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Football History Report Results
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UIL Football State Championships
 2021-2022 UIL  Galena Park North Shore
  def. Duncanville
  Class 6A-I Fall Boys17-10  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Austin Westlake
  def. Denton Guyer
  Class 6A-II Fall Boys40-21  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Katy Paetow
  def. College Station
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys27-24
AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Dallas South Oak Cliff
  def. Liberty Hill
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys23-14  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Stephenville
  def. Austin Johnson
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys38-21  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  China Spring
  def. Gilmer
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys31-7  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Lorena
  def. Brock
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys35-18  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Franklin
  def. Gunter
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys49-35  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Shiner
  def. Hawley
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys47-12  AT&T Stadium
 2021-2022 UIL  Stratford
  def. Falls City
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys39-27  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Austin Westlake
  def. Southlake Carroll
  Class 6A-I Fall Boys52-34  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Katy
  def. Cedar Hill
  Class 6A-II Fall Boys51-14  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Denton Ryan
  def. Cedar Park
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys59-14  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Aledo
  def. Crosby
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys56-21  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Argyle
  def. Lindale
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys49-21  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Carthage
  def. Gilmer
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys70-14  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Tuscola Jim Ned
  def. Hallettsville
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys29-28
AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Canadian
  def. Franklin
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys35-34  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Shiner
  def. Post
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys42-20  AT&T Stadium
 2020-2021 UIL  Windthorst
  def. Mart
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys22-21  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Galena Park North Shore
  def. Duncanville
  Class 6A-I Fall Boys31-17  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Austin Westlake
  def. Denton Guyer
  Class 6A-II Fall Boys24-0  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Alvin Shadow Creek
  def. Denton Ryan
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys28-22  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Aledo
  def. Fort Bend Marshall
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys45-42  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Carthage
  def. Waco La Vega
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys42-28  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Texarkana Pleasant Grove
  def. Wimberley
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys35-21  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Grandview
  def. Pottsboro
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys43-25  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Gunter
  def. Omaha Pewitt
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys43-22  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Refugio
  def. Post
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys28-7  AT&T Stadium
 2019-2020 UIL  Mart
  def. Hamlin
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys25-20  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Galena Park North Shore
  def. Duncanville
  Class 6A-I Fall Boys41-36  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Longview
  def. Beaumont West Brook
  Class 6A-II Fall Boys35-34  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Dallas Highland Park
  def. Alvin Shadow Creek
  Class 5A-I Fall Boys27-17  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Aledo
  def. Fort Bend Marshall
  Class 5A-II Fall Boys55-19  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Waco La Vega
  def. Liberty Hill
  Class 4A-I Fall Boys35-21  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Cuero
  def. Texarkana Pleasant Grove
  Class 4A-II Fall Boys40-28  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Grandview
  def. Malakoff
  Class 3A-I Fall Boys35-21  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Newton
  def. Canadian
  Class 3A-II Fall Boys21-16  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Mason
  def. New Deal
  Class 2A-I Fall Boys44-6  AT&T Stadium
 2018-2019 UIL  Mart
  def. Gruver
  Class 2A-II Fall Boys76-33  AT&T Stadium
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