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2017Class 6AHalena RahmaanMontgomery 12-6A5K17:16.30
District 17-5ASandra CervantesCorsicana 17-5A5K21:35.00
Class 5ALondon CulbreathMcKinney North 14-5A5K16:55.95
Class 4AEmily GarciaAlvarado 8-4A3200 meters11:28.65
Class 3AJenna BrazealLittle River Academy 20-3A3200 meters11:36.90
Class 2ASydney ReynoldsValley View 12-2A3200 meters12:03.00
Class 1AJorja BessonettCumby Miller Grove 23-1A3200 meters12:01.23

2016Class 6AJulia HeymachHouston Lamar 18-6A5K17:12.78
Class 5ALondon CulbreathMcKinney North 14-5A5K17:06.72
Class 4AEmily GarciaAlvarado 8-4A3200 meters11:28.71
Class 3AChanda WestbrookEustace 12-3A3200 meters11:24.38
Class 2AAndrea SanchezSundown 5-2A3200 meters11:24.65
Class 1ABelle SmithSpur 7-1A3200 meters11:49.75

2015Class 6AJulia HeymachHouston Lamar 20-6A5K18:19.62
Class 5AAbby GraySA Alamo Heights 27-5A5K18:23.00
Class 4AJaymee DotsonPrinceton 12-4A3200 meters12:12.82
Class 3AJessica RabiusEast Bernard 24-3A3200 meters12:00.87
Class 2AHannah DillardValley Mills 17-2A3200 meters12:46.01
Class 1ASienna CollinsSaltillo 24-1A3200 meters12:52.18

2014Class 6ADevin ClarkSpring Branch Smithson Valley 25-6A5K17:10.87
Class 5ASkyler SimonGrapevine 6-5A5K18:15.19
Class 4AMorgan McCutchenLevelland 2-4A3200 meters11:45.98
Class 3ACryslan TuckerHolliday 9-3A3200 meters11:55.84
Class 2AAndrea SanchezSundown 5-2A3200 meters11:49.77
Class 1AKaitlin BellO'Donnell 11-1A3200 meters12:12.53

2013Class 5APaige HofstadNew Braunfels 25-5A5K17:36.45
Class 4ANatalie RathjenDallas Highland Park 10-4A5K17:41.78
Class 3AKelsie WarrenCollege Station 18-3A3200 meters11:24.60
Class 2AAnnie DunlapCrawford 21-2A3200 meters10:59.72
Class 1AAndrea SanchezSundown 5-1A3200 meters11:40.95

2012Class 5AKaris JochenCollege Station A&M Consolidated 14-5A5K17:18.10
Class 4ANatalie RathjenDallas Highland Park 10-4A5K17:41.78
Class 3AKelsie WarrenCollege Station 18-3A3200 meters11:24.60
Class 2AAnnie DunlapCrawford 21-2A3200 meters10:59.72
Class 1AAndrea SanchezSundown 5-1A3200 meters11:40.95

2011Class 5AKaris JochenCollege Station A&M Consolidated 12-5A3200 meters11:12.44
Class 4ACali RoperWillis 18-4A3200 meters11:07.22
Class 3ASusie KemperLiberty Hill 25-3A3200 meters11:42.27
Class 2ACarley GlassLuling 29-2A3200 meters11:50.49
Class 1AMacey SiegertSeymour 13-1A3200 meters12:19.49

2010Class 5ARachel JohnsonPlano 8-5A3200 meters10:55.41
Class 4AKarlee KleiberCanyon Randall 3-4A3200 meters11:06.10
Class 3AKatie RuhalaLucas Lovejoy 11-3A3200 meters11:33.33
Class 2ACarley GlassLuling 29-2A3200 meters11:42.33
Class 1AKelsey BruceBrackettville Brackett 29-1A3200 meters11:46.89

