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Search Results: Southlake Carroll

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2020 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 4th156
Class 6A1) Max Hatcher
3) Christian Balint
2) Andrew Zettle
4) Nicholas Swafford
200-yard Medley Relay7th1:34.31
Class 6AMax Hatcher 100-yard Back15th51.57
Class 6A1) Andrew Zettle
3) Mason Edmund
2) Jackson Pogue
4) Max Hatcher
400-yard Free Relay4th3:03.28
Class 6AMason Edmund 200-yard Free4th1:40.00
Class 6AAndrew Zettle 200-yard Free7th1:40.49
Class 6AMax Hatcher 200-yard IM13th1:53.95
Class 6AManuel Borowski One-Meter Diving1st535.10
Class 6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving5th497.45
Class 6AJackson Pogue 100-yard Butterfly5th49.31
Class 6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Free7th46.05
Class 6AMason Edmund 500-yard Free9th4:28.19
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st386
Region II-6A1) Max Hatcher
3) Christian Balint
2) Andrew Zettle
4) Nicholas Swafford
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:34.31
Region II-6AMax Hatcher 100-yard Back1st50.14
Region II-6ALuke Wenger 100-yard Back11th55.79
Region II-6ACam Walter 100-yard Breast5th1:01.60
Region II-6AGrant Bibza 100-yard Breast6th1:01.67
Region II-6A1) Andrew Zettle
3) Mason Edmund
2) Jackson Pogue
4) Michael Kietzman
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:05.37
Region II-6AMason Edmund 200-yard Free3rd1:40.03
Region II-6AAndrew Zettle 200-yard Free4th1:40.15
Region II-6ABennett Bibza 200-yard Free11th1:46.27
Region II-6AMax Hatcher 200-yard IM2nd1:50.84
Region II-6AChristian Balint 200-yard IM6th1:53.89
Region II-6ACollin Woods 200-yard IM8th1:57.31
Region II-6ACam Walter 200-yard IM10th1:58.16
Region II-6AMichael Kietzman 50-yard Free2nd21.24
Region II-6ANicholas Swafford 50-yard Free7th22.06
Region II-6AManuel Borowski One-Meter Diving1st531.05
Region II-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving2nd494.95
Region II-6AJackson Pogue 100-yard Butterfly1st48.99
Region II-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Butterfly4th50.99
Region II-6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Free3rd46.21
Region II-6AMichael Kietzman 100-yard Free4th46.56
Region II-6AQuinn Tyler 100-yard Free9th49.11
Region II-6AMason Edmund 500-yard Free3rd4:31.02
Region II-6AJackson Pogue 500-yard Free7th4:41.24
Region II-6ABennett Bibza 500-yard Free11th4:50.40
Region II-6AWilliam Ward 500-yard Free12th4:52.16

2019 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 4th140
Class 6A1) Christian Balint
3) Jackson Pogue
2) Grayson Whitsett
4) Nicholas Swafford
200-yard Medley Relay16th1:36.51
Class 6A1) Ryan Perham
3) Mason Edmund
2) Andrew Zettle
4) Michael Kietzman
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:03.77
Class 6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free3rd20.41
Class 6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving2nd517.90
Class 6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving5th482.20
Class 6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly2nd48.45
Class 6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Free12th46.35
Class 6AMason Edmund 500-yard Free10th4:29.61
Class 6A1) Ryan Perham
3) Nicholas Swafford
2) Andrew Zettle
4) Michael Kietzman
200-yard Free Relay4th1:23.78
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st217
District 5-6A1) Christian Balint
3) Ryan Perham
2) Andrew Fu
4) Michael Kietzman
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.22
District 5-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Back3rd54.52
District 5-6ATyler Casey 100-yard Back6th56.63
District 5-6ALuke Wenger 100-yard Back7th57.65
District 5-6AMark Li 100-yard Back11th1:00.88
District 5-6AAndrew Fu 100-yard Breast1st1:01.22
District 5-6AGrayson Whitsett 100-yard Breast2nd1:01.84
District 5-6ACam Walter 100-yard Breast3rd1:02.05
District 5-6AJohn Stoklas 100-yard Breast8th1:03.68
District 5-6A1) Andrew Zettle
3) Nicholas Swafford
2) Mason Edmund
4) Jackson Pogue
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:13.21
District 5-6AMason Edmund 200-yard Free2nd1:43.78
District 5-6AAndrew Zettle 200-yard Free4th1:44.02
District 5-6ABennett Bibza 200-yard Free6th1:49.64
District 5-6ALeo Lin 200-yard Free10th1:53.92
District 5-6AChristian Balint 200-yard IM2nd1:57.60
District 5-6ACam Walter 200-yard IM3rd2:01.28
District 5-6AJohn Stoklas 200-yard IM5th2:05.35
District 5-6ADutch Mark 200-yard IM8th2:10.89
District 5-6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free1st21.24
District 5-6AMichael Kietzman 50-yard Free2nd21.65
District 5-6ANicholas Swafford 50-yard Free4th22.18
District 5-6ATyler Casey 50-yard Free7th22.59
District 5-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving1st466.45
District 5-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving2nd416.95
District 5-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving6th310.15
District 5-6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly1st50.15
District 5-6AJackson Pogue 100-yard Butterfly2nd52.20
District 5-6ALuke Wenger 100-yard Butterfly6th54.69
District 5-6ARyan Spielvogel 100-yard Butterfly7th55.97
District 5-6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Free2nd48.01
District 5-6AMichael Kietzman 100-yard Free3rd48.36
District 5-6ANicholas Swafford 100-yard Free6th48.97
District 5-6AJack Fergus 100-yard Free12th51.52
District 5-6AMason Edmund 500-yard Free1st4:34.47
District 5-6AJackson Pogue 500-yard Free4th4:48.01
District 5-6ABennett Bibza 500-yard Free5th4:52.02
District 5-6AEric Eaton 500-yard Free6th4:56.15
District 5-6A1) Ryan Perham
3) Andrew Zettle
2) Michael Kietzman
4) Nicholas Swafford
200-yard Free Relay1st1:27.79
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st429.50
Region II-6A1) Christian Balint
3) Ryan Perham
2) Grayson Whitsett
4) Nicholas Swafford
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.05
Region II-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Back4th52.26
Region II-6ATyler Casey 100-yard Back12th55.88
Region II-6AAndrew Fu 100-yard Breast5th1:00.72
Region II-6AGrayson Whitsett 100-yard Breast9th1:02.09
Region II-6ACam Walter 100-yard Breast13th1:03.52
Region II-6A1) Andrew Zettle
3) Mason Edmund
2) Michael Kietzman
4) Jackson Pogue
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:09.62
Region II-6AAndrew Zettle 200-yard Free6th1:42.08
Region II-6AMason Edmund 200-yard Free7th1:42.85
Region II-6ABennett Bibza 200-yard Free16th1:48.14
Region II-6AChristian Balint 200-yard IM3rd1:53.73
Region II-6ACam Walter 200-yard IM7th2:00.80
Region II-6AJohn Stoklas 200-yard IM14th2:05.96
Region II-6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free1st20.62
Region II-6AMichael Kietzman 50-yard Free3rd21.47
Region II-6ANicholas Swafford 50-yard Free6th21.93
Region II-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving1st499.65
Region II-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving2nd462.70
Region II-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving6th335.65
Region II-6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly1st49.09
Region II-6AJackson Pogue 100-yard Butterfly3rd50.94
Region II-6ALuke Wenger 100-yard Butterfly14th55.47
Region II-6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Free2nd46.48
Region II-6AMichael Kietzman 100-yard Free7th47.45
Region II-6ANicholas Swafford 100-yard Free8th47.92
Region II-6AMason Edmund 500-yard Free4th4:35.19
Region II-6AJackson Pogue 500-yard Free6th4:37.93
Region II-6AEric Eaton 500-yard Free13th4:50.77
Region II-6ABennett Bibza 500-yard Free15th4:56.52
Region II-6A1) Ryan Perham
3) Andrew Zettle
2) Michael Kietzman
4) Nicholas Swafford
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.62

