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Search Results: Humble Kingwood

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2019 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHumble Kingwood 1st189.50
Class 6A1) Garret Green
3) Luke Langley
2) Owen Pickering
4) Victor Tremblay
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:31.58
Class 6AGarret Green 100-yard Back11th50.98
Class 6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast4th56.46
Class 6AAndy Steinkamp 100-yard Breast12th57.82
Class 6ABrendan Studdert 100-yard Breast13th57.94
Class 6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free4th1:39.13
Class 6AConnor Little 200-yard Free9th1:39.85
Class 6ABrendan Studdert 200-yard IM5th1:50.53
Class 6ABeck Parnham 200-yard IM12th1:52.80
Class 6AGarret Green 100-yard Butterfly5th48.68
Class 6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly10th50.14
Class 6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free7th45.82
Class 6AConnor Little 100-yard Free11th45.98
Class 6ABeck Parnham 500-yard Free7th4:31.49
Class 6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Connor Little
2) Garret Green
4) Gabe Roberts
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:23.77
District 21-6AHumble Kingwood 1st255
District 21-6A1) Garret Green
3) Luke Langley
2) Owen Pickering
4) Gabe Roberts
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.15
District 21-6AGarret Green 100-yard Back1st50.47
District 21-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Back3rd52.96
District 21-6ALuke Beals 100-yard Back4th53.42
District 21-6ATyler Surratt 100-yard Back6th55.21
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast1st57.65
District 21-6ABrendan Studdert 100-yard Breast3rd59.37
District 21-6AAndy Steinkamp 100-yard Breast4th59.56
District 21-6AZach Clowers 100-yard Breast6th1:01.13
District 21-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Connor Little
2) Brendan Studdert
4) Garret Green
400-yard Free Relay1st3:13.05
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free1st1:42.35
District 21-6AConnor Little 200-yard Free2nd1:43.31
District 21-6AGrayson Hamous 200-yard Free3rd1:45.82
District 21-6AKaya Unalmis 200-yard Free4th1:46.83
District 21-6ABeck Parnham 200-yard IM1st1:53.12
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM2nd1:54.08
District 21-6ABrendan Studdert 200-yard IM3rd1:56.14
District 21-6ALuke Beals 200-yard IM4th1:57.82
District 21-6AGabe Roberts 50-yard Free2nd22.01
District 21-6AJacob Conway 50-yard Free5th22.36
District 21-6AGarret Gowen 50-yard Free6th22.68
District 21-6ADylan Hebert 50-yard Free7th22.87
District 21-6ADiego Martinez One-Meter Diving2nd322.00
District 21-6AGarret Gowen One-Meter Diving3rd291.60
District 21-6ADaniel Wiedrich One-Meter Diving5th285.00
District 21-6AGarret Green 100-yard Butterfly1st49.68
District 21-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.75
District 21-6AKyle Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly4th53.20
District 21-6ATyler Kusler 100-yard Butterfly6th54.44
District 21-6AConnor Little 100-yard Free1st46.73
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free2nd46.95
District 21-6AGabe Roberts 100-yard Free6th48.78
District 21-6AJacob Conway 100-yard Free8th49.35
District 21-6ABeck Parnham 500-yard Free1st4:32.42
District 21-6AGrayson Hamous 500-yard Free2nd4:44.42
District 21-6ATyler Surratt 500-yard Free4th4:48.14
District 21-6AKaya Unalmis 500-yard Free6th4:50.38
District 21-6A1) Gabe Roberts
3) Brendan Studdert
2) Victor Tremblay
4) Connor Little
200-yard Free Relay1st1:29.99
Region VI-6AHumble Kingwood 1st481
Region VI-6A1) Garret Green
3) Luke Langley
2) Owen Pickering
4) Gabe Roberts
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:32.14
Region VI-6AGarret Green 100-yard Back2nd50.17
Region VI-6ALuke Beals 100-yard Back4th52.14
Region VI-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Back5th52.86
Region VI-6ATyler Surratt 100-yard Back13th55.30
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast3rd57.27
Region VI-6ABrendan Studdert 100-yard Breast4th57.92
Region VI-6AAndy Steinkamp 100-yard Breast5th58.22
Region VI-6AZach Clowers 100-yard Breast11th59.96
Region VI-6AConnor Little 200-yard Free1st1:38.80
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free3rd1:39.44
Region VI-6AGrayson Hamous 200-yard Free5th1:44.01
Region VI-6AKaya Unalmis 200-yard Free7th1:44.86
Region VI-6ABrendan Studdert 200-yard IM2nd1:51.26
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM3rd1:53.17
Region VI-6ABeck Parnham 200-yard IM4th1:54.07
Region VI-6ALuke Beals 200-yard IM5th1:56.26
Region VI-6AGabe Roberts 50-yard Free7th21.92
Region VI-6AJacob Conway 50-yard Free9th22.30
Region VI-6AGarret Gowen 50-yard Free11th22.44
Region VI-6ADiego Martinez One-Meter Diving11th277.95
Region VI-6ADaniel Wiedrich One-Meter Diving14th246.50
Region VI-6AGarret Gowen One-Meter Diving21st88.75
Region VI-6AGarret Green 100-yard Butterfly2nd49.63
Region VI-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly4th50.75
Region VI-6AKyle Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly8th53.36
Region VI-6ATyler Kusler 100-yard Butterfly13th54.79
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free3rd45.75
Region VI-6AConnor Little 100-yard Free4th45.95
Region VI-6AGabe Roberts 100-yard Free12th48.49
Region VI-6ABeck Parnham 500-yard Free1st4:33.20
Region VI-6AGrayson Hamous 500-yard Free2nd4:38.16
Region VI-6ATyler Surratt 500-yard Free4th4:44.03
Region VI-6AKaya Unalmis 500-yard Free6th4:44.97
Region VI-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Brendan Studdert
2) Gabe Roberts
4) Connor Little
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:25.19

