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:26.45

2018 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Stratford 32nd17
Class 6A1) Keagan Firenza
3) Henry Genez
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Cole Oliphant
200-yard Medley Relay12th1:36.42
Class 6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast10th57.77
District 14-6AHouston Stratford 2nd108
District 14-6A1) Keagan Firenza
3) Jake Hyland
2) Luke Reed
4) Cole Oliphant
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:39.55
District 14-6AGavin Beach 100-yard Back11th1:00.52
District 14-6ALucas Groves 100-yard Back14th1:02.99
District 14-6ACole Graydon 100-yard Back15th1:03.24
District 14-6ALuke Reed 100-yard Breast3rd1:01.59
District 14-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast4th1:01.69
District 14-6AJake Hyland 100-yard Breast6th1:02.93
District 14-6A1) Henry Genez
3) Luke Reed
2) Keagan Firenza
4) Dean Rathgeb
400-yard Free Relay4th3:20.09
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 200-yard Free4th1:50.26
District 14-6ACole Oliphant 200-yard Free8th1:50.76
District 14-6AScott Ashmore 200-yard Free13th1:54.60
District 14-6ALuke Reed 200-yard IM4th1:59.31
District 14-6AGavin Beach 200-yard IM13th2:14.82
District 14-6ATyler Barber 200-yard IM16th2:23.65
District 14-6ACole Graydon 200-yard IMDQ
District 14-6AHenry Genez 50-yard Free5th22.07
District 14-6AWill Moak 50-yard Free15th23.80
District 14-6AJack Brennan 50-yard Free17th24.15
District 14-6AAndrew Askounis 50-yard Free18th24.16
District 14-6AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving1st417.10
District 14-6ARobbie Howell One-Meter Diving2nd280.75
District 14-6ASam Jones One-Meter Diving3rd274.55
District 14-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly2nd52.88
District 14-6AJake Hyland 100-yard Butterfly11th55.27
District 14-6AWill Moak 100-yard Butterfly13th57.71
District 14-6AJack Brennan 100-yard Butterfly19th1:01.39
District 14-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Free3rd48.84
District 14-6ACole Oliphant 100-yard Free6th49.37
District 14-6AAndrew Askounis 100-yard Free13th53.29
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 500-yard Free6th4:59.87
District 14-6AScott Ashmore 500-yard Free12th5:27.97
District 14-6ALucas Groves 500-yard Free13th5:31.95
District 14-6ATyler Barber 500-yard Free14th5:39.22
District 14-6A1) Dean Rathgeb
3) Cole Oliphant
2) Henry Genez
4) Jake Hyland
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.98
Region IV-6AHouston Stratford 4th193
Region IV-6A1) Keagan Firenza
3) Henry Genez
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Cole Oliphant
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:36.41
Region IV-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast2nd57.80
Region IV-6ALuke Reed 100-yard Breast9th1:00.47
Region IV-6AJake Hyland 100-yard Breast15th1:01.67
Region IV-6A1) Henry Genez
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Cole Oliphant
4) Luke Reed
400-yard Free Relay5th3:12.65
Region IV-6AKeagan Firenza 200-yard Free11th1:47.71
Region IV-6ALuke Reed 200-yard IM6th1:55.77
Region IV-6AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving4th430.80
Region IV-6ASam Jones One-Meter Diving8th312.65
Region IV-6ARobbie Howell One-Meter Diving10th279.90
Region IV-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly6th51.32
Region IV-6ACole Oliphant 100-yard Free10th48.95
Region IV-6AKeagan Firenza 500-yard Free10th4:49.24
Region IV-6A1) Henry Genez
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Cole Oliphant
4) Luke Reed
200-yard Free Relay4th1:26.33