2018 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st246.50
Class 6A1) Kevin Repice
3) Ryan Perham
2) Jaykob Williams
4) Matthew Hahn
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:33.21
Class 6A1) Landon Armstrong
3) Jaykob Williams
2) Kevin Repice
4) Christopher Lindley
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:03.56
Class 6AJaykob Williams 200-yard Free7th1:40.65
Class 6AChristopher Lindley 200-yard Free8th1:42.02
Class 6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM9th1:51.06
Class 6AMason Kelber 200-yard IM11th1:52.22
Class 6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free10th20.98
Class 6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free16th21.54
Class 6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving2nd499.65
Class 6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving9th436.75
Class 6AKevin Repice 100-yard Butterfly7th49.71
Class 6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly8th50.16
Class 6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free4th45.73
Class 6AMatthew Hahn 100-yard Free7th46.06
Class 6AJaykob Williams 500-yard Free6th4:30.24
Class 6AMason Kelber 500-yard Free8th4:33.94
Class 6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free9th4:27.14
Class 6A1) Landon Armstrong
3) Matthew Hahn
2) Ryan Perham
4) Mason Kelber
200-yard Free Relay5th1:24.79
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st233
District 5-6A1) Kevin Repice
3) Ryan Perham
2) Jaykob Williams
4) Matthew Hahn
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.38
District 5-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Back3rd55.19
District 5-6ALuke Wenger 100-yard Back5th57.84
District 5-6AJack Fergus 100-yard Back7th59.34
District 5-6AMark Li 100-yard Back10th1:02.03
District 5-6AAndrew Fu 100-yard Breast2nd1:01.09
District 5-6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Breast5th1:03.02
District 5-6ACam Walter 100-yard Breast8th1:04.68
District 5-6ADutch Mark 100-yard Breast10th1:07.45
District 5-6A1) Landon Armstrong
3) Jaykob Williams
2) Kevin Repice
4) Chris Lindley
400-yard Free Relay1st3:11.80
District 5-6AChris Lindley 200-yard Free2nd1:43.97
District 5-6AJaykob Williams 200-yard Free3rd1:45.15
District 5-6AJackson Pogue 200-yard Free5th1:46.60
District 5-6AAndrew Zettle 200-yard Free7th1:49.52
District 5-6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM1st1:53.68
District 5-6AMason Kelber 200-yard IM2nd1:56.19
District 5-6AAndrew Fu 200-yard IM7th2:00.44
District 5-6ACam Walter 200-yard IM8th2:06.15
District 5-6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free1st21.42
District 5-6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free2nd21.51
District 5-6AMatthew Hahn 50-yard Free4th21.99
District 5-6AMichael Kietzman 50-yard Free5th22.01
District 5-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving1st482.05
District 5-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving2nd400.05
District 5-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving5th309.25
District 5-6AKevin Repice 100-yard Butterfly1st50.18
District 5-6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.08
District 5-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Butterfly3rd52.77
District 5-6AJackson Pogue 100-yard Butterfly3rd52.77
District 5-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free1st47.32
District 5-6AMatthew Hahn 100-yard Free3rd48.04
District 5-6AMichael Kietzman 100-yard Free6th49.33
District 5-6ANicholas Swafford 100-yard Free8th49.69
District 5-6AChris Lindley 500-yard Free1st4:36.04
District 5-6AMason Kelber 500-yard Free2nd4:38.32
District 5-6AJaykob Williams 500-yard Free3rd4:39.57
District 5-6ABennett Bibza 500-yard Free5th4:46.99
District 5-6A1) Landon Armstrong
3) Matthew Hahn
2) Ryan Perham
4) Mason Kelber
200-yard Free Relay1st1:27.48
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st508
Region II-6A1) Kevin Repice
3) Ryan Perham
2) Jaykob Williams
4) Matthew Hahn
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:33.42
Region II-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Back5th54.01
Region II-6ALuke Wenger 100-yard Back13th57.11
Region II-6AAndrew Fu 100-yard Breast6th1:01.22
Region II-6AAndrew Zettle 100-yard Breast12th1:03.93
Region II-6A1) Landon Armstrong
3) Jaykob Williams
2) Kevin Repice
4) Chris Lindley
400-yard Free Relay1st3:06.46
Region II-6AJaykob Williams 200-yard Free1st1:40.34
Region II-6AChris Lindley 200-yard Free3rd1:40.72
Region II-6AJackson Pogue 200-yard Free10th1:45.93
Region II-6AMason Kelber 200-yard IM2nd1:51.25
Region II-6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM3rd1:52.60
Region II-6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free1st20.98
Region II-6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free2nd21.25
Region II-6AMatthew Hahn 50-yard Free5th21.56
Region II-6AMichael Kietzman 50-yard Free8th25.21
Region II-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving1st477.45
Region II-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving2nd406.15
Region II-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving6th294.15
Region II-6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly1st49.84
Region II-6AKevin Repice 100-yard Butterfly3rd50.12
Region II-6AJackson Pogue 100-yard Butterfly4th52.01
Region II-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Butterfly5th52.28
Region II-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free1st46.07
Region II-6AMatthew Hahn 100-yard Free2nd46.19
Region II-6AMichael Kietzman 100-yard Free7th48.83
Region II-6AMason Kelber 500-yard Free2nd4:29.52
Region II-6AChris Lindley 500-yard Free4th4:32.93
Region II-6AJaykob Williams 500-yard Free5th4:33.89
Region II-6ABennett Bibza 500-yard Free13th4:49.06
Region II-6A1) Landon Armstrong
3) Matthew Hahn
2) Ryan Perham
4) Mason Kelber
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.59

