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Search Results: Humble Kingwood Park

TournamentTeam / AthletetestEventPlaceResult

2020 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 3rd160
Class 5A1) Chris Rosser
3) Logan Rushing
2) Carter Bennett
4) Frankie Zelasko
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:34.32
Class 5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast4th57.45
Class 5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Chris Rosser
2) Carter Bennett
4) Frankie Zelasko
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:10.23
Class 5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM8th1:57.44
Class 5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free7th21.33
Class 5AChris Rosser 50-yard Free12th21.91
Class 5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly8th51.52
Class 5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Zach Twomey
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Chris Rosser
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.92
District 21-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st449
District 21-5A1) Chris Rosser
3) Logan Rushing
2) Carter Bennett
4) Zach Twomey
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:38.58
District 21-5AChris Rosser 100-yard Back1st53.23
District 21-5AAndrew Reding 100-yard Back4th59.17
District 21-5AHayden Jensen 100-yard Back15th1:12.43
District 21-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard BackDQ
District 21-5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast1st58.96
District 21-5AMcCormick Johnson 100-yard Breast4th1:06.40
District 21-5ALogan Black 100-yard Breast9th1:08.12
District 21-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Joe Stephenson
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Chris Rosser
400-yard Free Relay1st3:15.38
District 21-5AIan Maxwell 200-yard Free9th2:01.62
District 21-5AGabriel Suddeth 200-yard Free12th2:04.23
District 21-5ACorey Foltz 200-yard Free18th2:12.54
District 21-5AHayden Jensen 200-yard Free22nd2:19.21
District 21-5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM2nd1:55.33
District 21-5AJoe Stephenson 200-yard IM4th2:00.89
District 21-5AMcCormick Johnson 200-yard IM8th2:11.71
District 21-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free2nd21.87
District 21-5AChris Rosser 50-yard Free4th22.33
District 21-5AZach Twomey 50-yard Free5th22.71
District 21-5ALogan Black 50-yard Free20th24.87
District 21-5ARyan Eckerty One-Meter Diving4th237.55
District 21-5ASeth Straka One-Meter Diving5th211.15
District 21-5AChristian Santiago One-Meter Diving6th169.10
District 21-5AHunter Salas One-Meter Diving7th167.10
District 21-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.74
District 21-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free2nd47.96
District 21-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Free4th51.41
District 21-5AAndrew Reding 100-yard Free9th52.84
District 21-5AIan Maxwell 100-yard Free12th54.93
District 21-5AJoe Stephenson 500-yard Free2nd4:55.08
District 21-5ACorey Foltz 500-yard Free8th5:36.71
District 21-5AGabriel Suddeth 500-yard Free10th5:40.47
District 21-5A1) Frankie Zelasko
3) McCormick Johnson
2) Carter Bennett
4) Zach Twomey
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:31.44
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 2nd290.50
Region VI-5A1) Chris Rosser
3) Logan Rushing
2) Carter Bennett
4) Zach Twomey
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:36.68
Region VI-5AChris Rosser 100-yard Back4th54.28
Region VI-5AAndrew Reding 100-yard Back9th59.51
Region VI-5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast2nd57.99
Region VI-5AMcCormick Johnson 100-yard Breast7th1:05.89
Region VI-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Zach Twomey
2) Carter Bennett
4) Frankie Zelasko
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:13.96
Region VI-5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM3rd1:54.66
Region VI-5AJoe Stephenson 200-yard IM5th2:00.91
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free3rd21.45
Region VI-5AChris Rosser 50-yard Free4th21.74
Region VI-5ARyan Eckerty One-Meter Diving6th249.10
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly3rd51.36
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free3rd47.69
Region VI-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Free8th50.27
Region VI-5AJoe Stephenson 500-yard Free4th4:57.75
Region VI-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Zach Twomey
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Chris Rosser
200-yard Free Relay1st1:27.35