2017 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Stratford 4th115
Class 6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Clayton Bobo
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Kyle Storemski
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:32.83
Class 6AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st20.17
Class 6AKyle Storemski 50-yard Free9th20.98
Class 6AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st43.93
Class 6A1) Kyle Storemski
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Cole Oliphant
4) Clayton Bobo
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:24.14
District 14-6AHouston Stratford 3rd96
District 14-6A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Peyton Moak
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Kyle Storemski
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:38.10
District 14-6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back5th54.24
District 14-6ADevon Lee 100-yard Back14th1:07.32
District 14-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast3rd1:00.54
District 14-6ALuke Reed 100-yard Breast9th1:02.90
District 14-6AJake Hyland 100-yard Breast14th1:04.24
District 14-6AJames Shelton 100-yard Breast20th1:11.45
District 14-6A1) Henry Genez
3) Luke Reed
2) Cole Oliphant
4) Max Zuanich
400-yard Free Relay4th3:20.69
District 14-6AMax Zuanich 200-yard Free6th1:49.15
District 14-6ACole Oliphant 200-yard Free10th1:50.82
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 200-yard Free12th1:52.16
District 14-6AWill Moak 200-yard Free20th2:03.16
District 14-6ALuke Reed 200-yard IM7th2:01.53
District 14-6AScott Ashmore 200-yard IM14th2:18.47
District 14-6ADevon Lee 200-yard IM16th2:26.05
District 14-6AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st21.13
District 14-6AKyle Storemski 50-yard Free4th21.69
District 14-6ADean Rathgeb 50-yard Free7th22.14
District 14-6AHenry Genez 50-yard Free11th22.60
District 14-6AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving1st425.65
District 14-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly6th55.31
District 14-6APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly7th55.44
District 14-6AJake Hyland 100-yard Butterfly9th56.93
District 14-6AWill Moak 100-yard Butterfly14th1:00.45
District 14-6AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st46.07
District 14-6ACole Oliphant 100-yard Free8th49.43
District 14-6AKyle Storemski 100-yard Free9th49.54
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 500-yard Free8th5:06.93
District 14-6AScott Ashmore 500-yard Free14th5:32.58
District 14-6A1) Kyle Storemski
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Peyton Moak
4) Clayton Bobo
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.45
Region IV-6AHouston Stratford 5th192
Region IV-6A1) Max Zuanich
3) Clayton Bobo
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Kyle Storemski
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:33.45
Region IV-6AMax Zuanich 100-yard Back9th52.89
Region IV-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast5th58.67
Region IV-6A1) Kyle Storemski
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Cole Oliphant
4) Max Zuanich
400-yard Free Relay6th3:13.41
Region IV-6AMax Zuanich 200-yard Free13th1:48.30
Region IV-6AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st20.47
Region IV-6AKyle Storemski 50-yard Free5th21.33
Region IV-6AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving5th402.20
Region IV-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly12th54.61
Region IV-6AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st44.64
Region IV-6A1) Kyle Storemski
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Peyton Moak
4) Clayton Bobo
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:24.64