2018 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHumble Kingwood 3rd188
Class 6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) Zach Cantrell
2) Jacob Bass
4) Caleb Doehring
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:31.76
Class 6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back4th49.60
Class 6AGarret Green 100-yard Back16th51.93
Class 6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast3rd56.09
Class 6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast13th58.35
Class 6AIan Kogucki 100-yard BreastDQ
Class 6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Jacob Bass
2) Connor Little
4) Caleb Doehring
400-yard Free Relay6th3:07.84
Class 6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free2nd1:38.01
Class 6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM3rd1:49.37
Class 6AGarret Green 200-yard IM14th1:53.93
Class 6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM16th1:55.22
Class 6AJordan Anderson 50-yard Free12th21.30
Class 6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly13th51.15
Class 6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free5th45.75
Class 6ABeck Parnham 500-yard Free15th4:34.24
Class 6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Luke Langley
2) Jordan Anderson
4) Caleb Doehring
200-yard Free Relay4th1:24.77
District 21-6AHumble Kingwood 1st271
District 21-6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) Zach Cantrell
2) Jacob Bass
4) Caleb Doehring
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.56
District 21-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back1st51.00
District 21-6AGarret Green 100-yard Back2nd53.55
District 21-6ALuke Beals 100-yard Back4th55.33
District 21-6AJacob Conway 100-yard Back5th55.49
District 21-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast1st57.37
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast2nd59.59
District 21-6AIan Kogucki 100-yard Breast3rd59.62
District 21-6AAndy Steinkamp 100-yard Breast4th1:00.35
District 21-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Garret Green
2) Connor Little
4) Jacob Bass
400-yard Free Relay1st3:15.33
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free1st1:43.84
District 21-6ABeck Parnham 200-yard Free2nd1:45.60
District 21-6AConnor Little 200-yard Free3rd1:46.88
District 21-6ALuke Langley 200-yard Free4th1:48.37
District 21-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM1st1:53.46
District 21-6AGarret Green 200-yard IM2nd1:54.87
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM3rd1:56.39
District 21-6AMatthew Newman 200-yard IM5th1:58.96
District 21-6AJordan Anderson 50-yard Free1st21.71
District 21-6ACaleb Doehring 50-yard Free2nd21.96
District 21-6AGabe Roberts 50-yard Free3rd22.54
District 21-6AIan Kogucki 50-yard Free6th22.97
District 21-6AGarret Gowen One-Meter Diving1st224.20
District 21-6ANoah Wiedrich One-Meter Diving
District 21-6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly1st51.89
District 21-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Butterfly2nd53.29
District 21-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly3rd53.83
District 21-6AKyle Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly5th55.62
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free1st46.95
District 21-6ACaleb Doehring 100-yard Free2nd48.40
District 21-6AConnor Little 100-yard Free3rd48.83
District 21-6AGabe Roberts 100-yard Free4th50.11
District 21-6ABeck Parnham 500-yard Free1st4:38.53
District 21-6AZach Cantrell 500-yard Free2nd4:44.36
District 21-6AGrayson Hamous 500-yard Free3rd4:45.59
District 21-6AMitchell Sausnock 500-yard Free6th4:58.33
District 21-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Connor Little
2) Caleb Doehring
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.57
Region VI-6AHumble Kingwood 1st591
Region VI-6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) Zach Cantrell
2) Jacob Bass
4) Caleb Doehring
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:31.74
Region VI-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back2nd50.62
Region VI-6AGarret Green 100-yard Back3rd51.14
Region VI-6ALuke Beals 100-yard Back6th53.87
Region VI-6AJacob Conway 100-yard Back8th54.49
Region VI-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast2nd56.07
Region VI-6AIan Kogucki 100-yard Breast4th57.94
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast4th57.94
Region VI-6AAndy Steinkamp 100-yard Breast7th59.65
Region VI-6A1) Connor Little
3) Jacob Bass
2) Garret Green
4) Victor Tremblay
400-yard Free Relay1st3:07.10
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free1st1:39.41
Region VI-6AConnor Little 200-yard Free3rd1:43.10
Region VI-6ABeck Parnham 200-yard Free4th1:43.94
Region VI-6ALuke Langley 200-yard Free6th1:45.40
Region VI-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM1st1:51.59
Region VI-6AGarret Green 200-yard IM2nd1:52.48
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM3rd1:53.44
Region VI-6AMatthew Newman 200-yard IM6th1:55.57
Region VI-6AJordan Anderson 50-yard Free2nd21.37
Region VI-6ACaleb Doehring 50-yard Free3rd21.41
Region VI-6AGabe Roberts 50-yard Free8th22.45
Region VI-6AIan Kogucki 50-yard Free12th22.91
Region VI-6AGarret Gowen One-Meter Diving11th244.11
Region VI-6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.74
Region VI-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly3rd51.13
Region VI-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Butterfly6th52.08
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free1st45.64
Region VI-6ACaleb Doehring 100-yard Free4th47.51
Region VI-6AConnor Little 100-yard Free5th47.82
Region VI-6AGabe Roberts 100-yard Free9th49.49
Region VI-6ABeck Parnham 500-yard Free1st4:34.23
Region VI-6AZach Cantrell 500-yard Free2nd4:39.71
Region VI-6AGrayson Hamous 500-yard Free3rd4:39.94
Region VI-6AMitchell Sausnock 500-yard Free5th4:52.73
Region VI-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Luke Langley
2) Jordan Anderson
4) Caleb Doehring
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.16