2019 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st215
Class 5A1) Tyler Scott
3) Logan Rushing
2) Carter Bennett
4) Christian Ripp
200-yard Medley Relay3rd1:35.57
Class 5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back8th52.37
Class 5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back12th52.63
Class 5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Tyler Scott
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Braden Hunt
400-yard Free Relay1st3:05.18
Class 5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM12th1:57.72
Class 5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free6th21.17
Class 5ABraden Hunt 50-yard Free10th21.43
Class 5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free11th21.46
Class 5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly5th50.52
Class 5ATyler Scott 100-yard Butterfly8th52.68
Class 5ABraden Hunt 100-yard Free5th46.58
Class 5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free8th47.11
Class 5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free11th47.17
Class 5A1) Brendan Flaherty
3) Christian Ripp
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Braden Hunt
200-yard Free Relay1st1:24.08
District 22-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st219
District 22-5A1) Tyler Scott
3) Logan Rushing
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Christian Ripp
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:39.94
District 22-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back2nd53.42
District 22-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back3rd55.06
District 22-5AChris Rosser 100-yard Back4th55.96
District 22-5AAndrew Reding 100-yard Back6th1:01.42
District 22-5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast2nd1:01.85
District 22-5AMcCormick Johnson 100-yard Breast6th1:08.76
District 22-5ADylan Armstrong 100-yard Breast10th1:14.02
District 22-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Braden Hunt
2) Tyler Scott
4) Brendan Flaherty
400-yard Free Relay1st3:15.84
District 22-5AGabriel Suddeth 200-yard Free3rd1:58.75
District 22-5AAndrew Reding 200-yard Free4th1:59.87
District 22-5ADylan Armstrong 200-yard Free8th2:12.59
District 22-5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM2nd2:05.38
District 22-5AZach Twomey 200-yard IM3rd2:13.57
District 22-5AJoe Stephenson 200-yard IM4th2:13.71
District 22-5AMcCormick Johnson 200-yard IM5th2:17.87
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 50-yard Free1st21.88
District 22-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free2nd21.99
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free3rd22.09
District 22-5AChristian Ripp 50-yard Free5th22.52
District 22-5ARyan Eckerty One-Meter Diving3rd235.65
District 22-5AHunter Salas One-Meter Diving4th193.05
District 22-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly1st53.75
District 22-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Butterfly2nd54.04
District 22-5AChristian Ripp 100-yard Butterfly3rd54.83
District 22-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Butterfly4th57.82
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 100-yard Free1st47.97
District 22-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free2nd48.36
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free3rd48.55
District 22-5AChris Rosser 100-yard Free4th51.13
District 22-5AJoe Stephenson 500-yard Free4th5:19.18
District 22-5AGabriel Suddeth 500-yard Free5th5:36.73
District 22-5A1) Brendan Flaherty
3) Christian Ripp
2) Braden Hunt
4) Frankie Zelasko
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.52
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st480
Region VI-5A1) Tyler Scott
3) Logan Rushing
2) Carter Bennett
4) Braden Hunt
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.03
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back1st52.23
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back2nd52.59
Region VI-5AChris Rosser 100-yard Back7th54.71
Region VI-5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast3rd1:00.57
Region VI-5AMcCormick Johnson 100-yard Breast11th1:08.54
Region VI-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Tyler Scott
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Brendan Flaherty
400-yard Free Relay1st3:08.66
Region VI-5AGabriel Suddeth 200-yard Free6th1:55.54
Region VI-5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM3rd1:58.32
Region VI-5AZach Twomey 200-yard IM5th2:06.83
Region VI-5AJoe Stephenson 200-yard IM7th2:11.45
Region VI-5AMcCormick Johnson 200-yard IM10th2:17.85
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free1st21.35
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 50-yard Free2nd21.59
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free3rd21.72
Region VI-5AChristian Ripp 50-yard Free5th22.14
Region VI-5ARyan Eckerty One-Meter Diving9th204.65
Region VI-5AHunter Salas One-Meter Diving10th147.15
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly1st51.51
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.83
Region VI-5AChristian Ripp 100-yard Butterfly5th52.58
Region VI-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Butterfly10th56.83
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free1st47.02
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 100-yard Free2nd47.32
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free3rd47.39
Region VI-5AChris Rosser 100-yard Free6th50.80
Region VI-5AJoe Stephenson 500-yard Free8th5:10.89
Region VI-5AGabriel Suddeth 500-yard Free9th5:11.85
Region VI-5A1) Brendan Flaherty
3) Christian Ripp
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Braden Hunt
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.36

2018 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 5th126
Class 5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back8th52.43
Class 5A1) Logan Rushing
3) David Clark
2) Tyler Scott
4) Christian Ripp
400-yard Free Relay4th3:11.77
Class 5ATyler Scott 200-yard IM14th1:58.45
Class 5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free8th21.20
Class 5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free10th21.30
Class 5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free13th21.96
Class 5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly10th51.87
Class 5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free6th46.76
Class 5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free11th47.70
Class 5A1) Brendan Flaherty
3) David Clark
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Christian Ripp
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:25.47
District 22-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st221
District 22-5A1) Tyler Scott
3) Logan Rushing
2) Nick Farace
4) David Clark
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:41.95
District 22-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back1st54.66
District 22-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back2nd55.93
District 22-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Back6th1:01.69
District 22-5AMatthew White 100-yard Back7th1:07.31
District 22-5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast2nd1:04.88
District 22-5ANick Farace 100-yard Breast3rd1:06.84
District 22-5AMcCormick Johnson 100-yard Breast6th1:12.50
District 22-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Brendan Flaherty
2) Tyler Scott
4) Frankie Zelasko
400-yard Free Relay1st3:19.46
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 200-yard Free2nd1:53.87
District 22-5AGabriel Suddeth 200-yard Free4th1:59.50
District 22-5AJoseph Rosser 200-yard Free5th2:01.74
District 22-5AEthan Davis 200-yard Free8th2:12.00
District 22-5ATyler Scott 200-yard IM1st2:03.27
District 22-5AChristian Ripp 200-yard IM2nd2:04.47
District 22-5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM3rd2:06.70
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free1st21.85
District 22-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free2nd21.94
District 22-5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free4th22.41
District 22-5ANick Farace 50-yard Free6th24.11
District 22-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly1st53.61
District 22-5ADavid Clark 100-yard Butterfly2nd54.19
District 22-5AChristian Ripp 100-yard Butterfly3rd54.98
District 22-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Butterfly5th58.25
District 22-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free1st47.86
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free2nd48.03
District 22-5AJoseph Rosser 100-yard Free4th53.60
District 22-5AMatthew White 100-yard Free7th55.87
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 500-yard Free2nd5:06.80
District 22-5AGabriel Suddeth 500-yard Free3rd5:33.42
District 22-5AEthan Davis 500-yard Free4th6:03.82
District 22-5A1) Brendan Flaherty
3) Christian Ripp
2) David Clark
4) Frankie Zelasko
200-yard Free Relay1st1:30.35
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st444
Region VI-5A1) Tyler Scott
3) David Clark
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Logan Rushing
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.63
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back1st52.53
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back2nd53.20
Region VI-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Back9th1:00.15
Region VI-5ACarter Bennett 100-yard Breast6th1:02.79
Region VI-5ANick Farace 100-yard Breast7th1:03.37
Region VI-5AMcCormick Johnson 100-yard Breast15th1:12.36
Region VI-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Tyler Scott
2) Christian Ripp
4) Brendan Flaherty
400-yard Free Relay1st3:11.53
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 200-yard Free6th1:51.65
Region VI-5AGabriel Suddeth 200-yard Free10th1:56.08
Region VI-5AJoseph Rosser 200-yard Free11th1:57.03
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 200-yard IM2nd1:56.55
Region VI-5AChristian Ripp 200-yard IM5th1:59.14
Region VI-5ACarter Bennett 200-yard IM8th2:04.75
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free1st21.16
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free2nd21.34
Region VI-5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free3rd21.85
Region VI-5ANick Farace 50-yard Free9th22.97
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly1st51.36
Region VI-5ADavid Clark 100-yard Butterfly4th52.63
Region VI-5AChristian Ripp 100-yard Butterfly5th53.06
Region VI-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Butterfly13th58.33
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free2nd46.76
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free3rd47.16
Region VI-5AJoseph Rosser 100-yard Free13th53.50
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 500-yard Free5th5:03.89
Region VI-5AGabriel Suddeth 500-yard Free6th5:13.27
Region VI-5AEthan Davis 500-yard Free13th5:51.31
Region VI-5A1) Brendan Flaherty
3) David Clark
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Christian Ripp
200-yard Free Relay1st1:26.19