2016 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHouston Stratford 7th76
Class 6A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Peyton Moak
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Jim Nantz
200-yard Medley Relay9th1:34.50
Class 6AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st19.95
Class 6AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st43.56
Class 6A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Kyle Storemski
4) Jim Nantz
200-yard Free Relay9th1:24.70
District 14-6AHouston Stratford 3rd108
District 14-6A1) Jim Nantz
3) Peyton Moak
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Clayton Bobo
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:37.43
District 14-6AJim Nantz 100-yard Back3rd54.96
District 14-6APeyton Moak 100-yard Back9th57.97
District 14-6ACory Stephenson 100-yard Breast3rd1:00.82
District 14-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast4th1:01.16
District 14-6A1) Kyle Storemski
3) Cole Oliphant
2) Peyton Moak
4) Cory Stephenson
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:21.94
District 14-6ACole Oliphant 200-yard Free7th1:52.64
District 14-6AAndrew Dawson 200-yard Free8th1:52.96
District 14-6AMacon Boane 200-yard Free10th1:54.65
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 200-yard Free13th1:55.84
District 14-6ADaniele Garancini 200-yard IM7th2:05.08
District 14-6AHenry Genez 200-yard IM15th2:12.55
District 14-6AJake Hyland 200-yard IM19th3:03.30
District 14-6AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st20.74
District 14-6ACory Stephenson 50-yard Free3rd22.00
District 14-6ADean Rathgeb 50-yard Free8th22.51
District 14-6AKyle Storemski 50-yard Free9th22.52
District 14-6AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving1st398.60
District 14-6APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly4th53.74
District 14-6AHenry Genez 100-yard Butterfly8th56.24
District 14-6ADaniele Garancini 100-yard Butterfly10th57.48
District 14-6AJake Hyland 100-yard Butterfly11th59.24
District 14-6AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st45.72
District 14-6AJim Nantz 100-yard Free5th48.95
District 14-6ACole Oliphant 100-yard Free11th50.76
District 14-6AKyle Storemski 100-yard Free12th50.78
District 14-6AKeagan Firenza 500-yard Free13th5:14.71
District 14-6AMacon Boane 500-yard Free14th5:16.83
District 14-6AAndrew Dawson 500-yard Free16th5:24.72
District 14-6A1) Jim Nantz
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Kyle Storemski
4) Clayton Bobo
200-yard Free Relay1st1:27.56
Region IV-6AHouston Stratford 5th165
Region IV-6A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Peyton Moak
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Jim Nantz
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:34.96
Region IV-6AJim Nantz 100-yard Back6th54.30
Region IV-6ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast10th1:01.50
Region IV-6A1) Kyle Storemski
3) Dean Rathgeb
2) Peyton Moak
4) Cole Oliphant
400-yard Free Relay12th3:20.63
Region IV-6AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st20.44
Region IV-6AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving8th344.50
Region IV-6APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly12th53.40
Region IV-6AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st44.55
Region IV-6AJim Nantz 100-yard Free6th48.30
Region IV-6A1) Jim Nantz
3) Kyle Storemski
2) Clayton Bobo
4) Dean Rathgeb
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:25.16