2017 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHumble Kingwood 3rd186.50
Class 6A1) Bora Unalmis
3) Connor Richmond
2) Jacob Bass
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:32.68
Class 6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back6th49.92
Class 6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back12th51.39
Class 6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast2nd56.01
Class 6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast10th56.95
Class 6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) Connor Richmond
2) Victor Tremblay
4) Bora Unalmis
400-yard Free Relay4th3:06.80
Class 6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free6th1:41.05
Class 6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM5th1:51.38
Class 6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM6th1:52.23
Class 6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free8th47.00
Class 6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free3rd4:27.01
Class 6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Zach Cantrell
2) Jacob Bass
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Free Relay10th1:26.49
District 21-6AHumble Kingwood 1st249
District 21-6A1) Bora Unalmis
3) Connor Richmond
2) Jacob Bass
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.63
District 21-6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back1st50.82
District 21-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back2nd51.69
District 21-6AJacob Conway 100-yard Back3rd56.71
District 21-6AWill Rosenwinkel 100-yard Back4th59.50
District 21-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast1st58.09
District 21-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast2nd58.28
District 21-6AIan Kogucki 100-yard Breast3rd1:00.52
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast4th1:00.64
District 21-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Zach Cantrell
2) Connor Richmond
4) Bora Unalmis
400-yard Free Relay1st3:12.89
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free1st1:44.29
District 21-6ALuke Langley 200-yard Free3rd1:49.39
District 21-6AKaya Unalmis 200-yard Free5th1:50.97
District 21-6AOliver Murray 200-yard Free6th1:51.29
District 21-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM1st1:53.47
District 21-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM2nd1:56.38
District 21-6AMatthew Newman 200-yard IM3rd1:58.87
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM4th1:58.97
District 21-6AJordan Anderson 50-yard Free1st22.03
District 21-6ACaleb Doehring 50-yard Free3rd22.96
District 21-6AIan Kogucki 50-yard Free4th23.19
District 21-6ANick El-Takach 50-yard Free12th25.13
District 21-6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly1st52.27
District 21-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Butterfly2nd54.46
District 21-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly3rd54.91
District 21-6AOliver Murray 100-yard Butterfly4th56.64
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free1st47.59
District 21-6ACaleb Doehring 100-yard Free4th49.56
District 21-6AAndy Steinkamp 100-yard Free5th51.30
District 21-6ANick El-Takach 100-yard Free7th52.80
District 21-6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free1st4:32.68
District 21-6AZach Cantrell 500-yard Free2nd4:46.97
District 21-6AKaya Unalmis 500-yard Free4th4:56.53
District 21-6AMitchell Sausnock 500-yard Free5th4:57.45
District 21-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Jacob Bass
2) Caleb Doehring
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.68
Region VI-6AHumble Kingwood 1st505
Region VI-6A1) Bora Unalmis
3) Connor Richmond
2) Jacob Bass
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:33.14
Region VI-6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back1st49.48
Region VI-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back4th50.15
Region VI-6AJacob Conway 100-yard Back7th55.85
Region VI-6AWill Rosenwinkel 100-yard Back16th1:00.45
Region VI-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast1st56.15
Region VI-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast3rd56.79
Region VI-6AIan Kogucki 100-yard Breast7th58.89
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast9th1:00.17
Region VI-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Connor Richmond
2) Caleb Doehring
4) Bora Unalmis
400-yard Free Relay1st3:07.20
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard Free1st1:39.86
Region VI-6ALuke Langley 200-yard Free6th1:48.81
Region VI-6AOliver Murray 200-yard Free7th1:50.50
Region VI-6AKaya Unalmis 200-yard Free8th1:50.72
Region VI-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM1st1:50.55
Region VI-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM2nd1:50.94
Region VI-6AMatthew Newman 200-yard IM5th1:57.49
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 200-yard IM6th1:58.15
Region VI-6AJordan Anderson 50-yard Free2nd21.42
Region VI-6ACaleb Doehring 50-yard Free13th22.64
Region VI-6AIan Kogucki 50-yard Free15th22.75
Region VI-6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.24
Region VI-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Butterfly4th53.65
Region VI-6ALuke Langley 100-yard Butterfly6th54.80
Region VI-6AOliver Murray 100-yard Butterfly14th56.71
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free1st46.11
Region VI-6ACaleb Doehring 100-yard Free7th48.75
Region VI-6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free1st4:29.23
Region VI-6AZach Cantrell 500-yard Free3rd4:41.63
Region VI-6AKaya Unalmis 500-yard Free7th4:57.71
Region VI-6AMitchell Sausnock 500-yard Free9th4:56.30
Region VI-6A1) Victor Tremblay
3) Zach Cantrell
2) Jacob Bass
4) Jordan Anderson
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.71