2017 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st247
Class 6A1) Jack Vande Berg
3) Kevin Repice
2) Logan Davis
4) Logan Henry
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:33.73
Class 6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast6th56.56
Class 6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Kevin Repice
2) Landon Armstrong
4) Landon Jensen
400-yard Free Relay1st3:02.35
Class 6AJack LeVant 200-yard Free1st1:33.57
Class 6ALandon Armstrong 200-yard Free15th1:43.08
Class 6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM10th1:52.02
Class 6AJaykob Williams 200-yard IM15th1:55.17
Class 6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving1st478.70
Class 6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving8th406.95
Class 6ALogan Davis 100-yard Butterfly6th49.21
Class 6AKevin Repice 100-yard Butterfly9th49.43
Class 6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free9th46.38
Class 6AJack LeVant 500-yard Free1st4:16.78
Class 6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free10th4:31.81
Class 6AJaykob Williams 500-yard Free13th4:34.88
Class 6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Landon Armstrong
2) Logan Davis
4) Landon Jensen
200-yard Free Relay1st1:23.58
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st259
District 5-6A1) Jack Vande Berg
3) Kevin Repice
2) Logan Davis
4) Logan Henry
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.52
District 5-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back1st52.39
District 5-6ALogan Henry 100-yard Back3rd55.34
District 5-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Back4th56.95
District 5-6AJ J Reed 100-yard Back9th58.30
District 5-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast1st58.40
District 5-6AAndrew Fu 100-yard Breast4th1:03.95
District 5-6ANicholas Tung 100-yard Breast5th1:04.26
District 5-6AJacob Ross 100-yard Breast6th1:04.50
District 5-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Kevin Repice
2) Landon Armstrong
4) Landon Jensen
400-yard Free Relay1st3:07.59
District 5-6AJack LeVant 200-yard Free1st1:38.30
District 5-6ALandon Armstrong 200-yard Free2nd1:43.63
District 5-6ALandon Jensen 200-yard Free3rd1:43.72
District 5-6AMason Kelber 200-yard Free5th1:46.24
District 5-6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM1st1:54.35
District 5-6AChristopher Lindley 200-yard IM2nd1:57.60
District 5-6AJaykob Williams 200-yard IM3rd1:57.83
District 5-6ANicholas Tung 200-yard IM5th2:03.56
District 5-6AGarrett Kuketz 50-yard Free3rd22.14
District 5-6AJack Vande Berg 50-yard Free5th22.35
District 5-6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free6th22.54
District 5-6ALogan Henry 50-yard Free8th22.61
District 5-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving1st430.50
District 5-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving3rd390.70
District 5-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving4th347.05
District 5-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving6th304.95
District 5-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Butterfly1st50.08
District 5-6AKevin Repice 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.15
District 5-6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly3rd53.62
District 5-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Butterfly4th53.98
District 5-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free1st47.75
District 5-6ALandon Jensen 100-yard Free2nd47.84
District 5-6AMatthew Hahn 100-yard Free5th48.76
District 5-6AGarrett Kuketz 100-yard Free6th48.82
District 5-6AJack LeVant 500-yard Free1st4:31.64
District 5-6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free2nd4:39.15
District 5-6AJaykob Williams 500-yard Free4th4:42.18
District 5-6AMason Kelber 500-yard Free5th4:44.71
District 5-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Landon Armstrong
2) Logan Davis
4) Landon Jensen
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.78
Region II-6A1) Jack Vande Berg
3) Kevin Repice
2) Logan Davis
4) Logan Henry
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.63
Region II-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back4th51.74
Region II-6ALogan Henry 100-yard Back7th54.11
Region II-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Back10th55.52
Region II-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast2nd57.28
Region II-6AAndrew Fu 100-yard Breast9th1:02.46
Region II-6ANicholas Tung 100-yard Breast14th1:04.53
Region II-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Kevin Repice
2) Landon Armstrong
4) Landon Jensen
400-yard Free Relay1st3:04.16
Region II-6AJack LeVant 200-yard Free1st1:34.89
Region II-6ALandon Armstrong 200-yard Free2nd1:40.99
Region II-6ALandon Jensen 200-yard Free4th1:41.80
Region II-6AMason Kelber 200-yard Free9th1:44.09
Region II-6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM1st1:51.98
Region II-6AJaykob Williams 200-yard IM3rd1:53.69
Region II-6AChristopher Lindley 200-yard IM5th1:55.91
Region II-6ANicholas Tung 200-yard IM11th2:02.94
Region II-6ARyan Perham 50-yard Free5th21.78
Region II-6AGarrett Kuketz 50-yard Free8th21.96
Region II-6AJack Vande Berg 50-yard Free10th22.21
Region II-6AJackson Miller One-Meter Diving2nd480.65
Region II-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving3rd428.30
Region II-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving4th422.70
Region II-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving6th348.20
Region II-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Butterfly2nd49.81
Region II-6AKevin Repice 100-yard Butterfly3rd50.74
Region II-6ARyan Perham 100-yard Butterfly5th52.90
Region II-6AChristian Balint 100-yard Butterfly7th53.46
Region II-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free2nd46.63
Region II-6ALandon Jensen 100-yard Free3rd47.28
Region II-6AGarrett Kuketz 100-yard Free5th47.98
Region II-6AMatthew Hahn 100-yard Free6th48.07
Region II-6AJack LeVant 500-yard Free1st4:19.03
Region II-6AJaykob Williams 500-yard Free3rd4:34.09
Region II-6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free5th4:36.06
Region II-6AMason Kelber 500-yard Free9th4:40.93
Region II-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Landon Armstrong
2) Logan Davis
4) Landon Jensen
200-yard Free Relay1st1:24.39