2015 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Stratford 3rd150
Class 5A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Peyton Moak
2) Cory Stephenson
4) Jim Nantz
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.04
Class 5ACory Stephenson 100-yard Breast11th1:00.60
Class 5A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Jim Nantz
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Cory Stephenson
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:12.02
Class 5AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st20.71
Class 5AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving8th327.70
Class 5AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free2nd45.30
Class 5A1) Cory Stephenson
3) Peyton Moak
2) Jim Nantz
4) Dean Rathgeb
200-yard Free Relay8th1:29.13
District 25-5AHouston Stratford 1st181
District 25-5A1) Jim Nantz
3) Peyton Moak
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Clayton Bobo
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:41.57
District 25-5AJim Nantz 100-yard Back1st56.81
District 25-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Back2nd57.61
District 25-5AJohn Strong 100-yard Back3rd59.60
District 25-5ACole Oliphant 100-yard Back5th1:02.73
District 25-5ACory Stephenson 100-yard Breast1st1:03.07
District 25-5ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast5th1:06.96
District 25-5ASeth Bartek 100-yard Breast7th1:08.20
District 25-5AJake Hyland 100-yard Breast8th1:08.29
District 25-5A1) Cory Stephenson
3) Peyton Moak
2) Ben Moak
4) Dean Rathgeb
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:27.61
District 25-5AJim Nantz 200-yard Free2nd1:53.38
District 25-5AMacon Boane 200-yard Free7th1:56.98
District 25-5ASeth Bartek 200-yard Free9th2:00.40
District 25-5AScott Ashmore 200-yard Free12th2:10.24
District 25-5AJohn Strong 200-yard IM2nd2:11.57
District 25-5AJohn Gahn 200-yard IM3rd2:12.92
District 25-5AKyle Wright 200-yard IM6th2:14.16
District 25-5ADean Rathgeb 200-yard IM7th2:15.45
District 25-5AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st21.19
District 25-5ACory Stephenson 50-yard Free3rd22.30
District 25-5AKyle Storemski 50-yard Free7th23.85
District 25-5AReed Rominger 50-yard Free10th24.27
District 25-5AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving1st364.55
District 25-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly2nd56.65
District 25-5ABen Moak 100-yard Butterfly5th58.79
District 25-5AJake Hyland 100-yard Butterfly8th1:01.77
District 25-5AAndrew Dawson 100-yard Butterfly9th1:01.93
District 25-5AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st46.21
District 25-5AReed Rominger 100-yard Free8th53.19
District 25-5ACole Oliphant 100-yard Free9th53.57
District 25-5AKyle Storemski 100-yard Free10th54.03
District 25-5ABen Moak 500-yard Free2nd5:16.31
District 25-5AJohn Gahn 500-yard Free3rd5:19.53
District 25-5AKyle Wright 500-yard Free6th5:24.04
District 25-5AAndrew Dawson 500-yard Free9th5:35.61
District 25-5A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Kyle Storemski
2) Jim Nantz
4) Cory Stephenson
200-yard Free Relay1st1:30.40
Region VII-5AHouston Stratford 1st373
Region VII-5A1) Jim Nantz
3) Peyton Moak
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Cory Stephenson
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:40.23
Region VII-5AJim Nantz 100-yard Back2nd55.76
Region VII-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Back3rd56.82
Region VII-5AJohn Strong 100-yard Back9th1:00.16
Region VII-5ACole Oliphant 100-yard Back11th1:02.91
Region VII-5ACory Stephenson 100-yard Breast2nd59.88
Region VII-5ADean Rathgeb 100-yard Breast6th1:04.37
Region VII-5A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Jim Nantz
2) Dean Rathgeb
4) Cory Stephenson
400-yard Free Relay1st3:13.91
Region VII-5AMacon Boane 200-yard Free11th1:57.60
Region VII-5AJohn Strong 200-yard IM7th2:12.64
Region VII-5AJohn Gahn 200-yard IM9th2:13.58
Region VII-5AKyle Wright 200-yard IM11th2:13.87
Region VII-5AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st20.69
Region VII-5ACory Stephenson 50-yard Free3rd22.14
Region VII-5AKyle Storemski 50-yard Free10th23.80
Region VII-5AKaivon Dixon One-Meter Diving1st351.75
Region VII-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly4th55.84
Region VII-5ABen Moak 100-yard Butterfly9th58.73
Region VII-5AClayton Bobo 100-yard Free1st45.63
Region VII-5ABen Moak 500-yard Free5th5:12.67
Region VII-5AKyle Wright 500-yard Free7th5:22.80
Region VII-5AJohn Gahn 500-yard Free9th5:20.53
Region VII-5A1) Clayton Bobo
3) Jim Nantz
2) Peyton Moak
4) Dean Rathgeb
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.51