2009Class 5ASarah AndrewsConroe The Woodlands 14-5A3200 meters10:45.09
Class 4AMaggie EscobarFW Boswell 6-4A3200 meters11:14.78
Class 3AColbea HarrisArgyle 9-3A3200 meters11:34.44
Class 2AKamy ColeBrock 9-2A3200 meters11:40.69
Class 1ALaurie ByrdRound Top-Carmine 1A3200 meters11:29.08

2008Class 5ASarah AndrewsConroe The Woodlands 14-5A3200 meters10:44.49
Class 4ACarly KittsMidlothian 16-4A3200 meters11:22.43
Class 3ABailey BelvisProsper 9-3A3200 meters11:10.24
Class 2AElena GumbsUniversal City Randolph 27-2A3200 meters11:42.45
Class 1AMelissa VelazcoShamrock 7-1A3200 meters11:49.72

2007Class 5ALauren SmithClute Brazoswood 24-5A3200 meters11:15.40
Class 4ASara SutherlandDallas Highland Park 10-4A3200 meters11:25.40
Class 3ABailey BelvisProsper 9-3A3200 meters11:30.30
Class 2AAmber WeemsHamilton 12-2A3200 meters12:03.20
Class 1AJulia HolubSeymour 13-1A3200 meters11:50.95

2006Class 5AJillian RosenRichardson 9-5A3200 meters10:48.80
Class 4ASamantha MeansMcKinney North 9-4A3200 meters10:54.75
Class 3ACatherine LodenWhite Oak 15-3A3200 meters11:11.40
Class 2AAddison Le MasterTulia 2-2A3200 meters11:37.10
Class 1AChelsea HermesLindsay 18-1A3200 meters11:34.90

2005Class 5ABrooke UpshawSouthlake Carroll 5-5A3200 meters10:46.35
Class 4AKerry SeaverFW Western Hills 8-4A3200 meters11:12.80
Class 3AMichelle GuzmanGiddings 19-3A3200 meters11:26.15
Class 2ALoren HodgesParadise 9-2A3200 meters11:18.00
Class 1AChelsea HermesLindsay 14-1A3200 meters11:43.10

2004Class 5AErin BedellPlano West 8-5A3200 meters10:39.20
Class 4AAmy FowlerAustin Lake Travis 27-4A3200 meters11:17.15
Class 3AMorgan KuykendallCanyon 1-3A3200 meters11:16.50
Class 2ALeigh BergerWeimar 30-2A3200 meters11:35.70
Class 1AKate HollensheadSulphur Springs North Hopkins 22-1A3200 meters11:34.05

2003Class 5ANichole JonesSpring Westfield 5A3200 meters11:00.80
Class 4ATia MartinezLewisville Hebron 4A3200 meters11:18.20
Class 3AAndrea BuxtonLake Dallas 3A3200 meters11:34.90
Class 2ALeigh BergerWeimar 2A3200 meters11:23.90
Class 1AChristany ReynoldsForestburg 1A3200 meters12:03.50

2002Class 5ACalandra StewartHouston Cypress Falls 5A3200 meters11:11.15
Class 4AAnissa AngelosanteMarble Falls 4A3200 meters11:40.15
Class 3AJoanne PennGiddings 3A3200 meters11:58.15
Class 2ADana GillespieAlvord 2A3200 meters12:04.15
Class 1AChristany ReynoldsForestburg 1A3200 meters12:11.55

2001Class 5AMindy SullivanLubbock Coronado 5A3200 meters10:46.00
Class 4ASarah RavenellaFriendswood 4A3200 meters11:07.00
Class 3ALisa CorneliusLittle Elm 3A3200 meters11:21.00
Class 2ARuth CamachoCelina 2A3200 meters11:20.00
Class 1ALandra StewardsonDetroit 1A3200 meters11:33.00

2000Class 5AMonique OrtegaEP Montwood 5A3200 meters11:12.00
Class 4AJessa VacekSouthlake Carroll 4A3200 meters11:10.00
Class 3ALacey LeifesteLlano 3A3200 meters11:32.00
Class 2ARuth CamachoCelina 2A3200 meters11:42.00
Class 1ARachel HoelscherMiles 1A3200 meters12:00.00