2016 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHumble Kingwood 9th69
Class 6A1) Bora Unalmis
3) Connor Richmond
2) Jacob Bass
4) Christian L'Italien
200-yard Medley Relay7th1:34.34
Class 6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back7th51.26
Class 6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast7th57.48
Class 6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast12th57.70
Class 6AJonah Pennington 200-yard Free15th1:41.96
Class 6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM11th1:52.20
Class 6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM13th1:53.44
Class 6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free13th4:34.40
District 21-6AHumble Kingwood 1st61
District 21-6A1) Bora Unalmis
3) Connor Richmond
2) Jacob Bass
4) Christian L'Italien
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.89
District 21-6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back
District 21-6ARyan Santilena 100-yard Back
District 21-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back
District 21-6AKaya Unalmis 100-yard Back
District 21-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast
District 21-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast
District 21-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Breast
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast
District 21-6A1) Nicholas Boase
3) Ryan Santilena
2) Bora Unalmis
4) Jonah Pennington
400-yard Free Relay1st3:14.51
District 21-6AJonah Pennington 200-yard Free
District 21-6ANicholas Boase 200-yard Free
District 21-6AMichael Monk 200-yard Free
District 21-6AOliver Murray 200-yard Free
District 21-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM
District 21-6AJordan Anderson 200-yard IM
District 21-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard IM
District 21-6ARyan Santilena 50-yard Free
District 21-6AJake Wood 50-yard Free
District 21-6AIan Kogucki 50-yard Free
District 21-6ABrian Weber 50-yard Free2nd
District 21-6AChristian L'Italien 50-yard FreeDQ
District 21-6ANicholas Boase 100-yard Butterfly
District 21-6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly
District 21-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Butterfly
District 21-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Butterfly
District 21-6AChristian L'Italien 100-yard Free
District 21-6AMichael Monk 100-yard Free
District 21-6ANick El-Takach 100-yard Free
District 21-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free
District 21-6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free
District 21-6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free
District 21-6AZach Cantrell 500-yard Free
District 21-6AMitchell Sausnock 500-yard Free
District 21-6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) Jonah Pennington
2) Ryan Santilena
4) Christian L'Italien
200-yard Free Relay1st1:29.16
Region VI-6AHumble Kingwood 1st425.50
Region VI-6A1) Bora Unalmis
3) Connor Richmond
2) Jacob Bass
4) Christian L'Italien
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:33.35
Region VI-6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back1st49.86
Region VI-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back5th52.19
Region VI-6ARyan Santilena 100-yard Back6th53.35
Region VI-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast2nd56.95
Region VI-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast4th57.85
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Breast11th1:01.72
Region VI-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Breast13th1:02.17
Region VI-6AJonah Pennington 200-yard Free2nd1:40.65
Region VI-6AMichael Monk 200-yard Free4th1:44.34
Region VI-6ANicholas Boase 200-yard Free5th1:44.95
Region VI-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM1st1:51.78
Region VI-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM2nd1:52.90
Region VI-6AJordan Anderson 200-yard IM4th1:53.86
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 200-yard IM8th1:59.19
Region VI-6ARyan Santilena 50-yard Free8th22.27
Region VI-6AJake Wood 50-yard Free15th22.67
Region VI-6ABrian Weber One-Meter Diving5th323.15
Region VI-6AZach Cantrell 100-yard Butterfly3rd51.73
Region VI-6ANicholas Boase 100-yard Butterfly7th53.07
Region VI-6AMatthew Newman 100-yard Butterfly10th54.16
Region VI-6AOwen Pickering 100-yard Butterfly12th56.11
Region VI-6AChristian L'Italien 100-yard Free3rd46.76
Region VI-6AVictor Tremblay 100-yard Free7th48.60
Region VI-6AMichael Monk 100-yard Free11th48.42
Region VI-6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free1st4:31.45
Region VI-6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free2nd4:31.53
Region VI-6AZach Cantrell 500-yard Free3rd4:42.41
Region VI-6A1) Christian L'Italien
3) Jonah Pennington
2) Jordan Anderson
4) Ryan Santilena
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:25.67