2017 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 3rd133
Class 5A1) Tyler Scott
3) David Clark
2) Nick Farace
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay6th1:38.22
Class 5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back14th53.68
Class 5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Christian Ripp
2) David Clark
4) Brendan Flaherty
400-yard Free Relay4th3:12.20
Class 5AChristian Ripp 200-yard IM11th1:58.79
Class 5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free5th21.54
Class 5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free14th21.82
Class 5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly8th52.32
Class 5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free7th47.62
Class 5A1) Tate Stevens
3) Frankie Zelasko
2) David Clark
4) Brendan Flaherty
200-yard Free Relay5th1:27.09
District 22-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st267
District 22-5A1) Tyler Scott
3) Logan Rushing
2) Skyler Conroy
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:42.67
District 22-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back1st54.41
District 22-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back2nd56.93
District 22-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Back4th1:01.53
District 22-5AWilliam Tao 100-yard Back5th1:03.12
District 22-5ASkyler Conroy 100-yard Breast1st1:02.06
District 22-5AChristian Ripp 100-yard Breast3rd1:04.29
District 22-5ANick Farace 100-yard Breast4th1:05.81
District 22-5AWes Foltz 100-yard Breast6th1:09.30
District 22-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) David Clark
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) Brendan Flaherty
400-yard Free Relay1st3:26.55
District 22-5ATyler Scott 200-yard Free1st1:49.54
District 22-5AGrayson Hamous 200-yard Free2nd1:55.64
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 200-yard Free3rd1:58.00
District 22-5AZach Twomey 200-yard Free4th1:58.80
District 22-5AChristian Ripp 200-yard IM1st2:03.22
District 22-5ASkyler Conroy 200-yard IM2nd2:03.75
District 22-5ABrock Wood 200-yard IM3rd2:11.40
District 22-5AWes Foltz 200-yard IM4th2:13.62
District 22-5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free2nd22.06
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free3rd22.63
District 22-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free3rd22.63
District 22-5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free5th22.68
District 22-5AWilliam Pearce One-Meter Diving1st204.80
District 22-5AChris Buerger One-Meter Diving2nd176.85
District 22-5ADavid Clark 100-yard Butterfly1st54.01
District 22-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly2nd54.41
District 22-5AZach Twomey 100-yard Butterfly4th59.47
District 22-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Butterfly5th1:01.89
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free1st49.71
District 22-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free2nd50.02
District 22-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Free4th52.06
District 22-5ABrock Wood 500-yard Free1st5:04.22
District 22-5AGrayson Hamous 500-yard Free2nd5:05.73
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 500-yard Free3rd5:28.85
District 22-5ADaniel Maxwell 500-yard Free4th5:39.13
District 22-5A1) Tate Stevens
3) Brendan Flaherty
2) Frankie Zelasko
4) David Clark
200-yard Free Relay1st1:32.68
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st462
Region VI-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) David Clark
2) Nick Farace
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:38.36
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back1st53.44
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Back2nd54.31
Region VI-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Back10th1:00.83
Region VI-5AWilliam Tao 100-yard Back11th1:01.44
Region VI-5AChristian Ripp 100-yard Breast3rd1:02.02
Region VI-5ANick Farace 100-yard Breast5th1:03.25
Region VI-5AWes Foltz 100-yard Breast12th1:08.31
Region VI-5A1) Logan Rushing
3) Frankie Zelasko
2) Christian Ripp
4) Brendan Flaherty
400-yard Free Relay1st3:12.86
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 200-yard Free5th1:46.46
Region VI-5AGrayson Hamous 200-yard Free8th1:54.78
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 200-yard Free9th1:55.34
Region VI-5AChristian Ripp 200-yard IM1st1:58.25
Region VI-5AWes Foltz 200-yard IM9th2:11.39
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free1st21.39
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free3rd21.75
Region VI-5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free4th22.02
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 50-yard Free7th22.59
Region VI-5AChris Buerger One-Meter Diving7th178.40
Region VI-5ALogan Rushing 100-yard Butterfly2nd52.53
Region VI-5ADavid Clark 100-yard Butterfly3rd52.90
Region VI-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Butterfly9th59.80
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free2nd47.71
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Free5th49.58
Region VI-5AFrankie Zelasko 100-yard Free6th49.64
Region VI-5AGrayson Hamous 500-yard Free4th5:01.90
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 500-yard Free7th5:15.44
Region VI-5ADaniel Maxwell 500-yard Free11th5:31.13
Region VI-5A1) Tate Stevens
3) Frankie Zelasko
2) David Clark
4) Brendan Flaherty
200-yard Free Relay1st1:26.78