2016 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st327
Class 6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Gus Karau
2) Evan Kolde
4) Landon Armstrong
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:31.32
Class 6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast5th57.18
Class 6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast6th57.32
Class 6A1) Alex Zettle
3) Landon Armstrong
2) Jack LeVant
4) Colter Carman
400-yard Free Relay1st2:59.39
Class 6AAlex Zettle 200-yard Free1st1:36.27
Class 6AGus Karau 200-yard Free7th1:40.71
Class 6AKevin Repice 200-yard Free14th1:41.55
Class 6AColter Carman 200-yard IM3rd1:49.15
Class 6ADaniel Balint 200-yard IM9th1:51.79
Class 6AJaykob Williams 200-yard IM14th1:54.17
Class 6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free2nd20.44
Class 6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free11th21.25
Class 6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving8th388.60
Class 6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving10th388.05
Class 6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st47.64
Class 6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly11th49.94
Class 6ALogan Davis 100-yard Butterfly15th50.39
Class 6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free8th46.42
Class 6ALandon Jensen 100-yard Free11th46.47
Class 6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Free12th46.48
Class 6AAlex Zettle 500-yard Free2nd4:20.46
Class 6AColter Carman 500-yard Free3rd4:24.10
Class 6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free12th4:34.06
Class 6A1) Alex Zettle
3) Landon Jensen
2) Evan Kolde
4) Colter Carman
200-yard Free Relay5th1:24.54
District 5-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st273.50
District 5-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Gus Karau
2) Evan Kolde
4) Landon Armstrong
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:31.82
District 5-6ALogan Henry 100-yard Back2nd53.06
District 5-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back3rd53.54
District 5-6AKevin Repice 100-yard Back4th53.79
District 5-6AJaykob Williams 100-yard Back6th55.87
District 5-6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast1st57.84
District 5-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast2nd58.62
District 5-6AJ P Reppeto 100-yard Breast4th1:00.57
District 5-6AChris Ta 100-yard Breast5th1:01.45
District 5-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Colter Carman
2) Alex Zettle
4) Landon Armstrong
400-yard Free Relay1st3:05.20
District 5-6AAlex Zettle 200-yard Free1st1:37.76
District 5-6AGus Karau 200-yard Free2nd1:42.17
District 5-6AKevin Repice 200-yard Free3rd1:43.41
District 5-6AChristopher Lindley 200-yard Free6th1:46.25
District 5-6ADaniel Balint 200-yard IM1st1:54.63
District 5-6AColter Carman 200-yard IM2nd1:55.89
District 5-6ABrian Hochman 200-yard IM4th1:56.40
District 5-6AJaykob Williams 200-yard IM5th1:56.62
District 5-6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st20.40
District 5-6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free2nd21.40
District 5-6ALandon Jensen 50-yard Free3rd22.01
District 5-6AGriffin Rea 50-yard Free6th22.30
District 5-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving2nd416.40
District 5-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving3rd404.10
District 5-6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving4th371.00
District 5-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving6th344.00
District 5-6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st48.17
District 5-6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.53
District 5-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Butterfly3rd51.32
District 5-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Butterfly5th51.74
District 5-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free1st46.72
District 5-6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Free2nd46.84
District 5-6ALandon Jensen 100-yard Free3rd47.60
District 5-6ALogan Henry 100-yard Free4th48.13
District 5-6AAlex Zettle 500-yard Free1st4:24.96
District 5-6AColter Carman 500-yard Free2nd4:38.94
District 5-6AEric Hart 500-yard Free4th4:43.41
District 5-6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free5th4:43.87
District 5-6A1) Evan Kolde
3) Landon Jensen
2) Alex Zettle
4) Colter Carman
200-yard Free Relay1st1:26.05
Region II-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st674
Region II-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Gus Karau
2) Evan Kolde
4) Landon Armstrong
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:32.53
Region II-6AKevin Repice 100-yard Back3rd52.94
Region II-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back5th53.16
Region II-6ALogan Henry 100-yard Back6th53.43
Region II-6AJaykob Williams 100-yard Back9th54.86
Region II-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast1st57.17
Region II-6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast2nd57.89
Region II-6AJ P Reppeto 100-yard Breast5th59.56
Region II-6AChris Ta 100-yard Breast8th1:01.94
Region II-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Colter Carman
2) Alex Zettle
4) Landon Armstrong
400-yard Free Relay1st3:02.79
Region II-6AAlex Zettle 200-yard Free1st1:38.17
Region II-6AGus Karau 200-yard Free2nd1:40.92
Region II-6AKevin Repice 200-yard Free3rd1:41.00
Region II-6AChristopher Lindley 200-yard Free5th1:43.07
Region II-6AColter Carman 200-yard IM1st1:50.22
Region II-6ADaniel Balint 200-yard IM2nd1:52.53
Region II-6AJaykob Williams 200-yard IM3rd1:53.36
Region II-6ABrian Hochman 200-yard IM7th1:56.31
Region II-6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st20.52
Region II-6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free3rd21.36
Region II-6ALandon Jensen 50-yard Free5th21.76
Region II-6AGriffin Rea 50-yard Free10th22.42
Region II-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving2nd426.55
Region II-6APhillip Kleiman One-Meter Diving3rd409.35
Region II-6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving4th380.75
Region II-6AReid Klein One-Meter Diving7th332.15
Region II-6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st48.24
Region II-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Butterfly3rd50.17
Region II-6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly4th50.44
Region II-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Butterfly5th50.83
Region II-6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Free2nd46.04
Region II-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free3rd46.24
Region II-6ALandon Jensen 100-yard Free4th46.58
Region II-6ALogan Henry 100-yard Free7th48.51
Region II-6AAlex Zettle 500-yard Free1st4:25.20
Region II-6AColter Carman 500-yard Free2nd4:28.68
Region II-6AChristopher Lindley 500-yard Free3rd4:33.10
Region II-6AEric Hart 500-yard Free6th4:40.52
Region II-6A1) Evan Kolde
3) Landon Jensen
2) Alex Zettle
4) Colter Carman
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.31