2015 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHumble Kingwood 15th44
Class 6A1) Jonah Pennington
3) Eric Morejon
2) Michael Monk
4) David Morejon
400-yard Free Relay12th3:10.49
Class 6ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free3rd1:38.23
Class 6ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly3rd49.22
Class 6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free15th4:47.74
District 16-6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) David Morejon
2) Connor Richmond
4) Jonah Pennington
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:37.65
District 16-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back2nd53.49
District 16-6AScout Puckett 100-yard Back3rd53.84
District 16-6ARyan Santilena 100-yard Back4th54.02
District 16-6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back8th55.63
District 16-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast2nd59.05
District 16-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast3rd59.68
District 16-6AAlex Carter 100-yard Breast6th1:04.07
District 16-6AScout Puckett 100-yard Breast11th1:05.87
District 16-6A1) Jonah Pennington
3) Eric Morejon
2) Michael Monk
4) David Morejon
400-yard Free Relay1st3:11.38
District 16-6ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free1st1:40.77
District 16-6AJonah Pennington 200-yard Free2nd1:43.49
District 16-6AEric Morejon 200-yard Free5th1:45.31
District 16-6AMichael Monk 200-yard Free8th1:47.97
District 16-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM2nd1:55.95
District 16-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM4th1:58.36
District 16-6AJordan Anderson 200-yard IM6th1:59.34
District 16-6ANicholas Boase 200-yard IM8th2:05.03
District 16-6AAlex Carter 50-yard Free5th22.48
District 16-6AAlec Monk 50-yard Free6th22.67
District 16-6AJake Wood 50-yard Free11th22.92
District 16-6AEthan Rushing 50-yard Free12th22.94
District 16-6ABrian Weber One-Meter Diving8th315.35
District 16-6ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly1st50.36
District 16-6ARyan Santilena 100-yard Butterfly9th55.62
District 16-6ANicholas Boase 100-yard Butterfly10th55.67
District 16-6AAlex McGuffey 100-yard Butterfly14th59.45
District 16-6AEric Morejon 100-yard Free2nd48.66
District 16-6AEthan Rushing 100-yard Free5th49.40
District 16-6AMichael Monk 100-yard Free6th49.67
District 16-6AAlec Monk 100-yard Free9th50.20
District 16-6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free2nd4:44.61
District 16-6AGerardo Saenz Del Villar 500-yard Free8th5:22.37
District 16-6ADylan Ingle 500-yard Free10th5:34.51
District 16-6A1) Alec Monk
3) Alex Carter
2) Michael Monk
4) Eric Morejon
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:28.80
Region IV-6AHumble Kingwood 3rd237
Region IV-6A1) Jordan Anderson
3) David Morejon
2) Connor Richmond
4) Jonah Pennington
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:36.11
Region IV-6AJordan Anderson 100-yard Back5th53.58
Region IV-6AScout Puckett 100-yard Back11th53.55
Region IV-6ARyan Santilena 100-yard Back15th55.45
Region IV-6AJacob Bass 100-yard Breast3rd58.52
Region IV-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast5th59.47
Region IV-6A1) Jonah Pennington
3) Eric Morejon
2) Ethan Rushing
4) David Morejon
400-yard Free Relay4th3:09.00
Region IV-6ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free1st1:38.14
Region IV-6AJonah Pennington 200-yard Free8th1:43.06
Region IV-6AEric Morejon 200-yard Free15th1:47.15
Region IV-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM7th1:57.74
Region IV-6AJacob Bass 200-yard IM8th1:57.83
Region IV-6AJordan Anderson 200-yard IM16th2:03.11
Region IV-6ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly1st49.45
Region IV-6AEric Morejon 100-yard Free12th48.21
Region IV-6AEthan Rushing 100-yard Free15th49.75
Region IV-6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free4th4:35.79
Region IV-6A1) Alec Monk
3) Alex Carter
2) Michael Monk
4) Eric Morejon
200-yard Free Relay6th1:29.01