2016 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 11th78
Class 5A1) John Johnson
3) David Clark
2) Shane Flake
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:36.44
Class 5A1) Tate Stevens
3) Cory Majid
2) Brendan Flaherty
4) Mario Foltz
400-yard Free Relay12th3:16.07
Class 5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM15th2:00.14
Class 5AMario Foltz 500-yard FreeDQ
Class 5A1) Tate Stevens
3) Mario Foltz
2) David Clark
4) Cory Majid
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:26.94
District 22-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st241
District 22-5A1) John Johnson
3) David Clark
2) Shane Flake
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:40.81
District 22-5AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back2nd54.48
District 22-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back3rd55.42
District 22-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Back5th59.46
District 22-5ARussell Brooks-Martin 100-yard Back6th59.71
District 22-5AShane Flake 100-yard Breast1st1:01.80
District 22-5ANick Farace 100-yard Breast3rd1:07.71
District 22-5ANick Logan 100-yard Breast4th1:09.08
District 22-5AWes Foltz 100-yard Breast5th1:09.36
District 22-5A1) Mario Foltz
3) Ethan Blake
2) Tyler Scott
4) Cory Majid
400-yard Free Relay1st3:21.94
District 22-5ATyler Scott 200-yard Free2nd1:49.95
District 22-5ACory Majid 200-yard Free3rd1:52.12
District 22-5AEthan Blake 200-yard Free4th1:52.24
District 22-5AChristian Boss 200-yard Free5th1:53.94
District 22-5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM1st2:01.91
District 22-5AJohn Johnson 200-yard IM2nd2:09.37
District 22-5AWes Foltz 200-yard IM3rd2:16.31
District 22-5ANick Logan 200-yard IM4th2:19.13
District 22-5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free2nd21.95
District 22-5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free3rd22.54
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free5th22.99
District 22-5ATrent Guzman 50-yard Free6th23.22
District 22-5ADavid Clark 100-yard Butterfly1st53.31
District 22-5AShane Flake 100-yard Butterfly2nd55.51
District 22-5ATrent Guzman 100-yard Butterfly3rd56.82
District 22-5ARussell Brooks-Martin 100-yard Butterfly5th58.15
District 22-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Free2nd49.82
District 22-5ACory Majid 100-yard Free3rd49.87
District 22-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free4th49.89
District 22-5AChristian Boss 100-yard Free6th51.05
District 22-5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free1st4:49.79
District 22-5AEthan Blake 500-yard Free2nd5:09.80
District 22-5ABraden Hunt 500-yard Free3rd5:29.98
District 22-5ADaniel Maxwell 500-yard Free4th5:31.45
District 22-5A1) Tate Stevens
3) David Clark
2) Cory Majid
4) Mario Foltz
200-yard Free Relay1st1:30.06
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st489
Region VI-5A1) John Johnson
3) David Clark
2) Shane Flake
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.85
Region VI-5AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back3rd54.19
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 100-yard Back4th54.85
Region VI-5ARussell Brooks-Martin 100-yard Back6th59.13
Region VI-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Back8th1:00.15
Region VI-5AShane Flake 100-yard Breast1st1:01.45
Region VI-5ANick Farace 100-yard Breast9th1:05.96
Region VI-5AWes Foltz 100-yard Breast10th1:07.71
Region VI-5ANick Logan 100-yard Breast11th1:08.47
Region VI-5A1) Tate Stevens
3) Cory Majid
2) Brendan Flaherty
4) Mario Foltz
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:17.19
Region VI-5ATyler Scott 200-yard Free5th1:48.44
Region VI-5ACory Majid 200-yard Free8th1:57.57
Region VI-5AEthan Blake 200-yard Free10th1:52.46
Region VI-5AChristian Boss 200-yard Free12th1:53.74
Region VI-5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM1st1:56.91
Region VI-5AWes Foltz 200-yard IM7th2:13.62
Region VI-5AJohn Johnson 200-yard IM8th2:15.75
Region VI-5ANick Logan 200-yard IM9th2:15.51
Region VI-5ADavid Clark 50-yard Free3rd21.84
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free4th21.99
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 50-yard Free7th22.68
Region VI-5ATrent Guzman 50-yard Free10th22.98
Region VI-5ADavid Clark 100-yard Butterfly3rd52.55
Region VI-5ATrent Guzman 100-yard Butterfly6th56.91
Region VI-5ARussell Brooks-Martin 100-yard Butterfly7th57.74
Region VI-5AShane Flake 100-yard Butterfly8th57.84
Region VI-5ACory Majid 100-yard Free4th48.88
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Free5th49.03
Region VI-5ABrendan Flaherty 100-yard Free7th49.93
Region VI-5AChristian Boss 100-yard Free11th50.92
Region VI-5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free2nd4:45.72
Region VI-5AEthan Blake 500-yard Free6th5:01.98
Region VI-5ABraden Hunt 500-yard Free9th5:24.27
Region VI-5ADaniel Maxwell 500-yard Free10th5:32.21
Region VI-5A1) David Clark
3) Brendan Flaherty
2) Cory Majid
4) Mario Foltz
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:29.13