2014 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Stratford 3rd183
Class 5A1) Chance Parker 25.86
3) Tommy Rohleder 23.97
2) Cory Stephenson 27.44
4) Jack Brasher 22.10
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:39.37
Class 5ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Back14th55.51
Class 5A1) Clayton Bobo 45.99
3) Nick Airola 46.44
2) Chance Parker 47.92
4) Taylor Nicholas 46.90
400-yard Free Relay1st3:07.25
Class 5AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free2nd20.74
Class 5ANick Airola 50-yard Free3rd20.96
Class 5AClayton Bobo 100-yard Butterfly7th51.70
Class 5ANick Airola 100-yard Free4th47.09
Class 5ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Free5th47.52
Class 5A1) Clayton Bobo 20.99
3) Chance Parker 21.68
2) Nick Airola 20.51
4) Taylor Nicholas 21.52
200-yard Free Relay1st1:24.70
District 25-5AHouston Stratford 1st215
District 25-5A1) Chance Parker 25.83
3) Tommy Rohleder 24.58
2) Jack Brasher 28.68
4) Cory Stephenson 22.33
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:41.42
District 25-5ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Back2nd55.19
District 25-5AJim Nantz 100-yard Back3rd58.08
District 25-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Back4th58.63
District 25-5ACristobal Hirsch 100-yard Back6th59.43
District 25-5ACory Stephenson 100-yard Breast2nd1:01.94
District 25-5AJack Brasher 100-yard Breast4th1:04.07
District 25-5ADavid Fox 100-yard Breast5th1:05.12
District 25-5ASeth Bartek 100-yard Breast6th1:06.63
District 25-5A1) Clayton Bobo 47.88
3) Chance Parker 51.77
2) Nick Airola 50.84
4) Taylor Nicholas 49.87
400-yard Free Relay1st3:20.36
District 25-5AJim Nantz 200-yard Free2nd1:52.27
District 25-5AChance Parker 200-yard Free3rd1:52.69
District 25-5AAndrew Dawson 200-yard Free7th1:57.45
District 25-5AMacon Boane 200-yard Free10th2:00.70
District 25-5ADavid Fox 200-yard IM2nd2:08.53
District 25-5ATommy Rohleder 200-yard IM4th2:10.26
District 25-5AJohn Gahn 200-yard IM6th2:14.46
District 25-5AKyle Wright 200-yard IM9th2:16.21
District 25-5AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st21.09
District 25-5ANick Airola 50-yard Free2nd21.51
District 25-5AJack Brasher 50-yard Free4th22.63
District 25-5AWill Lavercombe 50-yard Free7th22.87
District 25-5AClayton Bobo 100-yard Butterfly1st52.44
District 25-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly3rd57.17
District 25-5ABen Moak 100-yard Butterfly4th57.56
District 25-5ATommy Rohleder 100-yard Butterfly5th57.90
District 25-5ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Free1st48.23
District 25-5ANick Airola 100-yard Free2nd48.62
District 25-5AChance Parker 100-yard Free3rd49.09
District 25-5ACory Stephenson 100-yard Free9th50.90
District 25-5AJohn Gahn 500-yard Free2nd5:16.85
District 25-5ABen Moak 500-yard Free3rd5:18.68
District 25-5ASeth Bartek 500-yard Free4th5:21.21
District 25-5AKyle Wright 500-yard Free5th5:21.69
District 25-5A1) Clayton Bobo 21.30
3) Will Lavercombe 24.19
2) Taylor Nicholas 21.89
4) Nick Airola 21.79
200-yard Free Relay1st1:29.17
Region VII-5AHouston Stratford 1st494
Region VII-5A0) Taylor Nicholas
0) Will Lavercombe
0) Tommy Rohleder
0) Cory Stephenson
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:37.39
Region VII-5ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Back3rd52.90
Region VII-5ACristobal Hirsch 100-yard Back6th59.34
Region VII-5AJim Nantz 100-yard Back9th58.07
Region VII-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Back11th59.87
Region VII-5ACory Stephenson 100-yard Breast4th1:01.73
Region VII-5AJack Brasher 100-yard Breast5th1:02.33
Region VII-5ADavid Fox 100-yard Breast6th1:02.59
Region VII-5ASeth Bartek 100-yard Breast10th1:07.95
Region VII-5A0) Chance Parker
0) Will Lavercombe
0) Clayton Bobo
0) Cory Stephenson
400-yard Free Relay1st3:12.33
Region VII-5AChance Parker 200-yard Free2nd1:48.08
Region VII-5AJim Nantz 200-yard Free5th1:51.88
Region VII-5ADavid Fox 200-yard IM2nd2:03.15
Region VII-5ATommy Rohleder 200-yard IM3rd2:04.61
Region VII-5AJohn Gahn 200-yard IM6th2:13.67
Region VII-5AClayton Bobo 50-yard Free1st21.18
Region VII-5ANick Airola 50-yard Free2nd21.18
Region VII-5AJack Brasher 50-yard Free5th22.59
Region VII-5AClayton Bobo 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.36
Region VII-5ATommy Rohleder 100-yard Butterfly4th55.28
Region VII-5APeyton Moak 100-yard Butterfly5th57.39
Region VII-5ABen Moak 100-yard Butterfly6th58.45
Region VII-5ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Free1st46.99
Region VII-5ANick Airola 100-yard Free2nd47.94
Region VII-5AChance Parker 100-yard FreeDQ
Region VII-5AJohn Gahn 500-yard Free2nd5:10.33
Region VII-5ABen Moak 500-yard Free4th5:14.45
Region VII-5AKyle Wright 500-yard Free6th5:17.67
Region VII-5ASeth Bartek 500-yard Free7th5:25.54
Region VII-5A0) Nick Airola
0) Clayton Bobo
0) Chance Parker
0) Cory Stephenson
200-yard Free Relay1st1:27.04