1999Class 5ARenee MetivierLewisville Marcus 5A3200 meters11:19.00
Class 4ABrionne YostenHereford 4A3200 meters11:04.00
Class 3ASavannah MatzingerDecatur 3A3200 meters11:50.00
Class 2ABridget TidwellCrawford 2A3200 meters11:50.00
Class 1ATracie AkerheilmSulphur Springs North Hopkins 1A3200 meters11:46.00

1998Class 5ARisa RutlandFort Bend Clements 5A3200 meters12:17.00
Class 4AEmily FieldDallas Highland Park 4A3200 meters11:40.00
Class 3AHeidi ZimmermaPort Isabel 3A3200 meters12:20.00
Class 2ABridget TidwellCrawford 2A3200 meters12:39.00
Class 1ATara JerniganMiles 1A3200 meters12:34.00

1997Class 5AErin McEnteeHumble Kingwood 5A3200 meters11:34.00
Class 4AJennifer MarableCanyon 4A3200 meters12:06.00
Class 3ACasey JonesCaldwell 3A3200 meters12:31.00
Class 2AKatherine DuncanRoscoe 2A3200 meters12:10.00
Class 1AMiranda CorneliusWellman 1A3200 meters12:50.00

1996Class 5AAmani TerrellLewisville Marcus 5A3200 meters11:14.00
Class 4AAshley BroussardWillis 4A3200 meters11:40.00
Class 3AYvette BarriosClint 3A3200 meters11:52.00
Class 2AKatherine DuncanRoscoe 2A3200 meters12:03.00
Class 1AAnita GonzalesRocksprings 1A3200 meters11:53.00

1995Class 5AJessica KochRound Rock 5A3200 meters10:53.00
Class 4ALisa WeltzerNew Braunfels 4A3200 meters11:47.00
Class 3AYvette BarriosClint 3A3200 meters11:54.00
Class 2AMelissa MorrisonLeonard 2A3200 meters12:40.00
Class 1ASabrina HernandezRocksprings 1A3200 meters12:28.00

1994Class 5AJessica KochRound Rock 5A3200 meters11:13.90
Class 4ACasi FloridaJoshua 4A3200 meters11:33.90
Class 3AKacey WarrickCameron Yoe 3A3200 meters12:11.20
Class 2ACassidy WatsonGoldthwaite 2A3200 meters12:44.80
Class 1AKassidy ToddRocksprings 1A3200 meters12:28.70

1993Class 5AJamiee RevueltaBrownsville Rivera 5A3200 meters11:29.00
Class 4ALisa WeltzerNew Braunfels 4A3200 meters11:56.00
Class 3AKacey WarrickCameron Yoe 3A3200 meters12:21.00
Class 2AJennifer SchultzSomerville 2A3200 meters12:27.00
Class 1AStephanie DukeUtopia 1A3200 meters12:30.00

1992Class 5AJessica KochRound Rock 5A3200 meters11:17.00
Class 4ALiz ShellTomball 4A3200 meters11:32.00
Class 3AMisty SchieberleGonzales 3A3200 meters11:42.00
Class 2AElizabeth SilvaLa Villa 2A3200 meters11:58.00
Class 1AStephanie DukeUtopia 1A3200 meters12:01.00

1991Class 5ACecille SangalangHouston Cypress Creek 5A3200 meters11:37.00
Class 4ALiz ShellTomball 4A3200 meters11:57.00
Class 3AKatherine CarterCanyon 3A3200 meters11:48.00
Class 2AElizabeth SilvaLa Villa 2A3200 meters12:28.00
Class 1AStephanie DukeUtopia 1A3200 meters12:03.00

1990Class 5ADesi AvilaNorth Mesquite 5A3200 meters11:38.00
Class 4AMelony PattersonCrowley 4A3200 meters11:56.00
Class 3AJennifer MyersYoakum 3A3200 meters12:10.00
Class 2AElizabeth SilvaLa Villa 2A3200 meters12:08.00
Class 1AStephanie DukeUtopia 1A3200 meters12:07.00