2015 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 5th140
Class 5A1) John Johnson
3) David Johnson
2) Shane Flake
4) Hunter Lang
200-yard Medley Relay7th1:39.34
Class 5A1) Hunter Lang
3) Mario Foltz
2) Cory Majid
4) Eric Broussard
400-yard Free Relay6th3:16.34
Class 5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM14th2:01.33
Class 5AEric Broussard 50-yard Free5th21.48
Class 5AHunter Lang 50-yard Free12th22.02
Class 5ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving4th403.40
Class 5ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly12th53.63
Class 5AEric Broussard 100-yard Free8th47.91
Class 5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free12th4:50.41
Class 5A1) Eric Broussard
3) David Johnson
2) Tate Stevens
4) Hunter Lang
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:28.38
District 21-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st248
District 21-5A1) John Johnson
3) David Johnson
2) Shane Flake
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:44.64
District 21-5AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back2nd57.88
District 21-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Back4th1:02.79
District 21-5ANick Logan 100-yard Back5th1:03.35
District 21-5AWilliam Tao 100-yard Back7th1:05.30
District 21-5AShane Flake 100-yard Breast1st1:05.20
District 21-5AChris Marucci 100-yard Breast2nd1:07.34
District 21-5AChristian Boss 100-yard Breast4th1:10.48
District 21-5AJon Floyd 100-yard Breast5th1:11.23
District 21-5A1) Hunter Lang
3) Mario Foltz
2) Cory Majid
4) Eric Broussard
400-yard Free Relay1st3:22.19
District 21-5ACory Majid 200-yard Free2nd1:50.26
District 21-5AJames Maxwell 200-yard Free3rd1:59.35
District 21-5AJon Floyd 200-yard Free4th2:00.79
District 21-5AChristian Boss 200-yard Free6th2:02.04
District 21-5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM1st2:02.56
District 21-5AShane Flake 200-yard IM2nd2:12.42
District 21-5AWes Foltz 200-yard IM3rd2:13.81
District 21-5AJohn Johnson 200-yard IM4th2:19.07
District 21-5AEric Broussard 50-yard Free2nd22.20
District 21-5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free3rd22.81
District 21-5AHunter Lang 50-yard Free4th22.91
District 21-5ADavid Johnson 50-yard Free5th23.76
District 21-5ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving1st478.40
District 21-5ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly1st54.82
District 21-5ATrent Guzman 100-yard Butterfly2nd59.77
District 21-5ARussell Brooks-Martin 100-yard Butterfly4th1:01.63
District 21-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Butterfly7th1:05.07
District 21-5AEric Broussard 100-yard Free2nd49.85
District 21-5AHunter Lang 100-yard Free3rd50.18
District 21-5ACory Majid 100-yard Free4th50.80
District 21-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Free5th51.71
District 21-5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free1st4:53.65
District 21-5AWes Foltz 500-yard Free2nd5:23.39
District 21-5AJames Maxwell 500-yard Free3rd5:31.17
District 21-5ADaniel Maxwell 500-yard Free4th5:38.68
District 21-5A1) Eric Broussard
3) David Johnson
2) Tate Stevens
4) Hunter Lang
200-yard Free Relay1st1:32.62
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st540
Region VI-5A1) John Johnson
3) David Johnson
2) Shane Flake
4) Tate Stevens
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:41.03
Region VI-5AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back3rd56.21
Region VI-5ALawless Oubre 100-yard Back6th1:00.50
Region VI-5ANick Logan 100-yard Back8th1:03.61
Region VI-5AShane Flake 100-yard Breast2nd1:03.37
Region VI-5AChris Marucci 100-yard Breast3rd1:04.18
Region VI-5AJon Floyd 100-yard Breast8th1:08.61
Region VI-5AChristian Boss 100-yard Breast10th1:11.40
Region VI-5A1) Hunter Lang
3) Mario Foltz
2) Cory Majid
4) Eric Broussard
400-yard Free Relay1st3:16.91
Region VI-5ACory Majid 200-yard Free4th1:52.01
Region VI-5AJames Maxwell 200-yard Free5th1:56.72
Region VI-5AJon Floyd 200-yard Free7th2:00.37
Region VI-5AChristian Boss 200-yard Free8th2:06.03
Region VI-5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM1st1:59.43
Region VI-5AWes Foltz 200-yard IM4th2:13.46
Region VI-5AEric Broussard 50-yard Free1st21.42
Region VI-5AHunter Lang 50-yard Free3rd22.04
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 50-yard Free4th22.33
Region VI-5ADavid Johnson 50-yard Free5th22.79
Region VI-5ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving1st478.15
Region VI-5ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly1st53.69
Region VI-5ARussell Brooks-Martin 100-yard Butterfly5th1:00.46
Region VI-5ATrent Guzman 100-yard ButterflyDQ
Region VI-5AEric Broussard 100-yard Free1st47.21
Region VI-5AHunter Lang 100-yard Free3rd48.67
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Free6th50.68
Region VI-5ACory Majid 100-yard Free7th50.99
Region VI-5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free1st4:49.17
Region VI-5AJames Maxwell 500-yard Free3rd5:15.54
Region VI-5AWes Foltz 500-yard Free5th5:19.75
Region VI-5ADaniel Maxwell 500-yard Free7th5:33.32
Region VI-5A1) Eric Broussard
3) David Johnson
2) Tate Stevens
4) Hunter Lang
200-yard Free Relay1st1:28.82