2014 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6AHumble Kingwood 19th43
Class 6ADavid Morejon 4th1:39.52
Class 6AJoshua Umrysh 4th57.32
Class 6ADavid Morejon 10th50.31
Class 6ADylan L Lu 11th
Class 6AJoshua Umrysh 11th
Class 6ADavid Morejon 11th
Class 6AJackson Goedjen 11th
Class 6A1) Dylan L Lu 25.38
3) David Morejon 22.53
2) Joshua Umrysh 27.03
4) Jackson Goedjen 21.93
200-yard Medley Relay11th1:36.87
Class 6AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Breast6th57.11
Class 6ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free7th1:40.03
Class 6ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly11th50.24
District 16-6AHumble Kingwood 2nd150.50
District 16-6A1) Dylan L Lu
3) David Morejon
2) Joshua Umrysh
4) Jackson Goedjen
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:37.19
District 16-6ADylan L Lu 100-yard Back1st53.22
District 16-6AEric Morejon 100-yard Back3rd55.24
District 16-6ARyan Santilena 100-yard Back7th56.19
District 16-6ABora Unalmis 100-yard Back8th56.60
District 16-6AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Breast1st58.10
District 16-6AJordan Umrysh 100-yard Breast2nd1:00.13
District 16-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast5th1:00.96
District 16-6AEric Stotts 100-yard Breast7th1:01.91
District 16-6A1) Dylan L Lu
3) Joshua Umrysh
2) Eric Morejon
4) David Morejon
400-yard Free Relay1st3:11.50
District 16-6ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free1st1:41.89
District 16-6ADylan L Lu 200-yard Free6th1:46.34
District 16-6AJonah Pennington 200-yard Free10th1:52.55
District 16-6AEric Morejon 200-yard FreeDQ
District 16-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM1st1:58.53
District 16-6AJordan Umrysh 200-yard IM3rd2:00.25
District 16-6ADylan Stansbury 200-yard IM12th2:17.32
District 16-6ABrent Fluker 200-yard IM13th2:17.90
District 16-6AJackson Goedjen 50-yard Free5th22.46
District 16-6AChristian L'Italien 50-yard Free7th22.62
District 16-6AScott Barber 50-yard Free10th22.71
District 16-6AAlex Carter 50-yard Free17th23.13
District 16-6ABrian Weber One-Meter Diving5th297.05
District 16-6ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly1st50.70
District 16-6AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Butterfly3rd53.11
District 16-6AChristian L'Italien 100-yard Butterfly7th54.81
District 16-6AJackson Goedjen 100-yard Butterfly11th57.82
District 16-6AScott Barber 100-yard Free6th49.30
District 16-6AEric Stotts 100-yard Free11th50.05
District 16-6AEthan Rushing 100-yard Free14th50.72
District 16-6AAlex Carter 100-yard Free18th52.00
District 16-6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free6th4:54.24
District 16-6AMichael Monk 500-yard Free7th4:54.76
District 16-6ABora Unalmis 500-yard Free8th5:00.34
District 16-6ANicholas Boase 500-yard Free9th5:03.85
District 16-6A1) Scott Barber
3) Christian L'Italien
2) Alex Carter
4) Jackson Goedjen
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:29.29
Region IV-6AHumble Kingwood 5th161
Region IV-6A1) Dylan L Lu
3) David Morejon
2) Joshua Umrysh
4) Jackson Goedjen
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:35.18
Region IV-6ADylan L Lu 100-yard Back5th52.79
Region IV-6AEric Morejon 100-yard Back13th55.05
Region IV-6AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Breast2nd56.85
Region IV-6AJordan Umrysh 100-yard Breast10th1:00.21
Region IV-6AConnor Richmond 100-yard Breast11th1:00.76
Region IV-6A1) Dylan L Lu
3) Joshua Umrysh
2) Eric Morejon
4) David Morejon
400-yard Free Relay7th3:11.35
Region IV-6ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free2nd1:39.28
Region IV-6AConnor Richmond 200-yard IM12th1:59.65
Region IV-6AJordan Umrysh 200-yard IM15th2:00.05
Region IV-6ABrian Weber One-Meter Diving14th269.05
Region IV-6ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly2nd49.58
Region IV-6AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Butterfly9th52.54
Region IV-6AJonah Pennington 500-yard Free15th4:53.44
Region IV-6A1) Scott Barber
3) Christian L'Italien
2) Alex Carter
4) Jackson Goedjen
200-yard Free RelayDQ