2015 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st295
Class 6A1) Alex Moraru
3) Gus Karau
2) Evan Kolde
4) Landon Armstrong
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:34.03
Class 6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast6th57.45
Class 6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Breast8th58.88
Class 6A1) Alex Zettle
3) Austin Whalen
2) Jack LeVant
4) Colter Carman
400-yard Free Relay1st2:59.69
Class 6AAlex Zettle 200-yard Free1st1:37.17
Class 6AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free4th1:39.18
Class 6AColter Carman 200-yard IM5th1:50.75
Class 6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st20.23
Class 6ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st566.65
Class 6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving12th356.70
Class 6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st48.20
Class 6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Butterfly12th50.94
Class 6AGus Karau 100-yard ButterflyDQ
Class 6AAustin Whalen 100-yard Free9th45.96
Class 6AAlex Zettle 500-yard Free1st4:22.64
Class 6AColter Carman 500-yard Free3rd4:26.28
Class 6AEric Hart 500-yard Free12th4:39.91
Class 6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Austin Whalen
2) Alex Zettle
4) Landon Jensen
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:23.71
District 10-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st279
District 10-6A1) Alex Moraru
3) Gus Karau
2) Evan Kolde
4) Landon Armstrong
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.91
District 10-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back1st54.04
District 10-6AAlex Moraru 100-yard Back2nd54.77
District 10-6ASean Murphy 100-yard Back4th55.12
District 10-6AGavin Springs 100-yard Back5th55.29
District 10-6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast1st56.99
District 10-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Breast2nd59.74
District 10-6AJ P Reppeto 100-yard Breast4th1:00.28
District 10-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast5th1:00.76
District 10-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Austin Whalen
2) Alex Zettle
4) Colter Carman
400-yard Free Relay1st3:07.00
District 10-6AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free1st1:41.82
District 10-6AAlex Zettle 200-yard Free2nd1:43.79
District 10-6AEric Hart 200-yard Free4th1:46.35
District 10-6ALogan Henry 200-yard Free5th1:47.12
District 10-6AColter Carman 200-yard IM1st1:53.43
District 10-6ALogan Davis 200-yard IM2nd1:57.65
District 10-6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM3rd1:58.45
District 10-6ASean Murphy 200-yard IM6th2:00.51
District 10-6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st20.94
District 10-6AEvan Kolde 50-yard Free2nd22.06
District 10-6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free4th22.19
District 10-6ALandon Jensen 50-yard Free5th22.59
District 10-6ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st561.85
District 10-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving2nd401.10
District 10-6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving3rd399.30
District 10-6AAndrew Walker One-Meter Diving5th357.05
District 10-6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st49.43
District 10-6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.06
District 10-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Butterfly3rd51.85
District 10-6AAlex Moraru 100-yard Butterfly5th53.40
District 10-6AAustin Whalen 100-yard Free1st47.25
District 10-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free3rd48.59
District 10-6ALandon Jensen 100-yard Free5th48.84
District 10-6AGriffin Rea 100-yard Free7th49.45
District 10-6AColter Carman 500-yard Free1st4:35.32
District 10-6AAlex Zettle 500-yard Free2nd4:40.97
District 10-6AEric Hart 500-yard Free3rd4:42.24
District 10-6AGus Karau 500-yard Free4th4:42.51
District 10-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Austin Whalen
2) Alex Zettle
4) Landon Jensen
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.94
Region III-6ASouthlake Carroll
Region III-6A1) Alex Moraru
3) Gus Karau
2) Evan Kolde
4) Landon Armstrong
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:34.59
Region III-6ASean Murphy 100-yard Back5th53.12
Region III-6AAlex Moraru 100-yard Back7th53.37
Region III-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back8th53.71
Region III-6AGavin Springs 100-yard Back9th53.93
Region III-6AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast1st57.25
Region III-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Breast4th58.13
Region III-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast6th59.42
Region III-6AJ P Reppeto 100-yard Breast10th1:00.47
Region III-6A1) Alex Zettle
3) Austin Whalen
2) Jack LeVant
4) Colter Carman
400-yard Free Relay1st3:03.65
Region III-6AAlex Zettle 200-yard Free1st1:39.94
Region III-6AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free2nd1:40.35
Region III-6AEric Hart 200-yard Free4th1:43.41
Region III-6ALogan Henry 200-yard Free7th1:45.50
Region III-6AColter Carman 200-yard IM2nd1:51.50
Region III-6ALogan Davis 200-yard IM5th1:54.65
Region III-6AKevin Repice 200-yard IM6th1:56.77
Region III-6ASean Murphy 200-yard IM9th1:58.04
Region III-6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st20.48
Region III-6ALandon Armstrong 50-yard Free2nd21.46
Region III-6AEvan Kolde 50-yard Free7th21.97
Region III-6ALandon Jensen 50-yard Free8th22.25
Region III-6ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st517.15
Region III-6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving2nd392.55
Region III-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving3rd381.00
Region III-6AAndrew Walker One-Meter Diving5th359.30
Region III-6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st49.13
Region III-6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly2nd49.86
Region III-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Butterfly6th50.54
Region III-6AAlex Moraru 100-yard Butterfly8th52.11
Region III-6AAustin Whalen 100-yard Free1st46.49
Region III-6ALandon Armstrong 100-yard Free2nd46.57
Region III-6AGriffin Rea 100-yard Free7th48.92
Region III-6AColter Carman 500-yard Free1st4:28.50
Region III-6AAlex Zettle 500-yard Free2nd4:29.07
Region III-6AEric Hart 500-yard Free3rd4:34.15
Region III-6AGus Karau 500-yard Free4th4:36.53
Region III-6A1) Jack LeVant
3) Austin Whalen
2) Alex Zettle
4) Landon Jensen
200-yard Free Relay1st1:24.33