2014 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st238.50
Class 5A1) Ryan Logan 24.19
3) Sam Poulin 22.34
2) David Amoruso 26.61
4) Eric Broussard 21.09
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.23
Class 5ARyan Logan 100-yard Back3rd52.19
Class 5ADavid Amoruso 100-yard Breast10th59.58
Class 5A1) Ryan Logan 48.46
3) Eric Broussard 48.17
2) Austin Bradshaw 47.95
4) Matt Crowe 46.00
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:10.58
Class 5AAustin Bradshaw 200-yard Free6th1:43.59
Class 5ARyan Logan 200-yard Free9th1:43.27
Class 5AChristian Frey 200-yard IM11th1:58.50
Class 5ASam Poulin 50-yard Free4th21.14
Class 5AMatt Crowe 50-yard Free7th21.75
Class 5AEric Broussard 50-yard Free11th21.96
Class 5ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly10th51.73
Class 5AMatt Crowe 100-yard Free3rd47.05
Class 5AChristian Frey 500-yard Free4th4:41.56
Class 5AAustin Bradshaw 500-yard Free6th4:44.97
Class 5A1) Sam Poulin 21.54
3) Hunter Lang 22.04
2) Eric Broussard 21.75
4) Matt Crowe 21.19
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:26.52
District 21-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st263
District 21-5A1) Ryan Logan 26.59
3) Sam Poulin 25.19
2) David Amoruso 29.14
4) Eric Broussard 21.91
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:42.83
District 21-5ARyan Logan 100-yard Back1st51.82
District 21-5AEthan Blake 100-yard Back2nd59.46
District 21-5AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back3rd59.80
District 21-5ACory Majid 100-yard Back4th1:01.15
District 21-5ADavid Amoruso 100-yard Breast1st1:02.35
District 21-5ATrae Floyd 100-yard Breast2nd1:03.00
District 21-5AShane Flake 100-yard Breast4th1:09.83
District 21-5AChristian Boss 100-yard Breast6th1:14.58
District 21-5A1) Ryan Logan 48.91
3) Christian Frey 49.40
2) Austin Bradshaw 48.45
4) Matt Crowe 48.01
400-yard Free Relay1st3:14.77
District 21-5ARyan Logan 200-yard Free1st1:46.34
District 21-5AAustin Bradshaw 200-yard Free2nd1:47.05
District 21-5ATate Stevens 200-yard Free3rd2:00.67
District 21-5AJon Floyd 200-yard Free5th2:04.51
District 21-5AChristian Frey 200-yard IM1st2:02.53
District 21-5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM2nd2:09.86
District 21-5ATrae Floyd 200-yard IM3rd2:11.43
District 21-5AShane Flake 200-yard IM4th2:16.92
District 21-5ASam Poulin 50-yard Free2nd22.45
District 21-5AEric Broussard 50-yard Free3rd22.57
District 21-5AMatt Crowe 50-yard Free4th22.75
District 21-5AHunter Lang 50-yard Free5th23.21
District 21-5ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving1st415.25
District 21-5ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly1st55.57
District 21-5AEthan Blake 100-yard Butterfly2nd55.96
District 21-5ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly3rd56.50
District 21-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Butterfly6th1:03.04
District 21-5AMatt Crowe 100-yard Free2nd50.59
District 21-5AEric Broussard 100-yard Free3rd50.88
District 21-5ABrenden Bennett 100-yard Free4th51.89
District 21-5AHunter Lang 100-yard Free5th52.13
District 21-5AChristian Frey 500-yard Free1st4:50.18
District 21-5AAustin Bradshaw 500-yard Free2nd4:53.04
District 21-5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free3rd5:07.50
District 21-5ABen Wilkinson 500-yard Free4th5:35.86
District 21-5A1) Sam Poulin 22.92
3) Spencer Balog 23.41
2) Brenden Bennett 23.73
4) Matt Crowe 24.25
200-yard Free Relay1st1:34.31
Region VI-5AHumble Kingwood Park 1st599.50
Region VI-5A1) Ryan Logan 25.10
3) Sam Poulin 22.66
2) David Amoruso 27.10
4) Spencer Balog 22.27
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:37.13
Region VI-5ARyan Logan 100-yard Back1st51.74
Region VI-5AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back3rd57.47
Region VI-5AEthan Blake 100-yard Back4th57.54
Region VI-5ACory Majid 100-yard Back7th1:00.06
Region VI-5ADavid Amoruso 100-yard Breast2nd58.92
Region VI-5ATrae Floyd 100-yard Breast3rd1:01.52
Region VI-5AShane Flake 100-yard Breast6th1:08.15
Region VI-5AChristian Boss 100-yard Breast10th1:13.68
Region VI-5A1) Ryan Logan 49.03
3) Christian Frey 49.10
2) Austin Bradshaw 48.69
4) Matt Crowe 46.98
400-yard Free Relay1st3:13.80
Region VI-5AAustin Bradshaw 200-yard Free1st1:43.48
Region VI-5ARyan Logan 200-yard Free2nd1:44.08
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 200-yard Free5th1:56.00
Region VI-5AJon Floyd 200-yard Free9th2:02.42
Region VI-5AChristian Frey 200-yard IM2nd1:57.35
Region VI-5AMario Foltz 200-yard IM3rd2:04.32
Region VI-5AShane Flake 200-yard IM6th2:12.28
Region VI-5ATrae Floyd 200-yard IM8th2:23.06
Region VI-5AMatt Crowe 50-yard Free2nd21.52
Region VI-5ASam Poulin 50-yard Free3rd21.56
Region VI-5AEric Broussard 50-yard Free4th21.83
Region VI-5AHunter Lang 50-yard Free5th22.48
Region VI-5ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly2nd51.86
Region VI-5ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly3rd54.55
Region VI-5AEthan Blake 100-yard Butterfly5th56.08
Region VI-5ATate Stevens 100-yard Butterfly8th1:01.09
Region VI-5AMatt Crowe 100-yard Free1st47.04
Region VI-5AEric Broussard 100-yard Free3rd48.84
Region VI-5ABrenden Bennett 100-yard Free4th49.60
Region VI-5AHunter Lang 100-yard Free7th50.68
Region VI-5AChristian Frey 500-yard Free1st4:41.20
Region VI-5AAustin Bradshaw 500-yard Free2nd4:43.50
Region VI-5AMario Foltz 500-yard Free4th4:58.11
Region VI-5ABen Wilkinson 500-yard Free7th5:29.95
Region VI-5A1) Sam Poulin 21.76
3) Eric Broussard 21.61
2) Hunter Lang 22.47
4) Matt Crowe 22.08
200-yard Free Relay1st1:27.92