2013 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 17th47
Class 5A1) Owen Pink 24.22
3) David Morejon 23.27
2) Andrew Weinrich 28.36
4) Fernando Saenz Del Villar 22.18
200-yard Medley Relay12th1:38.03
Class 5A1) Andrew Weinrich 49.05
3) Owen Pink 46.39
2) Fernando Saenz Del Villar 47.75
4) David Morejon 47.43
400-yard Free Relay10th3:10.03
Class 5ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free9th1:41.57
Class 5AOwen Pink 200-yard IM10th1:53.59
Class 5ADavid Morejon 100-yard Free10th46.25
Region IV-5AHumble Kingwood 6th172
Region IV-5A1) Owen Pink 24.19
3) David Morejon 22.61
2) Andrew Weinrich 27.87
4) Fernando Saenz Del Villar 21.68
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:36.35
Region IV-5AOwen Pink 100-yard Back7th51.97
Region IV-5AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Breast3rd59.99
Region IV-5AJordan Umrysh 100-yard Breast10th1:01.28
Region IV-5A1) Andrew Weinrich 49.01
3) Owen Pink 46.82
2) Fernando Saenz Del Villar 47.66
4) David Morejon 46.07
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:09.56
Region IV-5ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free4th1:42.17
Region IV-5AFernando Saenz Del Villar 200-yard Free11th1:45.17
Region IV-5AOwen Pink 200-yard IM1st1:53.43
Region IV-5AJordan Umrysh 200-yard IM12th1:59.08
Region IV-5AAndrew Weinrich 200-yard IM14th1:59.83
Region IV-5AJoshua Umrysh 100-yard Butterfly16th54.94
Region IV-5ADavid Morejon 100-yard Free6th46.61
Region IV-5A1) Andrew Weinrich 23.17
3) Jackson Goedjen 22.52
2) Jordan Umrysh 22.88
4) Fernando Saenz Del Villar 22.09
200-yard Free Relay13th1:30.66

2012 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 32nd14
Class 5AOwen Pink 100-yard Back13th52.89
Class 5ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free13th1:42.66
Class 5ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly11th51.98
Class 5A1) David Morejon
3) Fernando Saenz Del Villar
2) Andrew Weinrich
4) Owen Pink
200-yard Free RelayDQ
Region IV-5AHumble Kingwood 8th142
Region IV-5AOwen Pink 100-yard Back4th52.16
Region IV-5AJordan Umrysh 100-yard Breast15th1:01.75
Region IV-5A1) Owen Pink 48.03
3) Andrew Weinrich 48.54
2) Fernando Saenz Del Villar 47.91
4) David Morejon 46.96
400-yard Free Relay8th3:11.44
Region IV-5ADavid Morejon 200-yard Free3rd1:42.74
Region IV-5AFernando Saenz Del Villar 200-yard Free5th1:43.47
Region IV-5AOwen Pink 200-yard IM9th1:56.34
Region IV-5ADavid Morejon 100-yard Butterfly4th51.49
Region IV-5AScott Barber 100-yard Free16th49.40
Region IV-5AFernando Saenz Del Villar 500-yard Free6th4:42.76
Region IV-5ADylan L Lu 500-yard Free12th4:47.61
Region IV-5A1) Owen Pink 21.98
3) Andrew Weinrich 21.80
2) Scott Barber 22.24
4) David Morejon 21.09
200-yard Free Relay4th1:27.11