1989Class 5AStephanie ScottPlano 5A3200 meters11:52.00
Class 4AMelony PattersonCrowley 4A3200 meters12:10.00
Class 3ATabatha GarciaHondo 3A3200 meters12:04.00
Class 2AJana YowellCisco 2A3200 meters12:24.00
Class 1AMindy Myers FlowersMunday 1A3200 meters12:29.00

1988Class 5AAli UbereckenHouston Clear Lake 5A3200 meters11:28.00
Class 4AKrista PritchardPflugerville 4A3200 meters11:59.00
Class 3ALaurie GuerraSanta Rosa 3A3200 meters12:10.00
Class 2AJana YowellCisco 2A3200 meters12:30.00
Class 1AMindy Myers FlowersMunday 1A3200 meters12:36.00

1987Class 5ATina HallPlano 5A3200 meters11:24.00
Class 4ASabra LandsParis Stone 4A3200 meters12:31.00
Class 3AAmy GoodwinBellville 3A3200 meters12:18.00
Class 2ALagala MooreCelina 2A3200 meters12:31.00

1986Class 5ALarah TreadwellAustin 5A3200 meters11:35.00
Class 4AChloe SchuetzebergLeander 4A3200 meters11:58.00
Class 3AAmy GoodwinBellville 3A3200 meters12:03.00
Class 2ATammy MenchacaHart 2A3200 meters12:34.00

1985Class 5AKim WidenerPlano 5A3200 meters11:06.00
Class 4AAudrey ColeDallas Wilson 4A3200 meters11:31.00
Class 3AAmy GoodwinBellville 3A3200 meters11:40.00
Class 2ACindy HarperWoodson 2A3200 meters12:00.00

1984Class 5ACrystal McGuireDallas Highland Park 5A3200 meters11:31.00
Class 4AEllen SterlingCollege Station A&M Consolidated 4A3200 meters11:56.00
Class 3AAmy GoodwinBellville 3A3200 meters12:12.00
Class 2ACindy HarperWoodson 2A3200 meters12:17.00

1983Class 5ABrenda MooreAmarillo 5A3200 meters11:10.00
Class 4AKim WhitakerNew Braunfels 4A3200 meters10:56.00
Class 3AJody DunstonBlooming Grove 3A3200 meters11:47.00

1982Class 5AKathy SmithSA Churchill 5A3200 meters10:53.00
Class 4ASheila QuigleyAustin Westlake 4A3200 meters11:05.00
Class 3AShellon McCallieMay 3A3200 meters11:28.00

1981Class 5AKarole PainterDeer Park 5A3200 meters11:11.00
Class 4ASheila QuigleyAustin Westlake 4A3200 meters11:43.00
Class 3ACecilia RobinsonLeonard 3A3200 meters11:37.00

1980Class 5AChris MeeksAlief Elsik 5A3200 meters11:09.00
Class 4ASheila QuigleyAustin Westlake 4A3200 meters11:24.00
Class 3ASherri PainterTulia 3A3200 meters11:30.00

1979Division BHope FullwoodRoscoe Highland 3A3200 meters11:34.00
Division APatsy NormanEl Paso 4A3200 meters11:34.00

1978Division AKathy VetterRichardson Berkner 4A3200 meters11:48.00
Division BAnn QuigleyAustin Westlake 3A3200 meters12:26.00

1977Division APatsy NormanEl Paso 4A3200 meters11:47.00
Division BSandra BrownCotulla 3A3200 meters11:55.00

1976Division BSandra BrownCotulla 3A3200 meters8:42.00
Division ALisa McCorstinSouth Garland 4A3200 meters8:27.00

1975Division AJulee KingAustin Lanier 4A3200 meters5:28.00
Division BIsabel NavarroBrownfield 3A3200 meters5:33.00