2013 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 3rd131
Class 4A1) Ryan Logan 24.96
3) Sam Poulin 23.27
2) David Stolarz 26.37
4) Brandon Gillespie 21.46
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.06
Class 4ARyan Logan 100-yard Back12th54.39
Class 4ADavid Stolarz 100-yard Breast5th58.67
Class 4A1) Matt Crowe 47.65
3) Eric Broussard 48.63
2) Jason Kelly 49.56
4) Brandon Gillespie 48.11
400-yard Free Relay8th3:13.95
Class 4ARyan Logan 200-yard IM14th2:00.61
Class 4ASam Poulin 50-yard Free14th22.33
Class 4ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving9th341.65
Class 4ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly14th52.90
Class 4A1) Sam Poulin 22.37
3) Jacob Gillespie 21.88
2) Brandon Gillespie 21.61
4) Matt Crowe 21.06
200-yard Free Relay3rd1:26.92
Region VI-4AHumble Kingwood Park 1st490.50
Region VI-4A1) Ryan Logan 24.90
3) Sam Poulin 23.13
2) David Stolarz 25.96
4) Brandon Gillespie 21.73
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.72
Region VI-4ARyan Logan 100-yard Back3rd53.63
Region VI-4AEthan Blake 100-yard Back9th1:00.95
Region VI-4ADavid Johnson 100-yard Back10th1:01.06
Region VI-4AJohn Johnson 100-yard Back11th1:01.25
Region VI-4ADavid Stolarz 100-yard Breast1st59.01
Region VI-4ABrandon Gillespie 100-yard Breast3rd1:01.04
Region VI-4ADavid Amoruso 100-yard Breast6th1:01.53
Region VI-4AJohn Fazzino 100-yard Breast8th1:07.67
Region VI-4A1) Matt Crowe 48.52
3) Jason Kelly 50.44
2) Ryan Logan 49.98
4) Eric Broussard 48.64
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:17.58
Region VI-4AAustin Bradshaw 200-yard Free5th1:49.21
Region VI-4ATyler Trotti 200-yard Free9th1:53.83
Region VI-4AHunter Lang 200-yard Free10th1:57.94
Region VI-4ARyan Logan 200-yard IM3rd1:57.56
Region VI-4AChristian Frey 200-yard IM7th2:03.08
Region VI-4ADavid Stolarz 200-yard IM8th2:12.53
Region VI-4AJohn Fazzino 200-yard IM11th2:16.55
Region VI-4ASam Poulin 50-yard Free2nd22.01
Region VI-4ABrandon Gillespie 50-yard Free3rd22.30
Region VI-4AMatt Crowe 50-yard Free3rd22.30
Region VI-4AJacob Gillespie 50-yard Free5th22.63
Region VI-4ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving1st395.45
Region VI-4ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly2nd52.99
Region VI-4ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly4th54.44
Region VI-4AEthan Blake 100-yard Butterfly5th56.82
Region VI-4AMatt Crowe 100-yard Free4th48.56
Region VI-4AEric Broussard 100-yard Free5th48.91
Region VI-4AJason Kelly 100-yard Free7th50.07
Region VI-4AChristian Frey 500-yard Free2nd4:53.72
Region VI-4AAustin Bradshaw 500-yard Free4th4:59.41
Region VI-4AKevin Ferry 500-yard Free10th5:23.03
Region VI-4ABen Wilkinson 500-yard Free13th5:31.90
Region VI-4A1) Sam Poulin 22.18
3) Jacob Gillespie 22.06
2) Brandon Gillespie 21.63
4) Matt Crowe 22.05
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:27.92

2012 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 4th131
Class 4A1) Mark Garner 24.44
3) Sam Poulin 23.00
2) David Stolarz 27.16
4) Nathan Townsend 21.27
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.87
Class 4AMark Garner 100-yard Back13th54.88
Class 4ADavid Stolarz 100-yard Breast14th1:01.56
Class 4ADavid Amoruso 100-yard Breast15th1:02.53
Class 4A1) Jack Balog 47.89
3) Nathan Townsend 47.75
2) Matt Crowe 49.91
4) Mark Garner 46.85
400-yard Free Relay6th3:12.82
Class 4AJack Balog 50-yard Free13th21.99
Class 4ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving12th290.90
Class 4AMark Garner 100-yard Butterfly5th51.77
Class 4ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly10th52.76
Class 4A1) Jack Balog 22.17
3) Sam Poulin 22.22
2) Kyle Lang 21.81
4) Nathan Townsend 21.43
200-yard Free Relay6th1:27.63
Region VI-4AHumble Kingwood Park 1st534
Region VI-4A1) Mark Garner 24.59
3) Sam Poulin 23.17
2) David Stolarz 27.60
4) Kyle Lang 21.57
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:36.93
Region VI-4AMark Garner 100-yard Back2nd53.59
Region VI-4AAustin Bradshaw 100-yard Back5th59.21
Region VI-4ACole Hancock 100-yard Back7th1:01.51
Region VI-4ATyler Trotti 100-yard Back8th1:08.09
Region VI-4ADavid Stolarz 100-yard Breast1st1:01.18
Region VI-4ADavid Amoruso 100-yard Breast4th1:02.07
Region VI-4AJohn Fazzino 100-yard Breast7th1:05.21
Region VI-4ABrandon Gillespie 100-yard Breast9th1:05.34
Region VI-4A1) Jack Balog 49.53
3) Nathan Townsend 48.89
2) Matt Crowe 48.38
4) Mark Garner 46.64
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:13.04
Region VI-4AMatt Crowe 200-yard Free6th1:55.24
Region VI-4AAustin Bradshaw 200-yard Free7th1:55.57
Region VI-4ATyler Trotti 200-yard Free9th1:55.74
Region VI-4AChristian Frey 200-yard IM6th2:04.50
Region VI-4ADavid Stolarz 200-yard IM7th2:15.28
Region VI-4AJason Kelly 200-yard IMDQ
Region VI-4AJack Balog 50-yard Free2nd21.79
Region VI-4ANathan Townsend 50-yard Free3rd22.03
Region VI-4AKyle Lang 50-yard Free5th22.08
Region VI-4ABrandon Gillespie 50-yard Free7th22.90
Region VI-4ATommy Holbert One-Meter Diving1st304.05
Region VI-4AJacob Clark One-Meter Diving3rd300.30
Region VI-4AKade Broussard One-Meter Diving5th232.35
Region VI-4AMark Garner 100-yard Butterfly1st51.56
Region VI-4ASam Poulin 100-yard Butterfly4th53.03
Region VI-4AJacob Gillespie 100-yard Butterfly7th58.80
Region VI-4ADavid Johnson 100-yard Butterfly8th58.89
Region VI-4AJack Balog 100-yard Free3rd48.55
Region VI-4ANathan Townsend 100-yard Free4th48.82
Region VI-4AMatt Crowe 100-yard Free5th48.93
Region VI-4AKyle Lang 100-yard Free7th50.61
Region VI-4AChristian Frey 500-yard Free4th5:02.82
Region VI-4AKevin Ferry 500-yard Free7th5:19.71
Region VI-4ABrady Hayes 500-yard Free11th5:38.58
Region VI-4A1) Jack Balog 22.09
3) Sam Poulin 21.51
2) Kyle Lang 22.06
4) Nathan Townsend 21.70
200-yard Free Relay2nd1:27.36