2011 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 7th93
Class 5A1) Jared Scheuer 25.28
3) Reed Dalton 22.15
2) Joseph Dow 26.40
4) Mark Bergmeister 21.10
200-yard Medley Relay9th1:34.93
Class 5A1) Reed Dalton 47.49
3) Anthony Ishikawa-Gutierrez 46.97
2) Owen Pink 48.33
4) Mitch Glander 47.39
400-yard Free Relay5th3:10.18
Class 5AAnthony Ishikawa-Gutierrez 50-yard Free7th21.80
Class 5AMark Bergmeister 50-yard Free10th21.53
Class 5AReed Dalton 100-yard Butterfly6th50.45
Class 5AMitch Glander 500-yard Free4th4:31.42
Region IV-5AHumble Kingwood 4th198
Region IV-5A1) Jared Scheuer 25.58
3) Reed Dalton 21.95
2) Joseph Dow 26.44
4) Mark Bergmeister 21.12
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:35.09
Region IV-5AJared Scheuer 100-yard Back4th52.90
Region IV-5AOwen Pink 100-yard Back11th55.28
Region IV-5AJoseph Dow 100-yard Breast9th58.88
Region IV-5A1) Reed Dalton 47.07
3) Owen Pink 48.64
2) Mitch Glander 48.05
4) Anthony Ishikawa-Gutierrez 47.16
400-yard Free Relay5th3:10.92
Region IV-5AMitch Glander 200-yard Free4th1:42.40
Region IV-5AOwen Pink 200-yard IM13th2:00.90
Region IV-5AMark Bergmeister 50-yard Free2nd21.71
Region IV-5AAnthony Ishikawa-Gutierrez 50-yard Free3rd21.72
Region IV-5AReed Dalton 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.01
Region IV-5AAnthony Ishikawa-Gutierrez 100-yard Free4th47.47
Region IV-5AMitch Glander 500-yard Free1st4:30.97
Region IV-5AFernando Saenz Del Villar 500-yard Free13th4:49.53

2010 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 3rd175
Class 5A1) William Oswald 24.20
3) Reed Dalton 22.65
2) Jordan Jones 25.85
4) Mark Bergmeister 21.21
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:33.91
Class 5AJordan Jones 100-yard Breast1st56.32
Class 5A1) Patrick Pash 47.08
3) William Oswald 46.16
2) Anthony Ishikawa-Gutierrez 46.96
4) Jordan Jones 45.23
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:05.43
Class 5AWilliam Oswald 200-yard Free6th1:41.24
Class 5AReed Dalton 100-yard Butterfly9th50.72
Class 5APatrick Pash 100-yard Free12th47.36
Class 5AJordan Jones 500-yard Free1st4:24.54
Class 5AMitch Glander 500-yard Free9th4:33.94
Class 5A1) Patrick Pash 21.54
3) William Oswald 21.26
2) Reed Dalton 21.34
4) Mark Bergmeister 21.19
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:25.33

2009 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 3rd201.50
Class 5A1) Ryan Glander
3) Matthew Barber
2) Joseph Bergmeister
4) Jordan Jones
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:32.32
Class 5ARyan Glander 100-yard Back4th51.13
Class 5AJoseph Bergmeister 100-yard Breast12th59.36
Class 5A1) Jordan Jones
3) Ryan Glander
2) William Oswald
4) Matthew Barber
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:05.06
Class 5AMatthew Barber 200-yard Free1st1:37.30
Class 5ARyan Glander 200-yard Free11th1:41.17
Class 5AJordan Jones 200-yard IM4th1:49.96
Class 5AJordan Jones 100-yard Free6th46.32
Class 5APatrick Pash 100-yard Free13th47.46
Class 5AMatthew Barber 500-yard Free1st4:22.08
Class 5AMitch Glander 500-yard Free11th4:39.25

2008 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 1st200

2007 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 3rd136

2006 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 1st240.50
Class 5ABenjamin Decker 100-yard Breast1st56.88
Class 5AGarrett Beaman 100-yard Free1st44.72

2005 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 2nd211.50
Class 5AGarrett Beaman 200-yard IM1st1:50.55
Class 5AEric Olesen 100-yard Butterfly1st49.06
Class 5AEric Olesen 100-yard Free1st45.14

2004 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 1st274.50
Class 5AEric Olesen 100-yard Back1st49.82
Class 5AEric Olesen 100-yard Butterfly1st50.00

2002 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 2nd188
Class 5ABrad Raiford 50-yard Free1st20.94
Class 5ABrad Raiford 100-yard Free1st46.08

2001 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 1st224

2000 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood 5th65

1998 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 3rd94

1997 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 9th53

1996 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 3rd123

1995 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 3rd145

1994 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 2nd129
UILGlenn Counts 50-yard Free1st20.50
UILGlenn Counts 100-yard Free1st44.26

1993 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 1st190
UILChris Counts 200-yard IM1st1:49.04
UILChris Counts 100-yard Butterfly1st49.42

1992 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 1st204.50
UILChris Counts 100-yard Back1st50.02
UILChris Counts 100-yard Butterfly1st49.42

1991 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
UILHumble Kingwood 5th82.50