2013 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHouston Stratford 15th40
Class 4A1) Brandon Hay 48.93
3) Taylor Nicholas 48.52
2) Chance Parker 49.96
4) Sam Cordova 47.48
400-yard Free Relay9th3:14.89
Class 4ANick Airola 50-yard Free8th22.00
Class 4ASam Cordova 50-yard Free12th21.99
Class 4ABrandon Hay 100-yard Butterfly11th52.52
Region VII-4AHouston Stratford 2nd328
Region VII-4ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Back5th56.08
Region VII-4AJim Nantz 100-yard Back8th1:00.67
Region VII-4AJohn Strong 100-yard Back9th1:01.03
Region VII-4AJack Brasher 100-yard Breast4th1:03.34
Region VII-4ASeth Bartek 100-yard Breast11th1:09.01
Region VII-4ADavid Fox 100-yard BreastDQ
Region VII-4A1) Brandon Hay 49.68
3) Taylor Nicholas 47.98
2) Chance Parker 50.41
4) Sam Cordova 49.51
400-yard Free Relay1st3:17.58
Region VII-4AChance Parker 200-yard Free5th1:52.68
Region VII-4ABrandon Hay 200-yard IM2nd1:58.71
Region VII-4ADavid Fox 200-yard IM7th2:10.28
Region VII-4AJack Brasher 200-yard IM8th2:17.34
Region VII-4ANick Airola 50-yard Free1st21.68
Region VII-4ASam Cordova 50-yard Free2nd21.69
Region VII-4AMichael Gallery One-Meter Diving5th289.50
Region VII-4ABrandon Hay 100-yard Butterfly3rd52.73
Region VII-4ATaylor Nicholas 100-yard Butterfly7th55.11
Region VII-4ABen Moak 100-yard Butterfly9th58.25
Region VII-4ASam Cordova 100-yard Free2nd48.45
Region VII-4ANick Airola 100-yard Free6th50.35
Region VII-4AChance Parker 500-yard Free6th5:06.42
Region VII-4AJohn Gahn 500-yard Free9th5:19.08
Region VII-4ASeth Bartek 500-yard Free12th5:34.07
Region VII-4A1) Nick Airola 22.09
3) Tommy Rohleder 21.90
2) Brandon Hay 22.15
4) Sam Cordova 28.35
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:29.99