2014 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 6ASouthlake Carroll 1st215
Class 6ACarson Klein 1st1:38.27
Class 6ANate Hernandez 1st
Class 6ACarson Klein 2nd4:28.00
Class 6AJack LeVant 6th21.05
Class 6AJack LeVant 6th49.77
Class 6AWilliam Karau 6th4:32.77
Class 6AJohn Everett 7th1:53.08
Class 6AAustin Whalen 9th1:40.91
Class 6ALuke McFarland 12th
Class 6AAustin Whalen 12th46.60
Class 6ACarson Klein 3rd
Class 6AKyle J Derevyanik 4th
Class 6AJack LeVant 7th
Class 6AAustin Whalen 3rd
Class 6AEvan Kolde 4th
Class 6ACarson Klein 7th
Class 6AJohn Everett 3rd
Class 6AWilliam Karau 4th
Class 6AAustin Whalen 7th
Class 6AJack LeVant 3rd
Class 6AGriffin Rea 4th
Class 6AKyle J Derevyanik 7th
Class 6A1) Kyle J Derevyanik 24.20
3) William Karau 22.53
2) Evan Kolde 26.36
4) Griffin Rea 21.57
200-yard Medley Relay4th1:34.66
Class 6A1) Carson Klein 46.03
3) John Everett 46.83
2) Austin Whalen 46.08
4) Jack LeVant 45.85
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:04.79
Class 6ACarson Klein 200-yard Free1st1:37.36
Class 6AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free9th1:40.11
Class 6AJohn Everett 200-yard IM5th1:52.47
Class 6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free6th20.97
Class 6ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st613.75
Class 6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving11th367.00
Class 6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly8th49.75
Class 6AAustin Whalen 100-yard Free15th47.24
Class 6ACarson Klein 500-yard Free1st4:26.50
Class 6AWilliam Karau 500-yard Free8th4:32.95
Class 6A1) Jack LeVant 21.02
3) Austin Whalen 21.40
2) Carson Klein 21.15
4) Kyle J Derevyanik 21.49
200-yard Free Relay5th1:25.06
District 10-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st227
District 10-6A1) Kyle J Derevyanik 24.82
3) Gus Karau 23.14
2) Logan Davis 27.99
4) Griffin Rea 22.07
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:38.02
District 10-6AAlex Moraru 100-yard Back4th53.64
District 10-6AKyle J Derevyanik 100-yard Back5th53.87
District 10-6AGavin Springs 100-yard Back6th55.02
District 10-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Back9th55.40
District 10-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast2nd1:01.61
District 10-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Breast4th1:01.68
District 10-6AJ P Reppeto 100-yard Breast7th1:02.62
District 10-6AWesley Song 100-yard Breast12th1:05.01
District 10-6A1) Carson Klein 46.48
3) Austin Whalen 46.73
2) Jack LeVant 46.43
4) John Everett 48.56
400-yard Free Relay1st3:08.20
District 10-6ACarson Klein 200-yard Free1st1:40.56
District 10-6AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free2nd1:40.71
District 10-6AEric Hart 200-yard Free3rd1:46.86
District 10-6ALogan Henry 200-yard Free5th1:49.02
District 10-6AJohn Everett 200-yard IM4th1:57.35
District 10-6AAlex Moraru 200-yard IM7th1:59.29
District 10-6ALogan Davis 200-yard IM8th1:59.45
District 10-6ADaniel Balint 200-yard IMDQ
District 10-6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st21.33
District 10-6AKyle J Derevyanik 50-yard Free4th22.08
District 10-6AGriffin Rea 50-yard Free5th22.16
District 10-6AMichael Everett 50-yard Free7th22.18
District 10-6ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st559.20
District 10-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving2nd349.25
District 10-6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving3rd348.25
District 10-6AAndrew Walker One-Meter Diving4th341.25
District 10-6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly1st49.92
District 10-6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly4th50.99
District 10-6AJohn Everett 100-yard Butterfly6th52.68
District 10-6AJack Vande Berg 100-yard Butterfly9th54.75
District 10-6AAustin Whalen 100-yard Free1st46.88
District 10-6ABrandon Everett 100-yard Free2nd48.49
District 10-6AGriffin Rea 100-yard Free3rd48.52
District 10-6AKamal Phelps 100-yard Free10th50.33
District 10-6ACarson Klein 500-yard Free1st4:34.29
District 10-6AGus Karau 500-yard Free2nd4:42.75
District 10-6AEric Hart 500-yard Free3rd4:47.29
District 10-6ALandon Jensen 500-yard Free4th4:49.40
District 10-6A1) Jack LeVant 21.46
3) Austin Whalen 21.35
2) Carson Klein 21.42
4) Kyle J Derevyanik 21.76
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.99
Region III-6ASouthlake Carroll 1st489
Region III-6A1) Kyle J Derevyanik 23.98
3) Gus Karau 22.64
2) Evan Kolde 26.65
4) Griffin Rea 21.37
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:34.64
Region III-6AAlex Moraru 100-yard Back8th52.79
Region III-6AKyle J Derevyanik 100-yard Back10th53.33
Region III-6AGavin Springs 100-yard Back13th56.11
Region III-6ADaniel Balint 100-yard Breast3rd1:00.12
Region III-6ALogan Davis 100-yard Breast4th1:01.45
Region III-6A1) Carson Klein 46.38
3) John Everett 47.72
2) Austin Whalen 46.09
4) Jack LeVant 46.23
400-yard Free Relay1st3:06.42
Region III-6ACarson Klein 200-yard Free1st1:38.61
Region III-6AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free3rd1:40.57
Region III-6AEric Hart 200-yard Free6th1:45.51
Region III-6ALogan Henry 200-yard Free10th1:47.41
Region III-6AJohn Everett 200-yard IM4th1:52.99
Region III-6AJack LeVant 50-yard Free1st21.08
Region III-6AMichael Everett 50-yard Free8th22.35
Region III-6AKyle J Derevyanik 50-yard Free10th22.00
Region III-6ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st531.00
Region III-6ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving2nd376.80
Region III-6AC J Durant One-Meter Diving3rd374.70
Region III-6AAndrew Walker One-Meter Diving5th330.90
Region III-6AJack LeVant 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.09
Region III-6AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly5th50.51
Region III-6AJohn Everett 100-yard Butterfly6th51.31
Region III-6AAustin Whalen 100-yard Free2nd46.54
Region III-6AGriffin Rea 100-yard Free6th47.70
Region III-6ABrandon Everett 100-yard Free8th48.69
Region III-6ACarson Klein 500-yard Free1st4:29.46
Region III-6AGus Karau 500-yard Free2nd4:34.28
Region III-6AEric Hart 500-yard Free4th4:42.89
Region III-6ALandon Jensen 500-yard Free9th4:47.13
Region III-6A1) Jack LeVant 21.30
3) Austin Whalen 21.22
2) Carson Klein 21.11
4) Kyle J Derevyanik 21.27
200-yard Free Relay1st1:24.90