2011 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 2nd173.50
Class 4A1) Brooks Powell 23.02
3) Matt Munoz 23.85
2) Travis Trotti 26.55
4) Mark Garner 21.71
200-yard Medley Relay2nd1:35.13
Class 4ATravis Trotti 100-yard Breast7th1:00.59
Class 4A1) Mark Garner 48.68
3) Kevin Dalpe 48.02
2) Jack Balog 48.67
4) Brooks Powell 45.29
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:10.60
Class 4ABrooks Powell 50-yard Free1st20.28
Class 4ANathan Townsend 50-yard Free11th21.80
Class 4AShawn Barber One-Meter Diving7th357.80
Class 4AMatt Munoz 100-yard Butterfly14th54.42
Class 4ABrooks Powell 100-yard Free3rd45.52
Class 4ANathan Townsend 100-yard Free9th48.29
Class 4AMark Garner 100-yard Free11th48.40
Class 4A1) Mark Garner 22.39
3) Matt Munoz 22.26
2) Kyle Lang 21.84
4) Nathan Townsend 21.65
200-yard Free Relay7th1:28.14
Region VI-4AHumble Kingwood Park 2nd378
Region VI-4A1) Brooks Powell 23.53
3) Matt Munoz 23.69
2) Travis Trotti 26.68
4) Mark Garner 21.58
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:35.48
Region VI-4AMark Garner 100-yard Back5th56.29
Region VI-4AMatt Crowe 100-yard Back10th58.32
Region VI-4AAlf Meling 100-yard Back15th1:01.85
Region VI-4ATravis Trotti 100-yard Breast2nd1:00.54
Region VI-4AMichael Marucci 100-yard Breast3rd1:02.19
Region VI-4ADavid Stolarz 100-yard Breast7th1:04.26
Region VI-4AJohn Fazzino 100-yard Breast8th1:04.71
Region VI-4A1) Mark Garner 47.90
3) Jack Balog 48.73
2) Kevin Dalpe 49.33
4) Nathan Townsend 47.48
400-yard Free Relay3rd3:13.44
Region VI-4AMatt Crowe 200-yard Free12th1:49.69
Region VI-4AKevin Dalpe 200-yard Free16th2:08.08
Region VI-4AJohn Fazzino 200-yard IM16th2:39.03
Region VI-4ABrooks Powell 50-yard Free1st20.93
Region VI-4ANathan Townsend 50-yard Free4th22.01
Region VI-4AKyle Lang 50-yard Free8th22.63
Region VI-4AJack Balog 50-yard Free9th22.60
Region VI-4AShawn Barber One-Meter Diving1st330.20
Region VI-4AMatt Munoz 100-yard Butterfly4th53.07
Region VI-4AKade Broussard 100-yard Butterfly10th57.02
Region VI-4AKevin Dalpe 100-yard Butterfly11th57.10
Region VI-4ABrooks Powell 100-yard Free1st46.33
Region VI-4AMark Garner 100-yard Free3rd47.74
Region VI-4ANathan Townsend 100-yard Free5th48.20
Region VI-4AJack Balog 100-yard Free6th49.30
Region VI-4AMichael Marucci 500-yard Free6th4:52.16
Region VI-4A1) Brooks Powell 20.77
3) Matt Munoz 22.08
2) Kyle Lang 21.73
4) Nathan Townsend 21.43
200-yard Free Relay1st1:26.01

2010 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 1st214
Class 4A1) Brooks Powell 23.12
3) Matt Munoz 23.93
2) Garrett Stewart 25.98
4) Hank Holcomb 21.85
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:34.88
Class 4AGarrett Stewart 100-yard Breast1st57.36
Class 4A1) Hank Holcomb 49.27
3) Chris Amoruso 45.72
2) Nathan Townsend 49.35
4) Brooks Powell 45.11
400-yard Free Relay2nd3:09.45
Class 4AHank Holcomb 200-yard Free8th1:47.10
Class 4ABrooks Powell 50-yard Free1st20.64
Class 4AChris Amoruso 50-yard Free2nd20.86
Class 4ABrooks Powell 100-yard Butterfly1st49.59
Class 4AMatt Munoz 100-yard Butterfly11th53.77
Class 4AChris Amoruso 100-yard Free5th46.15
Class 4AHank Holcomb 500-yard Free13th4:54.01
Class 4A1) Garrett Stewart 22.46
3) Kyle Lang 22.33
2) Matt Munoz 22.19
4) Chris Amoruso 20.37
200-yard Free Relay5th1:27.35

2009 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 1st277
Class 4A1) Brooks Powell
3) Mark Dix
2) Garrett Stewart
4) Chris Amoruso
200-yard Medley Relay1st1:33.80
Class 4AGarrett Stewart 100-yard Breast1st59.19
Class 4A1) Brooks Powell
3) Barrett Johannsen
2) Mark Dix
4) Joseph Stanton
400-yard Free Relay1st3:09.20
Class 4AJoseph Stanton 200-yard Free4th1:41.14
Class 4ABarrett Johannsen 200-yard IM3rd1:56.38
Class 4ABrooks Powell 50-yard Free1st20.98
Class 4AChris Amoruso 50-yard Free7th21.61
Class 4AMark Dix 100-yard Butterfly1st50.11
Class 4ABarrett Johannsen 100-yard Butterfly5th51.93
Class 4AJoseph Stanton 100-yard Free1st45.84
Class 4ABrooks Powell 100-yard Free5th46.67
Class 4AChris Amoruso 100-yard Free11th48.26
Class 4A1) Mark Dix
3) Barrett Johannsen
2) Chris Amoruso
4) Joseph Stanton
200-yard Free Relay1st1:25.27

2008 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 1st237

2007 UIL Boys Swimming & Diving Playoffs
Class 4AHumble Kingwood Park 27th17