2012 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHouston Stratford 1st212
Class 4A1) Kyle Rathgeb 25.00
3) Cai Rohleder 24.03
2) Michael Miller 26.50
4) Sam Cordova 21.03
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:36.56
Class 4AKyle Rathgeb 100-yard Back5th53.44
Class 4A1) Alec Willrodt 53.63
3) Kyle Rathgeb 57.34
2) Cai Rohleder 1:00.40
4) Michael Miller 51.84
400-yard Free Relay1st3:06.54
Class 4ASam Cordova 200-yard Free13th1:44.52
Class 4AMichael Miller 200-yard IM1st1:49.43
Class 4AAlec Willrodt 50-yard Free1st20.75
Class 4AMichael Miller 100-yard Butterfly1st48.93
Class 4AAlec Willrodt 100-yard Free2nd46.21
Class 4AKyle Rathgeb 100-yard Free6th47.39
Class 4A1) Alec Willrodt 21.18
3) Sam Cordova 21.44
2) Cai Rohleder 21.93
4) Taylor Cash 21.76
200-yard Free Relay4th1:26.31
Region VII-4AHouston Stratford 1st540
Region VII-4A1) Kyle Rathgeb 24.98
3) Cai Rohleder 24.01
2) Michael Miller 27.04
4) Alec Willrodt 20.52
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.55
Region VII-4AKyle Rathgeb 100-yard Back1st53.52
Region VII-4AMatt Lastrapes 100-yard Back4th57.75
Region VII-4AChance Parker 100-yard Back5th57.82
Region VII-4ANick Hirsch 100-yard Back7th58.38
Region VII-4AJack Brasher 100-yard Breast4th1:03.08
Region VII-4ADavid Fox 100-yard Breast11th1:07.68
Region VII-4A1) Cai Rohleder 48.59
3) Kyle Rathgeb 48.71
2) Andrew McCleary 48.59
4) Michael Miller 47.05
400-yard Free Relay1st3:12.94
Region VII-4ASam Cordova 200-yard Free1st1:45.06
Region VII-4AConner Parker 200-yard Free4th1:50.94
Region VII-4AChance Parker 200-yard Free5th1:52.13
Region VII-4AAndrew McCleary 200-yard Free6th1:52.91
Region VII-4AMichael Miller 200-yard IM1st1:52.35
Region VII-4ABrandon Hay 200-yard IM4th2:00.26
Region VII-4ACai Rohleder 200-yard IM5th2:02.50
Region VII-4AMatt Lastrapes 200-yard IM6th2:03.03
Region VII-4AAlec Willrodt 50-yard Free1st21.28
Region VII-4ATaylor Cash 50-yard Free5th22.44
Region VII-4AMichael Gallery One-Meter Diving3rd290.40
Region VII-4AMichael Miller 100-yard Butterfly1st50.12
Region VII-4ABrandon Hay 100-yard Butterfly3rd53.74
Region VII-4ACai Rohleder 100-yard Butterfly4th54.44
Region VII-4AAlec Willrodt 100-yard Free1st46.85
Region VII-4AKyle Rathgeb 100-yard Free2nd47.67
Region VII-4AAndrew McCleary 100-yard Free7th50.23
Region VII-4ATaylor Cash 100-yard Free8th50.34
Region VII-4ASam Cordova 500-yard Free3rd4:49.51
Region VII-4AConner Parker 500-yard Free5th5:04.77
Region VII-4ATommy Rohleder 500-yard Free7th5:08.72
Region VII-4ANick Jones 500-yard Free8th5:12.67
Region VII-4A1) Alec Willrodt 21.21
3) Sam Cordova 22.34
2) Brandon Hay 22.91
4) Taylor Cash 21.77
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.23