2013 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 1st192
Class 5A1) Jonathan Roberts 22.39
3) Gus Karau 23.51
2) Austin Arkes 27.16
4) Kris Kolde 21.87
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.93
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 100-yard Back1st48.65
Class 5ATaylor Willenbring 100-yard Breast9th57.60
Class 5AAustin Arkes 100-yard Breast13th59.74
Class 5A1) Jonathan Roberts 44.97
3) Taylor Willenbring 46.42
2) Carson Klein 46.31
4) Austin Whalen 47.91
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:05.61
Class 5AConnor Dobbs 200-yard Free10th1:41.82
Class 5ACarson Klein 200-yard Free12th1:42.48
Class 5ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving3rd496.35
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free1st4:16.90
Class 5AConnor Dobbs 500-yard Free3rd4:29.15
Class 5ACarson Klein 500-yard Free12th4:37.81
Class 5A1) Kyle McCall 22.39
3) Kris Kolde 21.72
2) Carson Klein 21.27
4) Taylor Willenbring 21.45
200-yard Free Relay9th1:26.83
Region II-5ASouthlake Carroll 1st563
Region II-5A1) Jonathan Roberts 22.70
3) Gus Karau 23.29
2) Austin Arkes 26.78
4) Kris Kolde 21.83
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.60
Region II-5AJonathan Roberts 100-yard Back1st49.14
Region II-5AKyle J Derevyanik 100-yard Back7th54.56
Region II-5AMatt S Barnhart 100-yard Back9th55.16
Region II-5AGavin Springs 100-yard Back11th57.22
Region II-5ATaylor Willenbring 100-yard Breast2nd58.22
Region II-5AAustin Arkes 100-yard Breast3rd58.89
Region II-5AEvan Kolde 100-yard Breast4th1:01.01
Region II-5A1) Carson Klein 47.04
3) Austin Whalen 48.50
2) Taylor Willenbring 48.15
4) Jonathan Roberts 46.56
400-yard Free Relay1st3:10.25
Region II-5ACarson Klein 200-yard Free2nd1:40.40
Region II-5AConnor Dobbs 200-yard Free3rd1:42.18
Region II-5AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free4th1:44.26
Region II-5AEric Hart 200-yard Free10th1:48.77
Region II-5AGus Karau 200-yard IM2nd1:55.35
Region II-5AJohn Everett 200-yard IM3rd1:56.30
Region II-5AAlex Moraru 200-yard IM7th1:59.75
Region II-5AAaron M Cosenza 200-yard IM9th2:01.38
Region II-5AKris Kolde 50-yard Free8th22.35
Region II-5AKyle McCall 50-yard Free10th22.31
Region II-5AAustin Arkes 50-yard Free11th22.67
Region II-5AMatt Wiseman 50-yard Free12th22.99
Region II-5ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving1st511.80
Region II-5AJosh Villarreal One-Meter Diving6th330.15
Region II-5ALuke McFarland One-Meter Diving8th308.05
Region II-5AAndrew Walker One-Meter Diving15th244.80
Region II-5AGus Karau 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.96
Region II-5AKyle J Derevyanik 100-yard Butterfly5th53.36
Region II-5AAlex Moraru 100-yard Butterfly6th53.51
Region II-5AJohn Everett 100-yard Butterfly8th53.82
Region II-5ATaylor Willenbring 100-yard Free5th48.13
Region II-5AKris Kolde 100-yard Free7th49.14
Region II-5ABrandon Everett 100-yard Free9th48.92
Region II-5AGriffin Rea 100-yard Free11th49.02
Region II-5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free1st4:29.54
Region II-5AConnor Dobbs 500-yard Free2nd4:30.14
Region II-5ACarson Klein 500-yard Free3rd4:34.89
Region II-5AAustin Whalen 500-yard Free4th4:40.48
Region II-5A1) Kyle McCall 22.22
3) Kris Kolde 21.83
2) Carson Klein 21.51
4) Taylor Willenbring 21.25
200-yard Free Relay1st1:26.81

2012 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 1st279
Class 5A1) Jonathan Roberts
3) Jake Tovey
2) John Remetta
4) Jacob Elieson
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:33.72
Class 5AJake Tovey 100-yard Back8th53.43
Class 5AJohn Remetta 100-yard Breast9th57.54
Class 5AAustin Nguyenphu 100-yard Breast11th58.42
Class 5A1) Jonathan Roberts
3) John Remetta
2) Grayson Magruder
4) Jake Tovey
400-yard Free Relay1st3:04.10
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 200-yard Free1st1:36.34
Class 5AConnor Dobbs 200-yard Free9th1:42.05
Class 5AJohn Remetta 200-yard IM3rd1:49.91
Class 5AAustin Nguyenphu 200-yard IM7th1:53.04
Class 5AGrayson Magruder 50-yard Free9th21.53
Class 5ABryce A Klein One-Meter Diving1st622.05
Class 5AJake Tovey 100-yard Butterfly8th51.28
Class 5AGrayson Magruder 100-yard Free7th46.90
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free1st4:20.08
Class 5AConnor Dobbs 500-yard Free3rd4:30.16
Class 5ACarson Klein 500-yard Free10th4:35.99
Class 5A1) Jacob Elieson
3) Austin Nguyenphu
2) Grayson Magruder
4) Taylor Willenbring
200-yard Free Relay5th1:26.01
Region II-5ASouthlake Carroll 1st563
Region II-5A1) Jonathan Roberts 22.90
3) Jake Tovey 22.82
2) John Remetta 26.38
4) Jacob Elieson 21.20
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:33.30
Region II-5AJake Tovey 100-yard Back2nd51.45
Region II-5AKyle J Derevyanik 100-yard Back8th56.67
Region II-5AKris Kolde 100-yard Back10th57.16
Region II-5AAustin Nguyenphu 100-yard Breast1st57.70
Region II-5AJohn Remetta 100-yard Breast2nd58.06
Region II-5AAustin Arkes 100-yard Breast3rd58.70
Region II-5AAustin Johnson 100-yard Breast5th1:00.12
Region II-5A1) Jonathan Roberts 46.20
3) Jake Tovey 46.32
2) John Remetta 47.14
4) Austin Nguyenphu 47.69
400-yard Free Relay1st3:07.35
Region II-5AJonathan Roberts 200-yard Free1st1:37.79
Region II-5AConnor Dobbs 200-yard Free3rd1:42.30
Region II-5ACarson Klein 200-yard Free4th1:43.39
Region II-5AAustin Whalen 200-yard Free9th1:45.42
Region II-5AJohn Remetta 200-yard IM2nd1:51.75
Region II-5AAustin Nguyenphu 200-yard IM3rd1:52.42
Region II-5AJohn Everett 200-yard IM5th1:57.78
Region II-5AAaron M Cosenza 200-yard IM8th2:03.70
Region II-5AGrayson Magruder 50-yard Free3rd21.31
Region II-5AJacob Elieson 50-yard Free4th21.49
Region II-5ATaylor Willenbring 50-yard Free5th21.57
Region II-5ABryce A Klein One-Meter Diving1st598.65
Region II-5ANate Hernandez One-Meter Diving3rd471.25
Region II-5AJake Tovey 100-yard Butterfly2nd50.45
Region II-5AJacob Elieson 100-yard Butterfly6th52.10
Region II-5AAustin Johnson 100-yard Butterfly8th52.98
Region II-5AGrayson Magruder 100-yard Free2nd46.75
Region II-5ATaylor Willenbring 100-yard Free4th47.19
Region II-5AKyle McCall 100-yard Free8th49.33
Region II-5ABrandon Everett 100-yard Free15th50.19
Region II-5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free1st4:23.62
Region II-5AConnor Dobbs 500-yard Free3rd4:30.03
Region II-5ACarson Klein 500-yard Free4th4:34.51
Region II-5AAustin Whalen 500-yard Free8th4:49.03
Region II-5A1) Jacob Elieson 21.87
3) Austin Nguyenphu 21.84
2) Grayson Magruder 21.36
4) Taylor Willenbring 21.36
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:26.43