2011 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHouston Stratford 1st223.50
Class 4A1) Rob Gahn 24.88
3) Michael Miller 22.85
2) Ford Story 25.51
4) Juan Hirsch 21.77
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.01
Class 4ARob Gahn 100-yard Back9th52.73
Class 4AFord Story 100-yard Breast1st56.63
Class 4A1) Alec Willrodt 47.58
3) Kyle Rathgeb 47.56
2) Rob Gahn 48.52
4) Michael Miller 46.44
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:10.10
Class 4AKyle Rathgeb 200-yard Free8th1:44.79
Class 4AMichael Miller 200-yard IM2nd1:52.08
Class 4ARob Gahn 200-yard IM9th1:57.22
Class 4AAlec Willrodt 50-yard Free4th21.21
Class 4AMichael Miller 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.60
Class 4AAlec Willrodt 100-yard Free7th47.40
Class 4AKyle Rathgeb 100-yard Free11th48.40
Class 4A1) Alec Willrodt 21.32
3) Ford Story 21.72
2) Kyle Rathgeb 21.88
4) Juan Hirsch 21.69
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:26.61
Region VI-4AHouston Stratford 1st452
Region VI-4A1) Rob Gahn 24.90
3) Michael Miller 22.96
2) Ford Story 25.68
4) Juan Hirsch 22.04
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:35.58
Region VI-4ARob Gahn 100-yard Back1st52.94
Region VI-4AMatt Lastrapes 100-yard Back7th58.15
Region VI-4ATomas Hirsch 100-yard Back11th59.75
Region VI-4AChance Parker 100-yard Back13th1:00.46
Region VI-4AFord Story 100-yard Breast1st56.96
Region VI-4ATony Killough 100-yard Breast15th1:08.33
Region VI-4AJack Brasher 100-yard Breast16th1:08.71
Region VI-4A1) Alec Willrodt 49.12
3) Kyle Rathgeb 47.86
2) Andrew McCleary 49.06
4) Michael Miller 46.89
400-yard Free Relay1st3:12.93
Region VI-4AKyle Rathgeb 200-yard Free1st1:43.78
Region VI-4ASam Cordova 200-yard Free5th1:45.57
Region VI-4ACai Rohleder 200-yard Free6th1:48.75
Region VI-4AAndrew McCleary 200-yard Free10th1:48.79
Region VI-4AMichael Miller 200-yard IM1st1:53.40
Region VI-4ARob Gahn 200-yard IM3rd1:57.96
Region VI-4ABrandon Hay 200-yard IM5th2:03.06
Region VI-4AMatt Lastrapes 200-yard IM7th2:06.04
Region VI-4AAlec Willrodt 50-yard Free3rd21.76
Region VI-4AFord Story 50-yard Free5th22.15
Region VI-4AJuan Hirsch 50-yard Free10th22.61
Region VI-4AGarrett Hogue One-Meter Diving9th227.50
Region VI-4AMichael Miller 100-yard Butterfly1st50.74
Region VI-4AAndrew McCleary 100-yard Butterfly8th56.42
Region VI-4AConner Parker 100-yard Butterfly13th57.34
Region VI-4ATommy Rohleder 100-yard Butterfly16th58.15
Region VI-4AKyle Rathgeb 100-yard Free2nd47.55
Region VI-4AAlec Willrodt 100-yard Free4th47.99
Region VI-4ATomas Hirsch 100-yard Free9th50.12
Region VI-4ASam Cordova 500-yard Free5th4:50.85
Region VI-4ACai Rohleder 500-yard Free7th4:54.02
Region VI-4ABrandon Hay 500-yard Free10th4:56.98
Region VI-4AConner Parker 500-yard Free14th5:09.44
Region VI-4A1) Alec Willrodt 22.03
3) Andrew McCleary 22.72
2) Kyle Rathgeb 21.73
4) Juan Hirsch 22.04
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:28.52

2010 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHouston Stratford 2nd204
Class 4A1) Alejandro Weitzman 25.31
3) Michael Miller 23.24
2) Ford Story 25.65
4) Alec Willrodt 21.58
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:35.78
Class 4ARob Gahn 100-yard Back14th54.38
Class 4AFord Story 100-yard Breast2nd57.54
Class 4A1) Alec Willrodt 48.15
3) Kyle Rathgeb 48.27
2) Michael Miller 45.68
4) Ryan McCleary 47.45
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:11.55
Class 4ARyan McCleary 200-yard Free4th1:43.11
Class 4AKyle Rathgeb 200-yard Free12th1:46.78
Class 4AMichael Miller 200-yard IM5th1:54.60
Class 4AAlejandro Weitzman 200-yard IM12th2:01.36
Class 4AAlec Willrodt 50-yard Free10th21.83
Class 4ASean Mokhtari One-Meter Diving2nd471.40
Class 4ARyan McCleary 100-yard Free7th47.46
Class 4AMichael Miller 500-yard Free6th4:41.80
Class 4A1) Alec Willrodt 21.80
3) Ryan McCleary 21.54
2) Kyle Rathgeb 22.04
4) Ford Story 21.87
200-yard Free Relay4th1:27.25

2009 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Stratford 39th6
Class 5ASean Mokhtari One-Meter Diving11th392.00

2008 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHunter Bayley 200-yard Free1st1:37.98

2007 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Stratford 17th43

2006 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Stratford 22nd43
Class 5AHunter Bayley 500-yard Free1st4:33.23

2005 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHouston Stratford 45th9

1991 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Stratford 8th53

1988 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHouston Stratford 4th55
UILJohn Cox 100-yard Breast1st57.33

1984 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILDoug Gjertsen 100-yard Back1st51.87
UILDoug Gjertsen 200-yard IM1st1:49.78

1981 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILDavid Hansen 50-yard Free1st21.14