2011 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 1st286
Class 5A1) Jonathan Roberts 24.15
3) Curtis Goss 22.44
2) John Remetta 26.15
4) Ryan Walker 21.40
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:34.14
Class 5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Back4th51.23
Class 5ARyan Walker 100-yard Back7th51.51
Class 5AJohn Remetta 100-yard Breast2nd56.31
Class 5A1) Ted Singley 46.54
3) Ryan Walker 46.27
2) John Ausdenmoore 45.88
4) Curtis Goss 47.56
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:05.80
Class 5ATed Singley 200-yard Free1st1:38.38
Class 5ARyan Walker 200-yard Free7th1:41.32
Class 5AJohn Remetta 200-yard IM3rd1:50.97
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 200-yard IM4th1:51.57
Class 5AAustin Nguyenphu 200-yard IM12th1:54.90
Class 5AJohn Ausdenmoore 50-yard Free4th21.38
Class 5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Butterfly4th49.89
Class 5AJohn Ausdenmoore 100-yard Free6th46.46
Class 5ATed Singley 500-yard Free1st4:23.68
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free2nd4:25.36
Class 5A1) Ted Singley 21.50
3) Jonathan Roberts 21.54
2) John Ausdenmoore 21.02
4) John Remetta 22.13
200-yard Free Relay5th1:26.19
Region II-5ASouthlake Carroll 1st564
Region II-5A1) Jonathan Roberts 24.33
3) Curtis Goss 22.64
2) John Remetta 26.13
4) Ryan Walker 21.68
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.78
Region II-5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Back1st51.24
Region II-5ARyan Walker 100-yard Back2nd51.31
Region II-5AChristian Shannon 100-yard Back8th54.96
Region II-5ACarson Henderson 100-yard Back11th57.09
Region II-5AJohn Remetta 100-yard Breast2nd57.49
Region II-5AAustin Nguyenphu 100-yard Breast5th58.48
Region II-5AAustin Arkes 100-yard Breast8th1:01.46
Region II-5ATaylor Willenbring 100-yard Breast9th59.96
Region II-5A1) Ted Singley 47.02
3) Ryan Walker 46.85
2) John Ausdenmoore 45.86
4) Curtis Goss 47.17
400-yard Free Relay1st3:06.90
Region II-5ATed Singley 200-yard Free1st1:39.81
Region II-5ARyan Walker 200-yard Free3rd1:40.29
Region II-5AJake Tovey 200-yard Free6th1:43.98
Region II-5ACarson Klein 200-yard Free7th1:44.34
Region II-5AJonathan Roberts 200-yard IM1st1:51.73
Region II-5AJohn Remetta 200-yard IM3rd1:52.97
Region II-5AAustin Nguyenphu 200-yard IM4th1:54.29
Region II-5AKyle Spencer 200-yard IM8th2:02.27
Region II-5AJohn Ausdenmoore 50-yard Free1st21.37
Region II-5AJacob Elieson 50-yard Free5th22.36
Region II-5AColin Giddings 50-yard Free6th22.38
Region II-5ADan Hottois 50-yard Free6th22.38
Region II-5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Butterfly1st50.09
Region II-5AJake Tovey 100-yard Butterfly4th51.87
Region II-5AColin Giddings 100-yard Butterfly5th52.51
Region II-5AAustin Johnson 100-yard Butterfly10th55.21
Region II-5AJohn Ausdenmoore 100-yard Free3rd46.44
Region II-5ATaylor Willenbring 100-yard Free6th48.41
Region II-5ACarson Henderson 100-yard Free10th49.00
Region II-5AJacob Elieson 100-yard Free11th49.25
Region II-5ATed Singley 500-yard Free1st4:28.20
Region II-5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free2nd4:31.92
Region II-5ACarson Klein 500-yard Free3rd4:38.36
Region II-5AKyle Spencer 500-yard Free7th4:50.10
Region II-5A1) Ted Singley 21.85
3) Jonathan Roberts 21.67
2) John Ausdenmoore 21.30
4) John Remetta 21.80
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:26.62

2010 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 1st255
Class 5A1) Ryan Walker 24.77
3) Curtis Goss 22.29
2) Connor Nolan 26.60
4) John Ausdenmoore 21.26
200-yard Medley Relay5th1:34.92
Class 5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Back6th51.59
Class 5ARyan Walker 100-yard Back9th52.06
Class 5AJohn Remetta 100-yard Breast10th58.77
Class 5A1) Ted Singley 46.82
3) Ryan Walker 47.08
2) John Ausdenmoore 46.84
4) Connor Nolan 44.97
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:05.71
Class 5AConnor Nolan 200-yard Free2nd1:38.42
Class 5AJohn Remetta 200-yard IM8th1:53.93
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 200-yard IM14th1:56.24
Class 5ABryce A Klein One-Meter Diving1st562.75
Class 5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Butterfly6th50.48
Class 5ATed Singley 100-yard Butterfly7th50.63
Class 5AJohn Ausdenmoore 100-yard Free7th46.98
Class 5ARyan Walker 100-yard Free13th47.40
Class 5ATed Singley 500-yard Free2nd4:26.38
Class 5AConnor Nolan 500-yard Free3rd4:28.40
Class 5AJonathan Roberts 500-yard Free8th4:33.20
Class 5A1) Ted Singley 21.42
3) Curtis Goss 21.46
2) John Ausdenmoore 21.40
4) John Remetta 21.70
200-yard Free Relay4th1:25.98

2009 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 2nd216
Class 5A1) Ryan Walker
3) Ted Singley
2) Drew Glenn
4) Curtis Goss
200-yard Medley Relay8th1:37.57
Class 5ARyan Walker 100-yard Back10th52.44
Class 5ACurtis Goss 100-yard Back12th53.06
Class 5A1) Ian Rea
3) Connor Adams
2) Connor Nolan
4) Andrew Goss
400-yard Free Relay4th3:05.79
Class 5AConnor Nolan 200-yard IM2nd1:49.62
Class 5ACurtis Goss 200-yard IM12th1:57.05
Class 5AIan Rea 50-yard Free6th20.84
Class 5ABryce A Klein One-Meter Diving3rd486.30
Class 5ATed Singley 100-yard Butterfly8th50.84
Class 5AIan Rea 100-yard Free5th45.54
Class 5AConnor Nolan 500-yard Free2nd4:25.97
Class 5ATed Singley 500-yard Free5th4:32.93
Class 5AAndrew Goss 500-yard Free8th4:58.13
Class 5A1) Ian Rea
3) Andrew Goss
2) Connor Nolan
4) John Ausdenmoore
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:24.41

2007 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 10th87
Class 5AWill Singley 500-yard Free1st4:25.95

2006 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 2nd150

2005 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5ASouthlake Carroll 6th100

2001 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4ASouthlake Carroll 1st300

2000 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4ASouthlake Carroll 3rd121

1999 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4ASouthlake Carroll 3rd121